Sunday, January 18, 2015

First WADDER of 2015!

I cannot believe I did this!! I had this beautiful purple Ponte fabric in my stash for a while and when I finally decide to use it, I freak'n don't like the outcome! I used a Burda Style downloadable pattern called the "122 Dress". When I first saw the photo of this dress on "Cozy Cotton", I knew I wanted to use my purple Ponte fabric for it.  

BurdaStyle Magazine: 09-2014-122 by CozyCotton  

...and because this pattern has such nice curved seaming, I thought the use of color block would be a great idea. So I used a scrap of contrasting Ponte in light tan color and picked the smallest curve to accommodate the amount of scrap fabric I had. I also, shortened the hem of the back so it wouldn't hang lower than the front. I do like the color scheme a lot and I love the way the dress

looks on Ms. Thing (my dressform). However, I HATE the way the dress looks on me!! Here is a photo of the dress on Ms. Thing...


I had HIGH hopes when I put it on Ms. Thing! Her body closely resembles mine perfectly except for the "middle aged" abdomen I'm currently working to remove on me!!! The dress is not complete...the sleeves and bottom need to be hemmed, it really, really looks good on her! Then the dreaded moment happend when I tried on the dress and Wha La, instant matronly style! Say it ain't so! I could not have ruined my fabric this horribly!!!! Here are the things I don't like about it:

1.  The front neckline is much, much too low! Why don't the pattern companies get this! We've spoken about it on a cazillion times!

2.  The back neckline is too big and I have "gaposis"! I should have know this because I always, always have to alter this with my knit patterns! That's what I get for not doing a muslin first!! I guess you can consider this a muslin!

3.  The Ponte fabric I used for the contrast is different from the purple Ponte. It has much more stretch and I believe it is a rayon Ponte (which I like more) and the purple is more of a cotton/polyester combination with a minimal stretch.

Sadly, here is the dress on me....


Please, please disregard the "no make up face"! I had to tear my hubby away from the TV and the Seahawks / Packers game to take my photo, so I had to move quickly!!!

Since I have an absolute dislike for alterations, I decided to scrap the dress and salvage some of the fabric by keeping the bottom and creating a skirt! I only make alterations after a garment is completed if I ABSOLUTELY have to and I just don't feel that with this dress. However, I still really like the pattern, it's a great style and will make the necessary changes on the pattern pieces and try again later in the year. (after a little more exercise to get rid if that "middle age pouch" too!!) You'll probably see this dress again and I pray with better results!

On to the next project and there are a few for this long holiday weekend!
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and Year End Wrap Up

I hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas and a better New Year's Eve celebration!

Reflecting back on 2014, it has meant so much to be a part of the RTW fast with all of the other wonderful sewers in the group!  I definitely did not create the amount of clothes my little mind told me I could!  I also did not have enough time to post some of the items I did create for all to see either.  However, I will try to briefly make up for that in this post!

Regarding 2015, I have a lot of plans in the works for my future (sewing definitely included!)  I no longer believe in New Years Resolutions, so I don't make them.  My goal is to do whatever I need to make 2015 the best year ever for myself!  With that said, let's close out 2014!

Here's my summary for the 2014 RTW fast (49 garments made)...

Dresses: 4

Skirts: 5

Pants: 3

Vest: 1

Tops: 36  (do you think I had enough tops for 2014?)

Below are photos of items made but not posted on blog...










Christmas Present from Hubby...Christmas in Key West, FL

That's a wrap for 2014!!

Did you make a New Year's Resolution?  If so, what will yours be for 2015?

Thanks again for stopping by to read my blog and thanks again to all of you who joined the 2014 RTW fast!  Until next time...

Keep It Hand Made!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

StyleArc Tops...

For those of you who've read my blog for some time, you know that I love StyleArc patterns! So of course when I needed office sweaters for the cooler winter temperatures here in Florida, why wouldn't I reach for my favorite patterns?  The two I selected, have been in my stash for a while and sorely waiting to be added to the sewing que.  Well they have to wait no longer and I'm sorry that I waited long as I did!  First pattern I selected, was the Kelie dress/top ( I made the top version)...

I decided to make a muslin first, because after reading through the instructions, it appeared that I may have a problem with the twist in front. As it turned out, the instructions were a little different without illustrations to comprehend, but I made it through without any issues!  However because of the different terminology used, I had to really focus on what they were trying to say to the end-user.  My muslin fabric is left over from a drape top I made a while back, which you can see here.  I decided to use a true fashion fabric rather than muslin, because I was hoping it would be a wearable muslin...and wow is it ever!



I purchased this pattern size 10, which is my usual four knits.  The pattern went together very easily and quickly after you get through the twist. As usual with StyleArc patterns, there are very little, if any, illustrations so you really have to pay attention to the instructions.  I put this top together in an afternoon and feel it would've been only a couple of hours had I understood the instructions as clearly as I do now. My next top will probably be made in two hours or less.  Yep, there will be another one!  I didn't have to make any alterations to this pattern! However on my next one I may make the opening of the neckline more of a jewel style, which is just a preference of mine.  All in all I give this pattern "three thumbs up"!

The second pattern I selected was the StyleArc Lolita.  I only saw a couple of reviews on this top and I believe, One of the reviews made reference to an error in the instructions; but I didn't find there to be any errors when I went through it.  

Again I had to pay special attention the instructions, especially when attaching the collar with the tucks to the neckline. After that, everything was complete in about an hour, it's just that fast!  I didn't have to make any alterations to the pattern. The fabric is a Hunter Green Cotton Rayon blend I purchased from JoAnn fabrics and the pattern was also purchased in a size 10 as well. When I make my next one, I will make it longer because this one was about 3 inches shorter than I would like, but still at a comfortable, wearable length.  There definitely will be another one of these tops!  As I stated before I really love StyleArc patterns and I'm so happy you can now purchase them on Etsy, download and print them at home as well! That will save a lot on the shipping costs from Australia!  So enough chatter from me, here's the photo...


If you like the style of either of these tops, I highly recommend the patterns! They are both very comfortable and stylish tops to wear!  You definitely can't go wrong with any of these styles!

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