Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mistakes happen to the best of us!

Hi everyone it’s been a while! I’ve been sewing,  just not enough time to write a post (life challenges & projects)…But I do want to share what I do with you all...I just need another body! LOL! (I know there are a lot of you who can relate!!)

I’d like to tell you about my experience with a shorts pattern I saw all over the sewing community.  It’s the True Bias Lander Shorts.  
The first time I made these shorts, they didn’t turn out quite so well regarding the fit. It wasn’t an issue with the pattern, because this is a great pattern! It was basically due to a few things I didn’t really pay attention to. One of those things was sizing… I needed to pay attention to the “finished garment measurements” because they were considerably different for me.  I never paid much attention to these before but I will now!! The other thing was in using this beautiful graphic print “linen” blend that I purchased from JoAnn Fabrics. The fabric “grew” over the course of the day and couple that with me selecting the wrong size, made the shorts much too big! (And I didn’t do my normal crotch depth adjustment either!) Lesson learned! 
I really loved that fabric and was so hurt when I figured out my issues, so I remade them in this lovely olive green broad cloth...


...and I was able to re-purchase more of the same lovely graphic print linen to remake my first pair too.

More of these shorts are definitely in my future!  I love these shorts!  I highly recommend if you like the style, it’s worth giving this pattern a try! Makes a great summer staple!

See ya soon and Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What I’ve Been Working On...

Hello Sewing Friends! I hope you all have been enjoying some good “sewing time”... even though I’ve not been posting on this blog, I do post some of my recent makes on Instagram (it just seems a lot faster). Anyway, I wanted to give all of you an update on what I’ve been working on.

I saw this pattern called “Ogden Cami” by True Bias sewn up by quite a few people in social media...
I decided to try it for myself and fell in love with this quick sew top! With only five pieces, it can be made up in an afternoon!  The first one I made was out of a rayon chalis I had in my stash for some time...I think it was from JoAnn Fabric but not sure. It has turquoise & blue flowers with green leaves on a cream colored background.  I really like it!
I liked this cami pattern so much, I made it again right away time in a scuba knit (pattern suggests lightweight woven fabrics). The scuba fabric I have is somewhat light weight and although it’s a knit, I thought it would be perfect for this style. I got the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. That was hard to believe, because it’s so pretty I think they must be upping their game in the fabric selection department! The fabric has red & purple flowers with a little black on a white background. I just love the print of this fabric and it worked beautifully with this pattern! Both tops needed no adjustments to the pattern from me, which I absolutely love! Here are photos of the second one I made…
I had enough fabric left over, that I made a simple pencil skirt to go with the top making this a two piece dress…
I do plan on making a few more of these tops because they make great layering pieces and will be good wardrobe builders as well!  If you’ve not made the “Ogden Cami“ by True Bias, I highly recommend it if it’s your style!

Most of you may know that I am a cohost on the livestream sewing show called “That Sewing Blab“.  We recently had our annual “Pin It Sew It“ event which was a lot of fun. 

I always enter the challenge too...just because!  This year, my inspiration was this lovely white denim skirt…
I love the eyelets and laces of this simple skirt and decided to make my own version...

I selected a fabric I had left over from some jeans made previously.  The denim has a little bit of stretch which I thought would be perfect for this skirt. I used an old pattern I had in my stash, McCalls 9356.
The pattern was a perfect start to complete my project...I just changed the front slit to an actual pleat and topstitched around the pleat and anywhere else on the skirt I wanted. I added the eyelets and laced them with black ribbon. I also added a side zipper. The good thing about this skirt...I can change the color and style of the ribbon (or drawstring) to anything I like! 
This was a really fun project and I talked a little more about it on our livestream show “That Sewing Blab”.  For me it was a success and I plan on making another in white denim like the inspiration photo!

There is so much inspiration on the Internet, we can never be short of ideas (just short on time, LOL!) Either way, I’m glad I was able to share a little with you this week and hope you enjoyed my post!

What’s inspired you lately? Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sewing!