Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Top & TNT Pants

Lately I've been all over the place with what I want to sew! Between challenges and planned trips, my wardrobe needs have changed considerably from day to day, LOL! Yesterday I decided to sew something based on fabric selection.

Earlier in the year, I had gone to the annual sewing expo where I purchased this beautiful coral with black print 100% rayon fabric. It's been bugging me since I added it to my I pulled it out the other day and decided I was going to make a top with it. Because of the heat we are having in Florida now, I grabbed Kwik Sew pattern K3848. I created view A which is a cute and different take on a tank top. Perfect for this Florida heat!

The pattern was very easy to make and I had no issues with the instructions. It wasn't a very quick sew because of the bindings (I wanted them straight so I pinned them carefully), it took me two afternoons to complete. However, I really like how it turned out and want to make another possibly in white or a beautiful pastel color!

The pants I'm wearing with the top I just completed today. The fabric is a very nice heavyweight Black Rayon Spandex I purchased from Pennie Fabrics earlier in the week. This fabric was great to work with and has four way stretch. I used my TNT (It's my TNT because I fit the pattern perfectly for my body and can use it to make leggings or any other type of stretch pants) Butterick 4807...

This pattern is very fast and easy to make. I made them in a couple hours! It also has a nice wide waistband with no elastic, instead it uses the self fabric to make a yoga pants type waist band.

I used my new cover stitch machine to hem the bottom of these pants and it worked beautifully! I really love this outfit and I assure you, it will get a lot of wear!

If you like the style of either pattern, (top or pants) I highly recommend each!

Do you have a great TNT pattern that you go back to time after time?


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Burda 6795 and The Great Fabric Swap

Hello everyone, I joined the "PeriCrafters" challenge for May. The subject is "the great fabric swap" and oh my was this a great challenge! All participants who joined were paired with someone (and there are quite a few participants too!). Everyone was required to send their partner 2 yards of fabric from their stash only. (You could not purchase anything new). It had to be something you liked and not crappy fabric you just didn't want, LOL! The person you were matched with, would send you something from their stash as well. Each of you were to create something from the fabric you received, it could be anything you wanted to make! Of course there were deadlines for getting the fabric out and a deadline for completing your project (which is the end of May).

Ms. Janna was my partner and I received this lovely purple (eggplant colored) knit fabric. The fabric actually has ruffles on it which is beautiful...I was in love with it as soon as I removed it from the package.

As usual with us creative types, I got stumped on what to make with this fabric and it was driving me crazy. In my mind I just couldn't bring myself to cut it because I was afraid I would ruin it! Why do we do ourselves that way and create such doubt in our abilities?!! However, I wasn't stumped for long, it came to me in a dream one night. I woke up the next morning and started cutting right into this sweet fabric! I had dreamed I wanted a two-piece dress (I love separates) so I decided to use Burda 6795 to create the top. (I used View A, the Red one)

For the skirt, I used my TNT for a pencil skirt (pencil skirts are my absolute favorite!). I've made so many of them, that now I just pull out one of my skirts and cut around it right on the fabric to make a new one!

Since this was intended as a cute, casual, summer skirt I made it a little shorter than my normal pencil skirts. However, I have to tell you I under estimated sewing this fabric! Those ruffles turned out to be my "Achilles' heel"! A lot of "wash away wonder tape" was used for the seams to keep those ruffles in line! Without it, I probably would have trash this entire project! Lucky for me that didn't happen and I ended up with a very cute two-piece dress!

You may notice the top appears a little "see through", so I decided to underline the skirt...

Now I won't be showing my goodies, especially since I don't wear slips much. (They make me to hot in Florida!)

I really like the flexibility of separates because this cute top would look great with a pair of white shorts or white jeans. Likewise for the skirt, it would look good with a great white top too! I just love this set so much, can you tell??!!

I have to thank the lovely Ms. Janna for sending me such a wonderful fabric to work with and pray she enjoys her as much as I did this one!!

Thanks ya'll for stopping by and joining me on my quest to create nice fashion! I really appreciate it!

Let Your Creativity Shine!



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