Friday, April 20, 2018

A New White Summer Top

Boy oh boy is life going by too fast or is it just me? It seems like I blink an eye and weeks have gone by!  At least I’m being productive and getting some sewing in too! 

I’ve completed my third entry to the #Make92018 challenge.  It started with this image I saw in a magazine and has been residing on my inspiration board for sometime now...
I am so very happy I was able to finally make it come to life! Let’s start with the white top… I chose Vogue pattern 1440. 
The fabric is a white cotton stretch twill (light weight) that I purchased at Joanne fabrics last year.  The only change I made to the pattern was to add ties in the side seams. However, after completing the top, I realized it was a little to “A-line” and I should have altered that. That’s OK, it’ll do for this top because I so love the design of the back! Also, the collar and the collar stand both are a little too high (tall) and if I ever make this pattern again, I will shorten both.  Overall, it worked out OK for this particular vision...
For the bottoms, I purchased fabric from L.A Finch fabrics (This was my first  purchase from them and I like it!) I used my favorite TNT for a pair of leggings, KWIK Sew 3770   I can whip these leggings together in a couple hours and have hacked the waistband to give it that “yoga style” look I love so much!
Together these pieces turned out exactly the way I wanted them and now I have a new casual outfit! 
Faye of “Faye’s Sewing Adventure“ has a #2018TopsThatPop challenge and I plan on entering this top into that challenge!
Are you planning on joining Faye’s challenge? I hope so! She has a lot of inspiration for tops happening over on her blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Happy Sewing!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Wadder Avoided!

We’re almost to the end of March and my list of things to do are still growing faster than I can get them done! I hope you’re all not in the same boat!  But I am determined to make it through all of my sewing goals this year!

For those of you who prefer to read my blog and don’t follow me on my new YouTube channel, you may not be aware I joined the “#MakeNine2018” challenge and discussed  the nine items I want to make for the year. (Of course if you’re a long time reader of my blog, you know there will be more than these nine!)...
I’ve already started and made two of my “Make Nine” and currently working on the third.  I’ll talk more about that later...right now, I want to discuss my major save!

On my last post, I showed you a muslin of my “Night Dress” that worked out pretty good (wearable in pink) but the actual project fabric was to heavy for the design and didn’t fair out as well. 

Too tight on shoulder due to the cording Looks like a v-neck!
I self drafted the top (draped on Sally, my dressform) and I didn’t want to discard it, (you can read more about it here or view it on my YouTube video here).  For the pants, I used my TNT legging pattern, Kwik Sew 3770 and hacked it adding a wider waistband, widen the leg width below the knees and added patch pockets. All the changes created this lovely leisure/sweat suit...
I really like how it turned out and so happy I made separates because both pieces can be worn together, or with other pieces...

These cute pieces are going to get a lot of wear and I’m so happy I decided to save the top! The moral of this never know what you’ll get by trying and trying again! Wadder avoided!

It’s back to the rest of my “Make Nine “ projects now...I have a new wardrobe to create!

So, what’s on your sewing table now? Are you joining any sewing challenges this year?