Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cute Top, w/ modifications!

Summer has gone and in some areas leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors.  Not the case in my is still warm and sunshiny!  It’s so hard not to work on summer attire when it’s this warm!  I really didn’t get much sewing done during the summer, so as long as it’s still warm, why not?!!

This post is about a cute top I was inspired to create after seeing a similar version on YouTube.  I truly fell in love with this adorable little top!  It was pretty easy to recreate too...I started with McCalls 2158.

I used version B and only needed three pattern pieces. Back, front and sleeve.  I modified the top as shown below and I shortened the body pieces to accommodate the shorter length of the overall top.  
I know there are so many other patterns for this “off the shoulder” style, but I really like challenging myself and it was extremely quick to make!  Either way, it worked and I truly love this cute little top!

I know I’ll have a few more occasions to wear this top before packing it away for next year!  There was only one thing I noticed that bothered me while wearing...the elastic on the shoulders tended to roll to the inside.  That was from me having to pull the top down whenever I raised my arms!! I will definitely figure out a solution for the next one...and there will be another!

How do you challenge yourself with projects you’re working on?  I’d love to hear about your processes!!

Happy Sewing!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Vacation Dress...

Hi all!  Am I the only one who feels like this year is literally "flying by"?  Things I've been planning have been popping up on me so quickly, I've not had a chance to catch my breath!  One of those planned events was our vacation to Alaska (Cruise)!  We had been planning that for over a year and it came up on be so fast, I didn't have a chance to make a complete vacay wardrobe like I normally do.

However, I was able to complete a few pieces and one of those, I wanted to share here with you!  It was my formal dinner dress.  The thought for this dress has been in my head for several months.  I saw a photo of it and fell in love...
I saved the photo because I knew I was going to make it one day and the cruise dinner was the perfect opportunity!  First the fabric...It's a beautiful stretch velvet in a deep hunter green (such a rich color and feel!).  I purchased it from Mood fabrics and can be found here.

But wait! There was a slight problem...when I placed the order, I noticed the estimated delivery date was past the day I was leaving for vacation, YIKES!!!  I called Mood and was blessed to be connected with the lovely Holly!  She caught my order, emailed me shipping options and helped me get it expedited in a way that saved costs and I received in enough time to complete this dress!  Thank you Ms. Holly you are an angel!  The fabric was so very nice to work with too!
Next the dress...this dress seemed fairly easy to make at first look (at least to me, LOL!). I felt creating it on my own would not be a challenge to kind of "frankenpattern".  I started off with an "off the shoulder" top I already owned.  I traced around it to create the bodice.  For the sleeves, I used pattern McCalls 7542 (View B).  Lengthening the top portion of the sleeve was the only change I made to the sleeve.  Since this fabric is not "double-sided" and the inside of the sleeve flounce shows, I doubled the fabric here. (Making this dress a little heavy!).  (More information on how I made this dress can be found on my YouTube channel [Link in sidebar]).

For the skirt, I used my fav self-drafted pencil skirt pattern for knits.  I cut the front pattern piece "off-center" to add the front slit.  An invisible zipper in the back and elastic around the shoulders completed this lovely look!  I cannot tell you the number of compliments I received on the ship from the time I walked out of my stateroom through dinner!  It truly make love my skill just that much more! (And the hubby was smiling from ear-to-ear!
...and the shoes!!  Can I tell you that I found the perfect shoes on the way to the airport! (That's a whole other story, but sometimes last minute is the best!) As soon as I saw them, I knew they were for me!
Have you ever created something from a photo you saw?  I would love to here your stories!  Also, below is a photo from our most recent vacation to (Seattle and Alaska), a little chilly for my Floridian blood!  However, we had a wonderful time! So happy we had the opportunity to see the Glaciers before they all melt away! (Global warming impacting them!)