Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sewing Machine Going Again!!

Sorry everyone for being away so long!!  I've been working on a couple of projects between getting ready for the holidays!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and Santa was good to you all!!  I'm currently working on my first pair of Jalie Jeans that just about everyone has made except me!!!  I hope to have them completed for posting before the end of the week.

I just completed these slacks and love them!  It's Vogue 1051.

Although the pattern envelope says they are of "average" skill, I found them very time consuming...albeit, the end result is very nice!


Pattern Description: Slightly flared leg pants  
Pattern Sizing: 4 - 18
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  I think so.
Were the instructions easy to follow?   Yes but very time consuming!
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I like the style of the pants, but you all know me, I like quick projects and this is not one of them!
Fabric Used: Sage colored wool blend.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I narrowed the leg just below the thigh because I didn't want them to flare.  I also lowered the waist line because I'm very short-waisted.  Other than that, no changes were made.
Would you sew it again?   Would you recommend it to others?  Yes, I would definitely sew again when I have a lot of time.  I would definitely recommend to others.
Conclusion:  Very nice pants

 Happy Sewing!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Much Needed Pieces #2 and Massive Give-away!

Before I talk about my skirt, I have to apologize that I'm so late in getting this out to my subscribers...bad Myra!!!  One of our fellow bloggers is having a massive give-away of a chance to win one of 7 items over the course of 7 days.  It's her year anniversary of blogging, Congratulations Victoria! (that reminds me, mine is coming up in March too!)  What a great way to celebrate your anniversary with others!  So, if you haven't seen it already, go over to her blog Ten Thousand Sewing Hours quickly and read the rules, as she's already posted 4 of the questions and prizes!

Now back to much needed pieces #2...my black skirt.  I really needed a straight black skirt and this one is a remake, that's why it took me so long!  I have to tell you this embarrassing story about the first one I made after I review the skirt.  I had in my mind a skirt with buttons in the back kick pleat area.  That's where the inspiration came from.  So I used one of my straight skirt patterns to draft this one.  I used the front pattern piece "as is" except I added lines for faux pocket welts in the front. 

The back pattern piece is what I actually changed by cutting it in half horizontally.  Then I cut the lower portion of the back in half again vertically (note the upper portion of the back pattern piece is cut on the fold...this is very important and you'll understand why when you here my story!).  I added 2" to the seam allowance on the  lower portion of the back and cut it on the straight grain rather than the fold.  This extra 2" is facing for the buttons and button-holes.

It was really easy to put together because there were only 3 main pieces and 2 facing pieces for the waist.  I decided not to put a waistband on this one and added a side zipper.  I also lined the skirt because the fabric weight is a little thin and see thru.  It's a polyester, rayon blend w/ a little stretch, very soft and drapes well too.  To jazz up the inside of my skirt, I chose to finish the facing edges with bright red bias tape...

I love the fit of this skirt but am struggling a bit with the length.  I feel like it should have been a little shorter or even a little longer maybe!  What do you all think about the length???

OOPs...one button not fastened!
Now for my story on the first one I made.  The difference in my first skirt was that I had a seam in the upper portion of the back above the buttons.  I proudly wore my skirt to work and I loved it!!  After work, had a few errands to run, stopped at Target and picked up a couple of items, then on to the grocery store.  As I was walking up to the checkout in the grocery store, I heard someone say "miss, miss" as she walked up very close to me and said...I think you might want to turn your skirt around to the side. My heart truly skipped a beat as I put my hand to the back of my skirt only to find a HUGE hole where my seam use to be!  Through my shock, I thanked this very kind woman prefusely as I quickly did as she instructed and turned my skirt sideways and held the seam closed with my hand while leaving the store. 

The entire seam had ripped apart from the buttons up to the waist, not the seam the fabric ripped!  The bad part was that I had no lining in the skirt, no slip on and oh my goodness I had on a thong!  Can you say totally mortified!  

Thoughts kept running through my head of security cameras zooming in on my back side and how much entertainment I just gave some very bored security employees and whomever else wanted to see!  How embarrassing!  Needless to say, I trashed this skirt as soon as I got home and set out to make a new and improved one that literally would not show my butt!

Back to my sewing machine and Good Luck on the giveaways!!

Happy Sewing!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Much Needed Pieces #1

I've been trying to catch up on sewing needed items to pull my "orphan" wardrobe together.  My closet needs some serious fixing!  I think some of you really know what I mean, you have pieces that nothing matches (orphans), or  you just need to add some staple pieces, like white shirts or sweater, black skirt or slacks, I think you get the picture.  So I'm going on a mission to try and update my wardrobe with things I really need.  I'll still add in a "want" project every now and then, but the next few weeks will be devoted to those much needed pieces.

I just completed a white tee for work that will be a good staple for a lot of orphan skirts and slacks. I've made this pattern once before Burda 7828 and really liked it a lot! I'm sure I'll make it again too because it's really quick and easy to make. It's pretty true to size too, as I made a size 10 with no alterations at all.  Some other reviews mentioned they shortened the ties, but I like the look of them long (it adds that little something, I think). It's truly a lovely pattern.

I used a white rayon Lycra from highendfabrics.com I really like their knits! and because this is white, I can wear it with everything!

On another note, if you're a Pattern Review member and you haven't signed up for your JoAnn Fabric VIP card, here's the link to the instructions. (You must be a Pattern Review member to follow these instructions). I like the idea of being able to save 10% on every purchase!! Get yours now!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fashion Show

I found a show to take care of my Project Runway withdrawals! I watched the Premier of The Fashion Show featuring Iman and Isaac Mizrahi.

I must say I was a little skeptical at first, but quickly found the show very interesting! The created fashions are really very nice! It appears the contestants are a little more experienced. The structure of the show is a little different, as the contestants were setup into two teams called "fashion houses" and tasked with naming their house. The results were...The House of Nami (Iman spelled backwards-my favorite team so far) & The House of Emerald Six). The contestants are judged together as a "House" collection and best individual look overall.

While I found a lot of similarities to Project Runway, this show can hold it's own in my opinion! If you didn't see the first show try to catch the next one, you might be pleasantly surprised! It's on the Bravo channel Tuesdays @ 10:00pm. You can catch reruns of the first show all this week on the The Bravo Channel. If you're like me & can't get enough of fashion, get your DVR's ready to record! Hope you enjoy the show!

Happy Sewing!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Animal In The House Again

In my last post I showed this very nice piece of animal print fabric I found at JoAnn Fabrics.

It was love at first sight!  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a fellow PR member reviewed a top using the very same material...and I knew someone else fell in love too!  (Sorry, I can't remember who it was so I can't find it again to show you!) 

I decided to make a skirt I saw on a magazine cover that inspired me.  Although this one appeared to be made of chiffon,  I wanted to make something similar using this beautiful knit.  It wasn't the chiffon on this skirt I was attracted to nor the flounce at the bottom, it was the ruffle down the front of one side that caught my eye. 

 So I decided to create a skirt using pieces from multiple patterns.  Seemed simple enough...and it was!

See what you can do with a little imagination and a lot of luck!!! :) Took me about three hours to make!  I really love the finished project!  The chocolate brown sweater was made using the DKNY Dress Vogue pattern 1179.  It makes a great top too!  

 I didn't make the top to go with this skirt, they were just completed one after the other and matched nicely! 

Now I must fulfill a promise from my last post. Some of you wanted me to post a photo of myself in the Vogue pattern 1179,  my turquoise polka dot dress (same pattern as top above) I think this dress is so stylish, comfortable and forgiving! Here's the photo...

I have so much to work on, so it's back to the sewing room for me.  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love Polka Dots

I really love the reviews on the DKNY Vogue pattern V1179. 

It appears most who've made it love it and now so do I!!  I finally purchased the pattern and decided to use some stretch polyester knit I found at JoAnn on sale for $3.00 a yd to create my muslin and wow did it turn out nice!  Great dress for $6 bucks...I couldn't have been more pleased!  The instructions were super easy, and the pattern went together very quickly...it only took me a couple of ours after cutting it out to make it!  There were no issues with the pattern and I didn't need to make any alterations or adjustments.  Some of the other reviews mentioned the armhole sync being a little tight, but I didn't find this to be a problem for me.  It was a perfect fit.

I'm so in love with this pattern.  I'm definitely going to make the dress again very soon and would highly recommend it to others.  It's so very comfortable to wear... I wore it to work with heels and to the grocery store with my flip flops, so I would say it's very versatile. 

Currently, I'm working on another version of this pattern as a top in a Chocolate Brown rayon Lycra knit.  I'm going to pair it with a beautiful "unique" animal stretch print (I believe it's polyester)  It's going to be a skirt I'm self - drafting from multiple patterns.  I found this animal print at JoAnn and already cut it out so I can only show you a piece of it.  It looks like a combination of Leopard and Tiger!  Isn't it different???

I hope both pieces turn out, (I have faith, just a little nervous because I love the fabrics!) and that will be my next post even if I "bomb"!!  Happy Sewing!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Great T-Shirts

Occasionally, I make something for my hubbie (He prefers me to use my time working on my own things, because we women require so much he says!) While working on a couple of T-Shirts for myself, I thought I'd add one in for him too. I know he loves anything "soft" on his back, (other than me of course...couldn't resist that!) like teeshirts and light sweaters.

When I saw this pattern from Jalie 2918, I knew it would be a winner!

I bought just the perfect fabric, my favorite of course for these types of tees...Rayon Lycra knit! It's light weight, oh so soft and cool too.

Since we're moving quickly into the fall season, I picked a beautiful Forest Green color which would go nicely with his beautiful silver hair (yep we're from the "baby boomer generation"and empty nesters (kids all grown), but who knew it would be this much fun!!!)

After reading the pattern instructions, I knew this would be easy, no Muslin needed and I was correct...it fit him perfectly!

He feel in love with this tee/sweater and now I have the perfect template to make many other styles from. It can be dressed up or down, it's very versatile.  I know a lot of you create apparel for your mates too and this one is extremely quick and easy to make with great results. It's a winning pattern in my book and a great men's wardrobe builder!

Now, I needed a couple of T-Shirts I could wear to work, one in black and one in white.  I chose two of the simplest patterns to work with and love the results on both.  First up is an oldie but goodie, New Look 6149.  I made view C the V-Neck in a black rayon lycra knit.  This pattern has a great fit the first time, the only change was lengthening the top because I don't like them too short.   I really love the neckline and the way the two-piece sleeve is sewn.  It's a great T-Shirt or sweater if you prefer.

This next one was a super simple oldie too.  Simplicity 5502, I made view C (pink one) with the cap sleeves.
I purchased some Rayon Lycra from an online store called Spandex World, 3 yds of white and 3 yds of Chocolate Brown.  I was so happy when I found this place because the fabric was a LOT cheaper and boy oh boy did I learn a lesson...it was cheaper because it was about half the weight of other Rayon knits I'd purchased before!!  It was really thin!!! (I should have checked the weight, it was definitely posted...my bad!!)  That's ok though, it still worked well for T-Shirts.  I used some of the white to create a cute version of the pattern above with a little twist of my own.  I added two ruffles along the side of the front...

 I really like this version and plan on making a couple of more in a slighty heavier weight knit.  Hope you like what I've created too.  All of these T-Shirts above were very easy and quick to make...I did them all this weekend when I finally had an opportunity to get some sewing in!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Happy Sewing!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Roll Hem Foot

Sorry I've been away for a few days...I've been really busy at work.  I just started working on a couple of projects and just completed one of them Simplicity 2501.  I made View E with the ruffle in the front and added View B short sleeves.


This was a really easy pattern to follow, actually once you read the instructions once, you really don't need to look at them again.  The pattern did run a little snall, I cut size 12 back and 14 front.  This was dispite the pattern company including different size pattern pieces for bra cup sizes.  There was one problem I had difficulty with and that was the hems.  The reason this was so dificult for me, is that I've never had very good luck using the rolled hem foot!  I've tried many times and never can get the hang of this darn thing and I know it just me!! 

I started with the ruffle on the front of the blouse.  Here's an example of my third try with using the rolled hem foot on this ruffle, it looks absolutely horrid!!!

I can always start it just fine and it looks really good then something happens and it ends up looking like I just learned how to sew!!!  Doesn't this look totally aweful???  The fabric I used is a very soft drapey peach polyester chiffon with white polka dots.  Well after this third try, I gave up and decided to serge the hem of the ruffle...

I liked the contrast better with this look and have used it many times before.  However, the bottom of the blouse called for a rolled hem as well and I really needed to figure out a way to get this look without using that darn foot!  Well I did it...

I accomplished this look easily (but longer time) by folding a tiny amount and sewing the entire hem.  Then folded and sewed a second time.  Really nice and it truly worked for the hem of the blouse.  I know it took me twice as long, but it was worth it in the end and not as frustrating! 

As far as alterations to the pattern, other than adding sleeves to this view, I also added another touch to make this top "me"...I added the tiniest of ribbon to the hem of the sleeves and a double line of ribbon around the neckline.  Turned out nice and I really like it.

I like this one so much, I'm going to make another right away and if you like the style of this pattern, I'd highly recommend it!  Off to complete the next project!

I wish you all a wonderful and safe Labor Day!!