Sunday, April 25, 2010

Same Pattern…Two Great Tops!

I know many of us use our patterns over and over, especially when we find a great one that goes together well and fits perfectly too! McCalls 5929 is one of those patterns. Earlier this month, I purchased some really cool fabrics for spring and decided to use this pattern to make a blouse with one of the fabrics. Unfortunately, the pattern called for a “double” ruffle and I hadn’t purchased enough fabric. So I decided to make a single ruffle instead. It actually turned out much better without the second ruffle!



The fit was so fabulous, I decided to re-make the blouse using the second fabric I’d purchased, a beautiful black and white print chiffon. This time, I did have enough fabric to make the double ruffle! I surprised myself because I absolutely hate making ruffles! When I got to ruffle section of the pattern, I poured myself a glass of wine and took my time. (Only one glass of wine too, otherwise I’d be flat on my butt and there wouldn’t be a blouse to show!)
My second one turned out just as great as the first one and the ruffles weren’t too painful either (because of the wine I'm sure). I still pray someone creates a much faster and less time consuming way of making ruffles…maybe they have and I just don’t know it yet.

Because of the fabric print, you may not be able to clearly see the detail of the ruffles, but they do look so soft and flowing!

This is my new favorite top!  I am so happy with it, I decided to join the "Spring Month of Tops" SMOT!  On to my next project....HAPPY SEWING!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Project Completed...YEAH!!

I finally finished the DK knock-off cardigan (Simplicity 2603)!  and boy or boy do I like this one!  I chose to use a very soft and drapey rayon lycra knit and it was the perfect choice.  The color I picked is more of a "citron" which is a really nice yellowish green.  This pattern was so easy to sew, although I did make a few changes of my own, one to personalize it and the other for convenience.

The first change for convenience was not adding the elastic to the back neck seam.  (I read some other reviews on this pattern that they hadn't followed this either!)  I personally didn't understand why it was needed in that area either after reading the pattern.  So I did a double row of gathering stitches instead and secured it at 5".  It gave the back area a very nice gathered look which is what I believe was the pattern's intent anyway.  See below...

Another change I made for convenience, was after finishing the entire edges of the cardigan, I zigzagged the back collar facing to the neck seam so the facing would stay down on the inside. This created a very stable collar so I don't need to fuss with it when I put it on and it stays in place.  See below...

The next change I made is just for my personal taste, I added faux leather cording in black to the neck edge of the tank and was very pleased with the look. (I think it made it couture!)

This garment is so nice and so easy to make, I immediately made another in black so I could wear it with anything!  It can also be worn in a lot of ways!

Here's a link to instructions on wrapping the DK top if your interested in more options. This is a great cardigan, I love the many ways it can be worn and could be worn by itself if tied properly. Using the rayon Lycra knit made all the difference in the world. It's soft and has enough 4 way stretch to allow the garment to drape correctly.

In conclusion, if you love sewing and like this set, it's totally worth your while and best of all...I think it's "age appropriate" for those of us over 50!

Happy Sewing!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Age Appropriate Dressing...Am I Clueless??

Like any other self-respecting woman, I love fashion and never questioned my taste until a friend mentioned I might want to rethink some of my decisions!  I thought about how proudly she'd remind me that I recently made "senior citizen" this year, a wopping 55, YEAH !!!  Just what I needed to hear, my friend!

Let me tell you, it's hard enough living in a world that focuses on youth and beauty without having your friend remind you of your age! I've never been one to wear hot pants with my cheeks
hanging out, and I didn't wait until I turned 55 to start either!

So why do I even consider her thoughts you ask? It's simple, she's my friend, I value her opinions and like everyone else, I believe she has my best interest I mind. NOT! That's a whole other story I won't bore you with here!

However, I do want to explore the term "age appropriate". I've seen young women wear items that make us wonder if they own a mirror and do they know how to use it!! (now that would be "body appropriate" clothing wouldn't it?)   I also saw a woman in the mall who must have been 5 years my senior wearing a pair of Rhinestone jeans with what appeared to be 5" stilletto pumps. It made her look much older (although she had the body), because it was inappropriate for her.  She looked like a 60 year old trying hard to be young!

There's plenty of great articles on age appropriate dressing and we should all take some time to research if we want to look our best!  For that very reason, I don't use the "age appropriate" term for myself, I prefer the word "TASTE". This word covers it all!  I strongly believe a woman with good taste, will always be alright, not saying she'll never slip up on an outfit now and then and say "WHAT WAS I THINKING"!...we're only human! The vast majority of us know what's appropriate and will dress accordingly, we don't need yet another category or label!

I'm a proud 55 year old woman and will continue to dress in what I feel is tasteful for me. I'll also promise you'll never see this little old lady in anything inappropriate!  (not including my comfortable house dress of course, THAT STAYS!)  

Until next time, let's keep it tasteful!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Slow Motion, No Groove!

I communicated with a friend the other day who'd seen my Blog and mentioned how she liked it. That was really great to hear being my first time an all, but after speaking with her (she's a veteran blogger!) I realized I really need to get a handle on my blogging groove. For some reason, I keep letting "life" get in the way (go figure!) I know I'm not by myself, as I read other blogs I subscribe to, they're busy too! So I'm going to make a promise to myself to try and do something, no matter how small every week. Let's see how long I keep that promise, LOL!

In looking for inspiration this week, I came across a few patterns reviewed by some of my favorite Bloggers and wanted to make them myself. So off to the fabric store I went!  Oh how I love browsing through those great textiles, rubbing my hands across layers of fabric as I pass them. Gazing at all the beautiful colors.  Wondering how each one would look great as a pair of slacks or how I could create a cute sundress with another, the list goes on and on!  So I stopped my "fabric day-dreaming" long enough to actually make a serious decision and purchased some fabrics.

The first pattern inspiration came from my favorite blogger "domestichaven". She made a beautiful blouse from McCalls pattern 5929. She did such a wonderful job, I had to have it in my stash! I also made the same change she did (one ruffle instead of two) however, it was only because I didn't purchase enough fabric!!! LOL!  I will be remaking again using the double ruffle.

So here it is...

See my review and more pictures of this top on Pattern

Up next from my day of fabric shopping...
Can't wait to complete this little number, Simplicity 2603, it had a lot of great reviews too!  I purchased this great rayon lycra knit from JoAnn Fabrics, LOVIN THE COLOR!!!


I think I'm going to "self-draft" something for this beautiful black and white chiffon fabric! (the white fabric is for matching slacks).

Not sure what I'm going to do with this's a cotton gauze and I just fell in love with the beautiful pattern, isn't it goregous?? I'm open to all suggestions on what I should make!!

Until next time, wish me luck on my promise to post every week!  Happy Sewing!!  :)