Friday, April 16, 2010

Age Appropriate Dressing...Am I Clueless??

Like any other self-respecting woman, I love fashion and never questioned my taste until a friend mentioned I might want to rethink some of my decisions!  I thought about how proudly she'd remind me that I recently made "senior citizen" this year, a wopping 55, YEAH !!!  Just what I needed to hear, my friend!

Let me tell you, it's hard enough living in a world that focuses on youth and beauty without having your friend remind you of your age! I've never been one to wear hot pants with my cheeks
hanging out, and I didn't wait until I turned 55 to start either!

So why do I even consider her thoughts you ask? It's simple, she's my friend, I value her opinions and like everyone else, I believe she has my best interest I mind. NOT! That's a whole other story I won't bore you with here!

However, I do want to explore the term "age appropriate". I've seen young women wear items that make us wonder if they own a mirror and do they know how to use it!! (now that would be "body appropriate" clothing wouldn't it?)   I also saw a woman in the mall who must have been 5 years my senior wearing a pair of Rhinestone jeans with what appeared to be 5" stilletto pumps. It made her look much older (although she had the body), because it was inappropriate for her.  She looked like a 60 year old trying hard to be young!

There's plenty of great articles on age appropriate dressing and we should all take some time to research if we want to look our best!  For that very reason, I don't use the "age appropriate" term for myself, I prefer the word "TASTE". This word covers it all!  I strongly believe a woman with good taste, will always be alright, not saying she'll never slip up on an outfit now and then and say "WHAT WAS I THINKING"!...we're only human! The vast majority of us know what's appropriate and will dress accordingly, we don't need yet another category or label!

I'm a proud 55 year old woman and will continue to dress in what I feel is tasteful for me. I'll also promise you'll never see this little old lady in anything inappropriate!  (not including my comfortable house dress of course, THAT STAYS!)  

Until next time, let's keep it tasteful!

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