Sunday, April 25, 2010

Same Pattern…Two Great Tops!

I know many of us use our patterns over and over, especially when we find a great one that goes together well and fits perfectly too! McCalls 5929 is one of those patterns. Earlier this month, I purchased some really cool fabrics for spring and decided to use this pattern to make a blouse with one of the fabrics. Unfortunately, the pattern called for a “double” ruffle and I hadn’t purchased enough fabric. So I decided to make a single ruffle instead. It actually turned out much better without the second ruffle!



The fit was so fabulous, I decided to re-make the blouse using the second fabric I’d purchased, a beautiful black and white print chiffon. This time, I did have enough fabric to make the double ruffle! I surprised myself because I absolutely hate making ruffles! When I got to ruffle section of the pattern, I poured myself a glass of wine and took my time. (Only one glass of wine too, otherwise I’d be flat on my butt and there wouldn’t be a blouse to show!)
My second one turned out just as great as the first one and the ruffles weren’t too painful either (because of the wine I'm sure). I still pray someone creates a much faster and less time consuming way of making ruffles…maybe they have and I just don’t know it yet.

Because of the fabric print, you may not be able to clearly see the detail of the ruffles, but they do look so soft and flowing!

This is my new favorite top!  I am so happy with it, I decided to join the "Spring Month of Tops" SMOT!  On to my next project....HAPPY SEWING!


  1. Wow!! I really like the first one when I saw the thumbnail, but that second one's a knock out!

    Hmmm, never thought of adding a little wine to my ruffles! ;•)

  2. Lovely, I really like both tops and they do look different.

  3. Love both tops, the black and white is especially nice.
    Congratulations on being featured on Pattern Review today May 6, 2010!


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