Monday, May 3, 2010

An Oasis In A Concrete Jungle...

My husband and I wanted to do something to get our elderly neighbor (84 yrs old this year) out of her house for some fresh air, but quickly realized we needed it more than she did! So a long de-stressing weekend was in order for all of us.  We packed up the SUV and away we went in search of the perfect weekend. A couple of hours later, we found it... The sweetest little oasis of a Bed and Breakfast sitting right in the middle of downtown Orlando!

If you're ever in Orlando, you must visit this place!  The beautiful antiques, over-sized 4-post bed, fireplace (although it's not needed this time of the year in Orlando!) it was still nice to have one.  The lush tropical grounds and my favorite of all...having breakfast during the very quiet early morning hours on this gorgeous porch!  What a way to get the juices flowing again!
My husband and our friend Noel, were kind enough to pose for my blog picture, since I interrupted their breakfast!  (I'll pay for that one later, I'm sure) :)  and the view from the porch was sooooo relaxing with the sounds of the fountains on the grounds too.  There  just wasn't anything not to love!
The breakfast lounge inside wasn't to shabby either...antiques abound in this wonderful place that reminded me of being back at my great grandmothers home, complete with the great smells of breakfast cooking!  Remember that "warm" feeling you had as a child?  It was all that and more!
Wayne and I were lucky enough to stay in what they called "Dr. Phillips House" all alone...yes, the whole place was ours the entire time we were there!  I don't know how that happened, especially since there were two weddings held on the premises at the same time!  Dr. Phillip's House is just one of the homes on this property that's currently listed on the historical landmark register. 
We'd booked "Dr. Phillps Room" which was huge!!  This is the largest "non-suite" room I've ever stayed in!  and the bed was oh sooooo comfortable we were almost late for breakfast one morning.  Our friend, Noel had to call us a couple of times to get us out of bed!!! 
Noel loved her room too...she was in a home called "Lucerne" which was the first building on the property where you checked in.   It was perfect, because it was on the first floor so she didn't have to climb any stairs!  That's right, there's no elevators...I don't believe they had them back in this day.  We didn't mind the 4 flights of stairs to our room, we considered it our exercise during this vacation! 
We also treated her to the "Medival Times" castle for a dinner theatre, the food was great, the show spectacular and our deed was done...she had an awesome time! 
I have to admit this started our as a mini vacation just for Noel, however, it ended up being just what the Dr ordered for us all!  I renewed my spirit and I'm ready to face the world again!  I highly recommend this place for all those needing a quiet "get away" weekend!  Now, back to my sewing machine!!


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a fabulous time! And who wouldn't in that place!! Makes me want to run away!!

  2. What a wonderful B&B, and how generous and kind of you to bring your neighbor.
    I like your blog and will be back.
    Please take a moment to visit my blog:

  3. I just found your blog through PR - you are the featured member today! Great pics. Looks like a fabulous time indeed.

  4. Thank you all for your very nice comments and for alerting me that I was featured on PR Thursday...I missed it! LOL


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