Monday, June 28, 2010

Zapped by the Energy Bandits!

For all you grandparents (and parents of small children), energy is the one thing you MUST have plenty of!  We all love those little "Cherubs" with their soul soothing words, "I Love you Grandma"! It warms your heart and makes you want to do just about anything to please them!  Well we had a FULL three days with our grandchildren who live out of state.  My son fly them in for a short, fun-filled weekend.

We spent most of the time in the pool!  Something they don't get to do a lot because they live up North.  So that's all they really wanted to do was stay in the pool with grandma!   That was ok by me until I realized that it wasn't going to be just leisurely play in the was all out water battles and Marco Polo!  That was enough exercise for 4 days!!! 

We did get to take them to Universal Studios for tons of fun, rides and shows!  Our granddaughter, whose now 8 yrs old, is a true daredevil and adrenaline junkie!  The rides couldn't be fast or high enough for her! (of course I wasn't the one taking her on the rides...that would be her Dad, grandma's afraid of heights!)  She had an awesome time and vowed to come back every summer! (this was their first time in FL since they were babies)

We also found our grandson was not quite the "daredevil"...we couldn't get him to go on any other "simulated" rides after "Krustyland" (the Bart Simpson ride).  He's very observant and while we were all waiting to go in, he heard something Krusty said on the speakers that made him not want to go in.  So when they closed the doors to our room, we all got a surprise when our grandson started his own performance!  We got him to calm down by promising nothing would ever hurt him while we're together and that was the end of his rides for the day!  All in all, he told grandma he had a great time and wanted to go back again.  We'll see how long that lasts!!!

Now it's time to finish that dress I started after a couple of naps today!!  Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nice Tees

Sorry I've been away so long!  I did it again and let life get in the way of my passion...shame on me!  I did get a chance during the Memorial Day weekend to complete some of those projects though, I just didn't have a chance to post them.  All of the fabrics a purchased just before the holiday, were tee shirt weight knits.  Here's what I decided to do with some of them.

First up is a re-make of a self-drafted pattern from an old 'ready to wear" top used to have and loved... 

Please forgive my tired look!  I just got off work and the Mr. thought it was a good time to take a picture of my top, the sad part is, I let him! LOL  This particular pattern is really easy and quick to make, I completed it in about 1 hour after cutting.  I have three of them already!

Next is my muslin. I'm definitely going to re-make this one in a very nice knit fabric.  I absolutely love this it too.  The pattern is Butterick 5497 and is very comfortable to wear.

Although, this one wasn't so quick to make!  The pattern was pretty easy but there was a lot of gathering and adding of elastic (some of the elastic, I don't believe you needed).  Also, I had to shorten the bodice at the shoulder to keep it from gaping in the front and back.  (Didn't want the girls hanging out!)  Other than that, it turned out pretty nice.

Last, but not least and in my favorite color, is a cute tee using pattern Burda 7828

This was another fast and easy pattern to make.  No alterations were needed on this one, the fit is just perfect!  I can't wait to do it again in a nicer knit fabric. 

I actually made two others tops, but they're in the laundry...I couldn't wait and wore them already, so I'll review them later!

There's a dress on my cutting table now and hope to finish it before my grandkids arrive next week, YEAH!!!...I won't get any sewing in while they're with me and I'm so excited to see them!  I'll posts some pictures of them when I get a chance!   Have a great week and Happy Sewing!