Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cool Summer Top with an Animal Flair

There's a tiger on the prowl in my living room!  No not really, just this really cute fabric I found at JoAnn Fabrics.  It's a tiger print in 100% rayon, very cool fabric and very easy to work with.  For this fabric I decided to use a pattern that's normally designed for knit fabrics.  I selected McCalls pattern 5586 which I fouind very easy to make with using the rayon fabric.

This is a Crafty Misses Top pattern with three style options. The pattern sizes run 4 thru 20.  I made size 12 to accommodate for the lack of "stretch" in the fabric.  It looked somewhat like the picture on the pattern envelope, with a minor style change on my part.  The instructions were very easy to follow and I really liked working with this pattern because it was quick and easy! 

The minor style change:  I decided to make a contrast neck facing in a black cotton knit (which I interfaced) and using a glue gun, added "shiny" black beads to the neck area in the front only.  Let's just say, I need a LOT more experience with my glue gun...what a challenge!  I kept getting too much glue and it was showing on the outside of my beads! and the strings of glue, Oh My Gosh!  I will definitely practice more and if any of you know what I'm doing wrong, please advise! I can use all the help I can get!

It worked out well I must say and is now one of my favorite tops!  I've had this pattern for a while but this is the first top I've made from it.  There were no real dislikes with this pattern and I'd highly recommend it to everyone!  I will definitely be making another for myself!

I'm currently working on a top for work, nothing fancy, just a stretch cotton button front. I'll post that one next.  Happy Sewing!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Wild Side!!

Ok, when I saw this Zebra pencil skirt from a fellow blogger HLT (b4 the door), my eyes lit up like Christmas!  Animal prints WOW I'm in love!  I never knew this side of me, but I LIKE IT (and so does my hubby!).  So I was on the hunt for Zebra fabric and was so happy when I found it! But not just the beautiful black and white, no I went for the HOT Coral color (a dark pink!)

Once I get it home, I look at it again and think, "I have the exact idea in mind for this fabric!"  I decided to make a cute party dress for my birthday which was last week Thursday, July 8.  So I pulled an OOP ("out of print" for those who don't know) from my pattern stash.  I chose Simplicity 3800 View C, the dress.

I made a couple of tops from this pattern and I really liked them, but never made the dress. I am so happy I selected this because it turned out great!  Although, I did have just one fleeting moment of sanity where I asked myself, "have you lost your mind!"  My original thoughts returned when I texted a picture of the dress to my good friend Laure who returned this message, "WOW, it's gorgeous and only you could get away with wearing a dress like that!" Once again she made my day, because this friend always says what's on her mind whether you like it or not! (and this is one of the things I love about her too!)


This pattern was extremely easy to follow, you almost didn't need the instructions. The twist part of instructions was one of the easiest I've seen anywhere yet!  The fabric, I found at JoAnn Fabrics and it's a polyester knit.  I didn't make any design changes to the pattern, but there was a pattern issue I had corrected previously (back neck gaping).  To prevent the back neck area from gaping, I cut a 2" cone shape out of the neck section of the back pattern piece.

I made a size 10 which is a perfect fit for me with the stretch fabric. (it wasn't to tight to show these bulges I'm constantly fighting!!!)   I really like how quickly the pattern goes together, this dress was completed in a couple of hours!  No real dislikes on this one!   So here I am, off to party with my hubby for my Birthday!  (OOPs so excited, I forgot my watch, rings and bracelet!)

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project Runway in My Sewing Room!

Hi everyone, as part of my "Sew dresses and accessories" challenge, this is my very first "Project Runway" inspired pattern!    I selected Simplicy 1833 View A, the sleeveless version.  While I think it's a cute dress, it was a little challenging for me.  This was because I decided to follow the designers tips and add some of the detailing they suggested (the piping).  I truly love the look, but it was definitely time-consuming work and not my best but I'm ok with it since this is my muslin (albeit a "wearable muslin"). 

Thinking back now, I should have brought the piping all the way up from the pockets to meet the collar.  What's that old saying..."hind-sight is 20-20"!  Oh well!  An issue I had was with the zipper in the back.  I always find it difficult when patterns have you install the zipper after the garment is completed.  That was the case with this one too and I did well until I got to the top where it started puckering on me. (I had pinned and hand basted too)  I'll need to really work that out on my next one (yes, I'm going to make this one again!)

I decided to line the dress since the fabric I used, was a somewhat see-thru polyester crepe with a slight stretch.  I made a size 12 and the dress fit nicely because of the slight stretch in the fabric, but the lining was too tight!  Oh my gosh I was sooooo frustrated!!  So I would have to say this pattern runs small everyone!  I did fix the lining and it worked out ok, but not without a lot of work! (I hate taking things apart and re-doing!!!).  Here is a picture of the inside lining...

The issues I had, were solely, as they say "user error" and not the fault of the pattern!  The instructions and the designer tips were very easy to follow and I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone who likes this style.  All in all, I think it turned out pretty well and I'm definitely going to remake this one! 

Now I'm off to post on the second dress I complete this week!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nice Accessory Piece

Any great wardrobe always has nice accessory pieces that help extend your wardrobe.  Recently, while looking for something to wear in my closet (this can be a half an hour ordeal!) I noticed I didn't really have a lot of "accessory" pieces!  I've really been "stuck in a rut" with my wardrobe selections lately!  So I decided to venture in places I've not spent a lot of time before. 

Dresses and accessory pieces are items I want to add to my "todo list" right now!  With that said, this week I've been busy, I've made two dresses and the following accessory piece...

This is an "oldie but goodie",  the black vest.  I choose this because it can be worn with jeans, dresses, a skirt and even shorts!  I made View D and love the many options listed on this pattern and I do plan on making them all!  The instructions were extremely easy, I really didn't need to follow them after reading through the pattern once.  I made a size 12 (I'm RTW sz 6) and it was a perfect fit with no alterations. Since this is my "muslin" I used a very inexpensive polyester crepe and polyester/rayon satin lining. The only change I made was using the lining material as fabric for the back piece only as viewed here...

I think this vest will partner well and make any outfit an awesome fashion statement! Some of the inspiring looks are listed you agree??

Next up, one of my two dresses...