Friday, July 9, 2010

Nice Accessory Piece

Any great wardrobe always has nice accessory pieces that help extend your wardrobe.  Recently, while looking for something to wear in my closet (this can be a half an hour ordeal!) I noticed I didn't really have a lot of "accessory" pieces!  I've really been "stuck in a rut" with my wardrobe selections lately!  So I decided to venture in places I've not spent a lot of time before. 

Dresses and accessory pieces are items I want to add to my "todo list" right now!  With that said, this week I've been busy, I've made two dresses and the following accessory piece...

This is an "oldie but goodie",  the black vest.  I choose this because it can be worn with jeans, dresses, a skirt and even shorts!  I made View D and love the many options listed on this pattern and I do plan on making them all!  The instructions were extremely easy, I really didn't need to follow them after reading through the pattern once.  I made a size 12 (I'm RTW sz 6) and it was a perfect fit with no alterations. Since this is my "muslin" I used a very inexpensive polyester crepe and polyester/rayon satin lining. The only change I made was using the lining material as fabric for the back piece only as viewed here...

I think this vest will partner well and make any outfit an awesome fashion statement! Some of the inspiring looks are listed you agree??

Next up, one of my two dresses...


  1. Oh, my, aren't you going to be something?!! Love the vest and you're right, it will go with just about anything!

  2. Yes, that's a nice closet find!

  3. Great vest! I forgot how good of an accessory these are! Have fun wearing it!!!


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