Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paisley and Zebra Projects

This has been a good weekend for sewing (overcast and rainy) and I've taken full advantage of it!  Because I don't get many weekends like this where I can devote so much time to sewing, I'm going to make this brief post about two completed projects so I can get back to work on another.

First up is Jalie 2921I think this pattern is very cute and has been made by several of my fellow Pattern Review members.  I understand why too, it's very quick and easy to make and no alterations needed, it fits perfect from cut to final sew!  This was the first time I made it and used a cheap polyester knit.  I will definitely make this one again in a beautiful, soft knit...I may a couple of them, makes a great wardrobe builder!

Next, is New Look 6898.  I've made two skirts from this pattern (both view C with ruffle) and this one I like the best!  The others were a little too flirty for my taste.  I made the first one from a bold print and thought if I softened it by using a solid knit the next time, that would help.  Nope, still didn't work for me.  So I won't be making that version again!

View A is the one I chose this time and it turned out really cute, I just love it!  I used a bold Rayon Zebra print in black and white.  I did alter this one a little by making the pocket flaps contrast using a light weight black crepe.  I also fully lined the skirt with a black bemberg (rayon lining for those not familiar with bemberg, my personal favorite).  Not sure what I'll wear this with yet...I don't want to go with the obvious black or white.  That would be a little boring because I've seen this type of print on some of favorite blogs with beatiful jewel tone colors like royal blue and coral.  We'll see what I come up with later! 

I think a nice wide black belt will nicely compliment this skirt too.  Do you think it's too long?  Usually my skirts hit me right above the knee, but I kind of like the longer length, especially with higher heels than I'm currently wearing.  You'll probably see this skirt pop up later in my blog along with something else.

Back to work for me, I have one more item I'd like to at least get half done before the weekend's gone!  Talk with you soon and Happy Sewing! 


  1. Love your top. I made it earlier this year and it did go together nicely. What an interesting skirt.

  2. Your top is really nice. After seeing it reviewed several times, I purchased it, but have yet to sew it up yet. Seeing your top has me pushing it up on my sewing list. The skirt came out fabulously and the length is ok. I am like you if I wear a skirt past my knees my heels need to be higher.

  3. Wow! Those are both really nice! I've been meaning to get that Jalie top pattern - now I really want to!

  4. I love them both. The zebra skirt is really fantastic and I like how you paired it with the red top. I was also checking out the shoes and they are winners too!

  5. The skirt is beautiful! I love zebra...

  6. (I linked over from PR...) The scarf collar top is gorgeous!


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