Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stripes...Horizontal vs Vertical

Found this beautiful cheap! knit at JoAnn Fabrics and I think it's some kind of polyester stretch knit.  It has a great 2-way stretch which is exactly what I'll need for the topic of this post! 

As you can see, the stripe is  "horizontal" based on where the selvages are placed.  However, it is said we should refrain from wearing horizontal stripes if you want a leaner look (especially at my age!!!).  With my broad shoulders, I need to run away from anything that makes me look wider LOL!  But this fabric was so pretty, I had to have it and thought I could get away with making the stripes vertical!!  (have any of you ever tried that??)

Well it worked!  I love the top! and it's my muslin for Butterick 5495.  

I recently purchased some beautiful Michael Kors silk jersey in a great red color for this pattern but decided to use this striped "inexpensive" fabric as a test for the pattern first.  Good I did...because there were a few issues!   Let's just say, the Michael Kors fabric was not cheap at all so I'm really happy I made the muslin first.  Here's photos of the top on my dress form before my alterations...

It basically looked like the pattern photo, but what you can't really see is the v-neckline is VERY low!  The little horizontal loop in the middle of the front, has too much of an opening on either side of it.  Also, I believe this pattern runs small because my completed top was very snug and I made a size 10 as I normally do with knits.  You can see it's really "hugging" my dress form (it doesn't have the "love handles" in the back like me, so we really have to fix that LOL!!).

So off to work I go...I separated the back from the front and re-cut the back piece larger (thank goodness I had enough fabric!)  To fix the plunging v-neckline , I cut 1" from the shoulder seams and scooped 1" out of the armhole area to accommodate the shoulder change.  Finally, I hand stitched the openings to close them on either side of the loop in the front.

This pattern sews up very quickly with minor issues.  I would recommend it to everyone, however, I would HIGHLY suggest making a muslin first!  With my alterations, the top turned out beautiful and I really can't wait to get started on my red Michael Kors silk fabric! This is my very first designer fabric!! (and there's a story I need to share behind it too. (That will be on my next post!)  In conclusion, this is a great top and I do plan on making it at least two more times!  If it's your style, I hope you'll give it a try too!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!


  1. Myra, this design looks great on you!!! Thanks for the heads up on the muslin. This pattern has been in queue for a while now and I can't wait to get to sew it. I definitely want to see yours in your fancy designer fabric. I bet it will look spectacular.

  2. Well, those stripes worked out well for you! I think your muslin looks great with the white pants you have on! Can't wait to see it in your Kors fabric!

  3. I just bought this pattern and I'm really glad I read this post before starting on it. I'm glad you posted how you were able to resolve the pattern issues and the final fit is very flattering on you.


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