Saturday, August 14, 2010

Very Late Christmas Gift...I'm a Slacker!

Last Christmas, one of my sons, was bringing his girlfriend here to Florida for a visit.  I had what I thought was the best Christmas gift idea ever for my son...I was going to crochet him an afghan for his new sofa!  I succeeded, it turned out very nice and he loved it!

So why was it late and what made me a slacker you ask?

That's because my son's gift wasn't the issue.  After I completed my son's afghan, I decided to crochet something for his girlfriend too.(you know how you get "on a roll" and think you can do it all!)  I thought I had more than enough time to make something simple and selected this beautiful sweater pattern. 

Crochet Cardigans
The pattern was really easy to understand and follow. Everything was right on schedule until...not paying attention I cut into the body of the sweater by accident!  OMG!!!  I could have smacked myself silly!!! Then having to re-crochet the entire back piece, there was absolutely no way I was going complete the project by Christmas! So I purchased a small Christmas gift for her and explained what happened. She was so sweet and understanding about it.  She's a creative type too (she makes beautiful jewelry!)  So I promised to finish it quickly and send it to her. This is where the "slacker" part comes in...can you believe I JUST COMPLETED IT!  That's so terrible of me isn't it??  I do feel really bad about it! So I'm humbly apologizing to her in front of all my readers! and my son too, for putting him in the middle of it...he had to keep asking when it would be completed!

Here are photos of her completed sweater....

By the way, pink is her favorite color.  I'm sending it out Monday so my son can deliver it to her next week. I hope it fits!!  Pray for me everyone!!!


  1. It's always a bummer when things take a little longer than expected, but it looks like your gifts were worth the wait (wink)! The afghan and the cardigan are both very lovely. I've been looking for a cardigan pattern and love the one you used. I'll have to get that pattern and pull out my old hooks--it's been a while!

  2. Thanks's Victoria...I'm going to remake this for myself it's really pretty on!

  3. Oh so pretty. Better late than never right? I think she will be thrilled. I know I would be. Thinking good thoughts on the fit!

  4. Very pretty! I'm sure she'll adore it.

  5. Hmmm, so what should be your "punishment" or have you already beat yourself up enough????

    You know you're not the first and you surely know you won't be the last to pull this! I think we can all tell stories about doing something like this—I know I sure can!

    The cardigan turn out fabulously well, she's going to love it, and you can cut yourself some slack!


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