Saturday, September 4, 2010

Roll Hem Foot

Sorry I've been away for a few days...I've been really busy at work.  I just started working on a couple of projects and just completed one of them Simplicity 2501.  I made View E with the ruffle in the front and added View B short sleeves.


This was a really easy pattern to follow, actually once you read the instructions once, you really don't need to look at them again.  The pattern did run a little snall, I cut size 12 back and 14 front.  This was dispite the pattern company including different size pattern pieces for bra cup sizes.  There was one problem I had difficulty with and that was the hems.  The reason this was so dificult for me, is that I've never had very good luck using the rolled hem foot!  I've tried many times and never can get the hang of this darn thing and I know it just me!! 

I started with the ruffle on the front of the blouse.  Here's an example of my third try with using the rolled hem foot on this ruffle, it looks absolutely horrid!!!

I can always start it just fine and it looks really good then something happens and it ends up looking like I just learned how to sew!!!  Doesn't this look totally aweful???  The fabric I used is a very soft drapey peach polyester chiffon with white polka dots.  Well after this third try, I gave up and decided to serge the hem of the ruffle...

I liked the contrast better with this look and have used it many times before.  However, the bottom of the blouse called for a rolled hem as well and I really needed to figure out a way to get this look without using that darn foot!  Well I did it...

I accomplished this look easily (but longer time) by folding a tiny amount and sewing the entire hem.  Then folded and sewed a second time.  Really nice and it truly worked for the hem of the blouse.  I know it took me twice as long, but it was worth it in the end and not as frustrating! 

As far as alterations to the pattern, other than adding sleeves to this view, I also added another touch to make this top "me"...I added the tiniest of ribbon to the hem of the sleeves and a double line of ribbon around the neckline.  Turned out nice and I really like it.

I like this one so much, I'm going to make another right away and if you like the style of this pattern, I'd highly recommend it!  Off to complete the next project!

I wish you all a wonderful and safe Labor Day!!