Friday, November 26, 2010

Much Needed Pieces #2 and Massive Give-away!

Before I talk about my skirt, I have to apologize that I'm so late in getting this out to my subscribers...bad Myra!!!  One of our fellow bloggers is having a massive give-away of a chance to win one of 7 items over the course of 7 days.  It's her year anniversary of blogging, Congratulations Victoria! (that reminds me, mine is coming up in March too!)  What a great way to celebrate your anniversary with others!  So, if you haven't seen it already, go over to her blog Ten Thousand Sewing Hours quickly and read the rules, as she's already posted 4 of the questions and prizes!

Now back to much needed pieces black skirt.  I really needed a straight black skirt and this one is a remake, that's why it took me so long!  I have to tell you this embarrassing story about the first one I made after I review the skirt.  I had in my mind a skirt with buttons in the back kick pleat area.  That's where the inspiration came from.  So I used one of my straight skirt patterns to draft this one.  I used the front pattern piece "as is" except I added lines for faux pocket welts in the front. 

The back pattern piece is what I actually changed by cutting it in half horizontally.  Then I cut the lower portion of the back in half again vertically (note the upper portion of the back pattern piece is cut on the fold...this is very important and you'll understand why when you here my story!).  I added 2" to the seam allowance on the  lower portion of the back and cut it on the straight grain rather than the fold.  This extra 2" is facing for the buttons and button-holes.

It was really easy to put together because there were only 3 main pieces and 2 facing pieces for the waist.  I decided not to put a waistband on this one and added a side zipper.  I also lined the skirt because the fabric weight is a little thin and see thru.  It's a polyester, rayon blend w/ a little stretch, very soft and drapes well too.  To jazz up the inside of my skirt, I chose to finish the facing edges with bright red bias tape...

I love the fit of this skirt but am struggling a bit with the length.  I feel like it should have been a little shorter or even a little longer maybe!  What do you all think about the length??? button not fastened!
Now for my story on the first one I made.  The difference in my first skirt was that I had a seam in the upper portion of the back above the buttons.  I proudly wore my skirt to work and I loved it!!  After work, had a few errands to run, stopped at Target and picked up a couple of items, then on to the grocery store.  As I was walking up to the checkout in the grocery store, I heard someone say "miss, miss" as she walked up very close to me and said...I think you might want to turn your skirt around to the side. My heart truly skipped a beat as I put my hand to the back of my skirt only to find a HUGE hole where my seam use to be!  Through my shock, I thanked this very kind woman prefusely as I quickly did as she instructed and turned my skirt sideways and held the seam closed with my hand while leaving the store. 

The entire seam had ripped apart from the buttons up to the waist, not the seam the fabric ripped!  The bad part was that I had no lining in the skirt, no slip on and oh my goodness I had on a thong!  Can you say totally mortified!  

Thoughts kept running through my head of security cameras zooming in on my back side and how much entertainment I just gave some very bored security employees and whomever else wanted to see!  How embarrassing!  Needless to say, I trashed this skirt as soon as I got home and set out to make a new and improved one that literally would not show my butt!

Back to my sewing machine and Good Luck on the giveaways!!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love your skirt design and your new skirt. I'm partial to both finished lengths, so I'm not a big help.

  2. Lovely skirts! So sorry about the hole. We all know sometimes those things happen. Happy the situation wasn't worst:) Thanks, btw for the giveaway shout-out.

  3. Your new skirt is great. I love the buttons up the back and it is sure to be a better design, and stronger. Oh my, I'm glad you survived what happened with the last skirt and so glad to hear a very kind woman helped you out. I like the length you are showing, by the way. You topped my pumpkin pie story ;)

  4. Beautiful skirt, I love the buttons in the back. I like both lengths, both will be a great wardrobe staple. Sorry about what happened in the store, I know you are grateful for the lady that told you. I can't even stated above I'm glad you survived.

  5. Hey Myras;
    To my knowledge "Sans" means except for or excluding.

  6. That last skirt sounded pretty scary! The new skirt is beautiful, and I love the length actually, think its quite 'mad men' and ladylike, a rather wiggle skirt.

  7. Lucky someone told you! I always have a fear that something I make will will rip apart while I'm wearing it. Love your second version.


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