Monday, February 21, 2011

Balloon Skirt

Okay, here's a skirt I really liked when I first saw the picture of pattern New Look 6594.  After making this really easy skirt (except for the TONS of gathering!), I still really like it! 
The pattern instructions were really easy to follow, actually once you read through them once, you really don't need them.  Despite all the gathering (top and bottom) of skirt, it was really quick!  The gathering took the majority of time for the entire skirt.  I purchased a jewel tone color Turquiose cotton / silk combination, which I think is absolutely beautiful from Fabric Mart.  This fabric has a very nice soft sheen and nice drape.  
There were no dislikes with this pattern, it was super simple.(I just wish I had used an invisible zipper!) My only concern was how it would look on me!  My dressform (whom I've not formally named yet) wears this skirt very well and my only hope is that it will look the same on me! 

 I was pleasantly surprised though, because when I did put it on, it was really nice!  I am having a dickens of a time trying to pair it with something and because of this color, it's been really hard!  Brown seems to be the only color that looks good to me with it, but I want to wear something lighter in color with this jewel tone. 

I tried this turquiose colored print knit top, but the color is off and it just doesn't look right to me! Besides, the skirt looks a little to "fancy" for this top.
Anyone have any ideas???  As soon as I come up with a match for this, I'll get some snapshots of me in it!  I welcome any and all ideas...I'm truly at a lost with this one !!  Thanks for your help!


  1. What a beautiful skirt in every way!

  2. Alright now, that is quite striking!

  3. Very pretty! I think this would look gorgeous with a black blazer!

  4. That skirt is so pretty. Gray would look great with it.

  5. Super cute skirt... Gray or cream color will work fine I guess..Good job

  6. Wonderful skirt! I would love to see a cream or maybe black lace top with it.

  7. Hi Myra, I wanted to answer a couple of questions you asked. I do find the Burda Style magazine to be worth the price. I love their fit, so for me a magazine full of possibilities for outfits is something I look forward to each month. Even if I only make a couple of outfits from each issue, I'm satisfied. With regard to Burda paper patterns I sometimes get them from or there is one local shop that carries them. I only buy them there when they are half price, which isn't very often. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I hope that helps.


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