Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Dress That Almost Didn't Happen!

I was invited to a wedding this past Saturday and of course I wanted to make something to wear!  Well between my job and chores at home, I never started my dress until Friday!  I decided on McCalls 6281... 
Not to fret I told myself, because the pattern says EASY!  No problem!   I decided to make the print version above (View C) with the double slits in the back.  I selected an ITY Knit I found at JoAnn Fabric because it really looked very close to the same print on the envelope.  So far so good I thought!  

Well they were correct, the pattern was easy to put together.  However, I never imaged by looking at the pattern that those slit openings would be sooooo wide!  I didn't have enough time to do a muslin, but this would have been a very good example of why to make one, I would have changed the back considerably!  I really, really didn't like the way it looked!  The front was ok, however the back reminded me of a dominatrix costume! I was horrified!  Trying to make it look somewhat better, I made it so much worse by adding extra fabric to the two bottom openings, which ended up looking like a 2 year old stitched it!  Can you say NIGHTMARE!!
The wedding was the very next day and I didn't have anything I wanted to wear!  I got up Saturday morning after hardly having any sleep and thought about it, scrabbled through my TINY fabric stash and found some leftover brown stretch woven fabric I felt could work for a dress!  So I frantically went through my patterns looking for inspiration and came up with the old pattern from Simplicity 9171. 
This was another easy pattern with only 4 pattern pieces and I'd made it once before as a sun dress so I thought, I might have a chance to get a dress made (thank goodness I was alone this morning).   Needless to say, I worked my little tail off and miraculously completed the dress in 3, yes 3 hours!  I made a couple of changes to the pattern by shortening it to a fun, party length, making it a little more fitted, rather than A line and added an invisible zipper. I had to run out to the fabric store to get the zipper, because I didn't have one long enough!  and by golly...I did it! 

I can't tell you how many times someone mentioned how much they liked my dress (sorry I didn't get pictures of it on).  When I told them I'd just threw it together that morning, I got the "yeah right"!  So I was really one happy lady!  Here's what I wore to the wedding...
Another disaster avoided by some quick sewing skills!  I'm sure some of you out there have had similar stories and can relate!  Next time I'll run out and get RTW!

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Second Blog Award!

Wowee, I feel so special! This is the second time I've received a blog award and I have to tell you it really, feels very nice!  Just to know that some people out there are actually interested in what I do and have to say, is amazing and makes me truly feel honored!  Laure from Painted Thoughts blog bestowed me with the "Stylish Blogger Award"!  Thank you Laure!  She's a watercolor artist that does more than just sketch, she puts life on paper with some of her works!  If you get a chance, please stop by and take a look.
If I understand it correctly, I need to list 7 things you don't know about me and pass the award on to 15 others.  Not sure I'll be able to name 15, but here are my choices...
  1. I recently gained more weight than I want to divulge here on this post!
  2. My husband and I have been together since 1978
  3. I met the love of my life in a disco (for you young folks, that's a fancy name for a bar back in the day)
  4. I wish I were at least 5'11 (I'm only 5'6")
  5. I can't go to sleep without the TV on (thank goodness for sleep timers on TV's!!)
  6. I am almost all totally gray
  7. I love driving...although the older I get the harder it is to stay awake on long drives over 6 hrs!
Now for the others I'd like to present this award to...

Thank you to all for being a great source of inspiration for me!

My next post will be about my challenging sewing weekend!!  The dress that almost didn't happen!

Until next time... Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My First Tunic - Somewhat

Burda 7866 was a great way to start my tunic fancy!  It's still somewhat fitted, although I didn't think that when I saw the pattern envelope below, (don't know what I was thinking, it's clearly fitting this tiny woman's body!!)  but I was pleasantly surprised when I made it.  I got the "tunic bug" from one of my fellow bloggers I love following, Adrienne from Real Life: Live and Unscripted.  She's made quite a few and I love the way they all look on her!  See one of them here.   This pattern is a very easy one to make with very few pieces and I love that it's made using knit fabric too!

The fabric is a Brown / Gray Rayon Lycra knit from Fashion Fabric Club.com.  I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it!  The fabric was more beautiful when it arrived in the mail!  This pattern was very easy and quick, just the way I like them!  I didn't have to do any adjustments at all and the fit is perfect!  This pattern is perfect for a beginner!  I made the belt, but didn't like it with my top, because of the print,  I found it was way to distracting, so I won't use it.

I really like this top and plan on making a few more!  Oh it's sooo very comfortable too!  I quickly realized this one would look nice with a belt too...something I don't have.  Can you believe I don't have any belts I can wear with a tunic!!  Not one!!  That's sad, because I believe every woman who subcribes to my blog and for that matter, every woman other than me, has at least one!  That's something I plan on changing very soon!

Sorry about the bad photo!

I'm currently working on a knit dress and another top.  I'm really excited about the top too, it's for a much needed ladies' night out (more like a "sex and the city" ladies night out!) and us girls just wanna have fun!!  Until next time...
Happy Sewing!