Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Piece Dressing

Butterick 5450 and Simplicity 2258 were used to create my new dress.  I love two-piece dressing, it seems to work better for my body style.  Since I'm so short-waisted, some one piece dresses that define the waistline, tend to make me look funny!  Like the  trench coat dress a little while back, I no longer wear it because of this very problem and I love that dress!  Not going to be the case with this one!  I love the styling of the Butterick top 5450 (View A the blue one)...
There were a few reviews on Pattern Review that mentioned problems with the front pleat gaping.  So I decided to do a full bust adjustment right off the bat.  Thank goodness I did, because the center pleat was gaping terribly on my muslin and the adjustment worked to correct it!!  I also added an invisible zipper in the side seam too. (I'm really getting pretty good with installing these!!)

I used Simplicity 2258 (View C; model wearing) for the skirt part of the dress...
Because I was using this as skirt for my dress bottom, I omitted the belt.  I also had to lengthen the skirt by 4 inches!!  It's reallllllly short ...cute for ladies from "Sex in the City, not so much for ladies from "Golden Girls"! (I belong in the latter!)  But I really like the styling of this skirt, especially with the front pockets.     

These separates are really nice and who doesn't love having options for building your wardrobe!  I've worn the top with my white jeans and it looked awesome. (Sorry I didn't get any pictures of me in it, I'll try to get some later).    However, together these pieces make a really cute dress (which is what I really wanted)...

It's sooo cute on too! I do love this dress!  The fabric is a linen blend I purchased at Hancock Fabrics and because it's a blend, you can put it in the washer and dryer with no problems.  So with a few minor adjustments to these patterns...I got two great pieces!  Oh how I love to sew!!

Thanks for stopping by, talk with you again soon!!  On to my next project!


  1. The Golden Girls?!!! Puleeeeese!

    Cute outfit though! Love the two pieces and being able to change things up!

  2. Yes, there is a gaping issue with B5450. I made a muslin of it about a year ago and really loved the fit, but that's as far as I got. You've inspired me to revisit this again. I forgot how cute the pattern really is...Great job! Also, pairing it with that adorable skirt made this a perfect outfit.

  3. What a great blend of two patterns and love the print

  4. Both pieces make up into a really pretty dress!

  5. This looks so gorgeous!! The floral pattern matches so well together that you wouldn't even know its 2 pieces.

  6. This is gorgeous fabric. I love how you solved the short-waist problem by making two pieces, and as you've said it extends your wardrobe too. Very pretty, and it does look like one elegant dress.

  7. Absolutely fabulous. Love your fabric


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