Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still Working...

Sorry everyone...I know I'm slow at posting and I apologize!!  I am still working every chance I get to sew!  I've been working on a few items and really excited about how they turned out!  First up is a pair of shorts...I'm so embarrassed to tell you this, but I must share because I can't believe it myself.  I actually found this pattern along with the fabric in my scrap fabric drawer when I was looking for some remnants to use.  I had already cut it out and must have stashed it there last year and forgot it was there (who does else does that!!!)   Everything was together neatly in a bag.  Of course I decided to go ahead and sew it up for my vacation and WOW am I glad I did!  I'm going to make a couple more pairs in differently colors/fabrics!  They fit perfectly straight out of the envelope!! 

I'm talking about Simplicity 3880 (View D Shorts)...

They really, really do fit soooo nice! (sorry the pictures are so dark)  This is the first time I've ever had a pants pattern fit me without any type of alteration!  Sorry I don't have a picture of me in them, but I will post one when I return from vacation, promise!!  They went together fairly quickly...I worked on them over a couple of days so not sure about the total time, but it wasn't long.  Unfortunately, since this fabric was purchased some time last year, I can't really remember where I purchased it or what it is.  I know it's cotton and is a medium weight, but that's about it.  The length is 4" including the cuff. (you could easily make them longer if you prefer).  I would love to have a khaki colored pair too and plan on making that happen!  The only problem I had with them, was my DH insisted on me watching a movie with him while I sew (of course I know better!!!) and I forgot to topstitch my back pocket flaps before attaching them to the shorts!!!  Oh one will know it wasn't supposed to be that way except me and of course you all (shhhh!)

This is definitely a great pattern and I plan on making shorts and capris from it (a TNT for sure!)...I definitely recommend it!

Next, up is the promised maxi dress!  I'm just about done with it and all I can say all ROCK!!!  Thank you so much for your "gentle" suggestions on my last post to think about making one!!  I did choose a different pattern but I'm totally in love with it so far.  I'll have it completed tonight and can't wait to show you!!

Until then...thanks again for stopping by and Happy Sewing!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Vacation Clothes Completed....

This top will definitely be repeated here again in some type of jewel tone for my vacation!!  I really love McCalls pattern 6359 for a vacation top or just an all around casual top for running errands and hanging out!!  It's super easy to make and oh so quick! 
I made View A (the orange one) and no alterations were needed to make this pattern fit, it was perfect straight out of the envelope!  Although, there was one thing kind of "funky" with the instructions, Step 7 has you to sew the straps to the sides of the back.  When I originally did this, I noticed the back would "gape" out from my back and I really didn't like that!!  I took it apart and resewed the straps coming out of the top of the back instead, that worked, it layed flat as it should.  Not sure why they did that because on View B (the print, which looks the same in the back) they don't have you sew the straps that way...who knows!!  

 I used a pastel beige colored Bamboo knit from Fabric Mart.  This is another favorite knit...feels oh so comfortable on!  Washes and drys beautifully too!   This pattern has quite a few sizes...Misses 6 to 14 and Women's 18W to 24W.  I made my usual size 10. 

 This is really my most comfortable top!  I'm so glad I selected this pattern for my vacation and can't wait to make another in a nice rich color!!  It pairs well with leggings and I think it will look nice with shorts too. (I'll just need to make it shorter)

I'm surprised there was only 1 review of it on Pattern Review, because I just can't say enough about this top, I really love it!!   It so very comfortable to wear!

This top was so quick, I was able to get two items done this weekend...I re-made the New Look 6606 top (reviewed here) in a dress version.   It was supposed to be a "maxi" dress but I was bombed out when I realized I didn't have enough fabric!  Oh well, my DH said he likes it better this way anyway, so I'm going with it.  I do like this fabric and purchased it from Fabric Mart.  I know they have more of this fabric (and now on sale!), but didn't want to wait on it!!   The dress did turn out pretty nice and I can definitely see this one on vacation with my straw hat and sandals!!! 


I'll be sure to get a snapshot of this one on me during my vacation so you can see the fit.  It is really nice!  Two items done in one weekend...wish I could do that all the time!!!  

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Old Pattern...New Look

Have you ever been out and noticed an outfit you just wish you could own? We all know being a sewer makes that wish so much easier! Well that very thing happened to me recently when I went to a jewelry party with a friend and saw the top she was wearing when I picked her up. I thought it was so pretty and I told her so. Days later I still had the top on my mind! So I asked her if she would mind if I tried to remake it for myself, she said sure, but needed a favor...hers was in need of repair and asked if I could fix it. Well of course I will, that would offer me another opportunity to see it one more time close up, so I did.  I decided to create one for myself and  It just so happened, I had a pattern in my stash for quite some time I've never made that was a perfect start in creating this top. McCall's 5271 (View I and the bottom band from view F) is what I used, but I also needed to draft a center piece for the middle of the front (draft piece below). 

I would also get to use my jewelry making skills (I'm currently a novice but working on it every chance I get to improve).  I needed to create a functional necklace to hold the center portion of top like a halter. Here's the final look...

 I texted a picture of the top to my friend to see what she thought, her response was..."That is gorgeous, I want one!"... I think she meant "another" one! Either way, I took that as a "thumbs up" since she had the original! My friend's top is in a lovely shade of Lilac and out of respect for her, I never plan on wearing it at the same time we're together!  Sorry, I don't have a photo of hers.

My fabric was purchased from Fabric Mart and is a canary yellow Bamboo knit with a very, very soft hand and a wonderful drape. The pattern was super quick & easy to make including my drafted piece! Absolutely no other alterations were made or needed! The necklace is made of beads I purchased from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I bought ceramic beads in variegated colors of brown & gold. I also purchased some smaller metal "pinwheels" for accent. The tiny black beads were from my stash. I used standard beading wire to connect everything at the neckline and added a "lobster claw" closure for the back of the necklace.  I do love this top and think it makes the perfect addition to my vacation wardrobe! What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by, talk with you again soon!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Look 6606

This will be a brief post regarding an old pattern I had but never made.  Have you ever found one of those patterns in your stash and wondered why you bought it in the first place?  Well this is one of those patterns for me.  I was just about to toss it out when I took a look at View D (the solid pink one) and thought...hmmm this might have possibilities for my vacation! 
I had the perfect fabric for it was one I saw made up in a dress here on Mushywear's blog and I just had to have it!   I bought it from right after I saw her dress!  It was the perfect fabric for this top, the only thing was...this pattern was designed for woven fabrics!  No problem, I just made it a size smaller than I would have it the fabric was woven.  Unfortunately, silly me didn't make a muslin and ran into a slight problem!  (you'd think I'd learned by now!!)  It was a correctable mistake but not without a valuable lesson that made my top less than perfect!!  Oh well.  At first glance, you might not notice the mistake, but for a casual fun top, I'm okay with it....
The problem was the "keyhole" between the breast was almost down to my navel!!!  (I like a little sexy, but that was ridiculous!!)  I didn't realize it until I did the first fitting and the way it is cut, I couldn't change it.  You would have to cut the pattern piece again and I didn't have enough fabric to do that!  So I ended up sewing it up the middle and I do like the way it looks on me but will definitely fix this for future, as I do prefer a little be large "keyhole" than I have now. (I really do like it and I'm making it again!) It has a side zipper and since this was a knit, I used a shorter invisible zipper...which worked beautifully!   I'll need to hem the bottom and I'm done!

I think this one would look really good as a "maxi dress"...what do you think??
This one just might pop up again soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jalie Jean Redesigned-TUTORIAL ADDED!

First...I just made 100 subscribers, YEA!!!!!  It's so very nice to know that you all are interested in what I have to say or do!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I am absolutely elated to know you all care!  I will try my hardest to keep you interested!  Thank you "house of pinheiro" for being my 100th subscriber!!!  I must say it again...God Bless each and every one of YOU!!

For this post, I wanted a few pairs of capris to take along on my vacation, at least two of them in white. This first pair, I decided to use the ever popular Jalie Jean pattern 2908.

I purchased a really nice bright white stretch cotton sateen, from JoAnn Fabrics for this project. Because I really wanted something fun, different and a little like RTW, I sketched what I thought I wanted them to look like first. Now don't laugh at my drawing...sketching is definitely not my "claim to fame"! I just get by enough for me to visualize what it should look like.

The first thing I did was made new pattern pieces for the front & back legs by tracing the pattern on tissue paper. I did this because I wanted "faux flat felled" seams in the center of the front and back of my capris and needed to cut each pattern piece right down the middle. I definitely did not want to ruin my original pattern! Guess worked like a charm too!

I also added fashion "contrasting" zippers in black with silver teeth at opposite angles for front pockets. The zipper was added to a "pre-measured rectangle of fabric first, then the entire piece was top stitched to the pants. I love the results! (Zippered patch pockets!)  

Next I created patch pockets with flaps for the lower portion of the side legs of the pants. I also added straps and  D-rings just as a design element... I'm totally feeling like I'm on Project Runway!!!

Lastly, I added "Jean like" pockets to the back of the pants to complete the design of my original sketch. (please excuse my "yellow" x's, I haven't washed them yet)  This was a lot of work and I probably won't do it again, because one of these is enough in my wardrobe!

On to the next project, which will definitely be a lot less work!!  Thanks again for stopping by!


Zippered Patch Pocket Tutorial: (I’m using contrasting colors for emphasis)

Some of you asked for a tutorial on how I created the "zippered patch pocket". Listed below are the's really easy!!Cut two patch pockets the size you want, including you seam allowances (there are two pockets here).

Now decide where & how you want the zipper to be placed on the pocket & mark it using chalk or some type of washable marking tool. Do this by marking the zipper placement with a line the length of your zipper minus 1".

Now clip along the line to 1/2" at end cutting diagonally towards ends.
Turn & press all edges to inside as in the photo below:

Fold under seam allowances on bottom & one side of pocket, press. Leave side seam & top edge unfinished. (The top and side will be stitched along with pants seams)

Place the pocket over the zipper, both face up, centering the zipper under the opening. Topstitch pocket to zipper close to edges. (Sorry about the crooked sewing, rushing to get this tutorial posted)

Now you're ready to attach the zippered pocket to your pants!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Tops, Two Completed...

Hi everyone,  I'm moving right along with my vacation wardrobe. I'll have to post pictures of me wearing these clothes once I return from vacation because I'm just focusing on getting them done right now. (that is if I can still fit in them with all that food around me!!) 

I've completed two tops and reviewed one of the patterns once before here.  I liked McCall's 5586  so much, I wanted to take a new one along with me on this vacation.  I used a Lilac colored Rayon Lycra knit I purchased from  This is a very, very easy and quick pattern to make and can be made in both knit and woven fabrics.  I embellished the front neck yoke using some different size and colored crystals, along with a few diamond cut black plastic stones.

It turned out really nice, accept for some areas around my smaller crystals...the glue (from my glue gun) spread around the outer edges of the crystals.  I have to find a better way of permanently adhereing these types of embellishments to fabric.  I've actually tried several different glues, but they all came off in the dryer except when I use my glue gun.  So for now, I guess this is what I'll continue to use.  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!!

The second top I completed is new to me but has been reviewed by a few other bloggers, Vogue 8724.  It's a very nice looking dress and when I first saw it made by Knitqueenmachine, I knew I wanted to have it!   

Since this is my first time using this pattern, I paid particular attention to the issues others had with the pattern.  Specifically the armsycne being to low and gaping in the front.  In doing so, my top turned out perfect the first time...thank goodness for you sewing bloggers and pattern reviewers...God Bless each and everyone of you!!!  

I decided to make my first version a top rather than a dress.  I used a scarlet colored Bamboo knit from   The pattern runs size 6 to 20, I made my usual size 10.   I did extend the wrap front approximately 1.5" to prevent gaping in the front.  I also extended and raised the armsync by 1" so that it wouldn't be too low. (it's always easier to cut some out if it's too tight!)  I even got the pleats in the front correct the first time!!!  My only issue with this top was my thread being just a shade or two too light!! 

I really do love this pattern...the pleating in the front is a little tricky, but if you pay attention to the photos on the guide sheet and trace your pattern markings carefully on the fabric, you'll get it too!  I'm definitely going to make this again as a top and a dress after I return from vacation!  I do recommend it to others, it's another of those "quick gratification" projects!

Next up...I'm just completeing another project using the popular "Jalie Jean" pattern...this one I'm totalling restyling!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me a moment of your time!  Talk with you again soon!

Happy Sewing!