Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jalie Jean Redesigned-TUTORIAL ADDED!

First...I just made 100 subscribers, YEA!!!!!  It's so very nice to know that you all are interested in what I have to say or do!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I am absolutely elated to know you all care!  I will try my hardest to keep you interested!  Thank you "house of pinheiro" for being my 100th subscriber!!!  I must say it again...God Bless each and every one of YOU!!

For this post, I wanted a few pairs of capris to take along on my vacation, at least two of them in white. This first pair, I decided to use the ever popular Jalie Jean pattern 2908.

I purchased a really nice bright white stretch cotton sateen, from JoAnn Fabrics for this project. Because I really wanted something fun, different and a little like RTW, I sketched what I thought I wanted them to look like first. Now don't laugh at my drawing...sketching is definitely not my "claim to fame"! I just get by enough for me to visualize what it should look like.

The first thing I did was made new pattern pieces for the front & back legs by tracing the pattern on tissue paper. I did this because I wanted "faux flat felled" seams in the center of the front and back of my capris and needed to cut each pattern piece right down the middle. I definitely did not want to ruin my original pattern! Guess worked like a charm too!

I also added fashion "contrasting" zippers in black with silver teeth at opposite angles for front pockets. The zipper was added to a "pre-measured rectangle of fabric first, then the entire piece was top stitched to the pants. I love the results! (Zippered patch pockets!)  

Next I created patch pockets with flaps for the lower portion of the side legs of the pants. I also added straps and  D-rings just as a design element... I'm totally feeling like I'm on Project Runway!!!

Lastly, I added "Jean like" pockets to the back of the pants to complete the design of my original sketch. (please excuse my "yellow" x's, I haven't washed them yet)  This was a lot of work and I probably won't do it again, because one of these is enough in my wardrobe!

On to the next project, which will definitely be a lot less work!!  Thanks again for stopping by!


Zippered Patch Pocket Tutorial: (I’m using contrasting colors for emphasis)

Some of you asked for a tutorial on how I created the "zippered patch pocket". Listed below are the's really easy!!Cut two patch pockets the size you want, including you seam allowances (there are two pockets here).

Now decide where & how you want the zipper to be placed on the pocket & mark it using chalk or some type of washable marking tool. Do this by marking the zipper placement with a line the length of your zipper minus 1".

Now clip along the line to 1/2" at end cutting diagonally towards ends.
Turn & press all edges to inside as in the photo below:

Fold under seam allowances on bottom & one side of pocket, press. Leave side seam & top edge unfinished. (The top and side will be stitched along with pants seams)

Place the pocket over the zipper, both face up, centering the zipper under the opening. Topstitch pocket to zipper close to edges. (Sorry about the crooked sewing, rushing to get this tutorial posted)

Now you're ready to attach the zippered pocket to your pants!


  1. Again, I am in love with these pants, great job! Your work definitely paid off~ I absolutely LOVE every detail you put into them!

  2. These are fabulous! I love all your details on these cargo jeans. Can you do a tutorial on how you did the zippered pockets? They are a fabulous detail.

  3. Super Wow... you did and Awesome job. The pants fit you perfectly and love all the details and would like if you did a tutorial too.

  4. it is really fabulous. Wow...I am in awe.

  5. These are fabulous, Myra!! Love all the details!

  6. WOW! Gorgeous pants, you look gorgeous! Love all the details, perfect!

  7. These are an awesome pair of pants! I have been living in capris' like these for most of the summer! Nice job, and congrats on 100 subscribers, I am happy to be one of them!

  8. Those are incredible. I've got to be brave a get going on that pattern soon.

  9. Thank you, Thank you all so much for your very kind comments!!! @ BeccaA and Sheila, I will do an update to this post with a tutorial on the zippered patch pocket very soon, it was really easy!!! Thanks again everyone!

  10. You did a jam up job pants - great fit and all. Thanks for letting me know my pictures weren't there.

  11. Wow is all I can say! They fit so well!

  12. I am totally in awe!!! Your pants look amazing - you have done a fantastic job in adapting the pattern - they look so cool with the zippered pockets.

  13. You outdid yourself on these! They look fantastic!


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