Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Look 6606

This will be a brief post regarding an old pattern I had but never made.  Have you ever found one of those patterns in your stash and wondered why you bought it in the first place?  Well this is one of those patterns for me.  I was just about to toss it out when I took a look at View D (the solid pink one) and thought...hmmm this might have possibilities for my vacation! 
I had the perfect fabric for it was one I saw made up in a dress here on Mushywear's blog and I just had to have it!   I bought it from right after I saw her dress!  It was the perfect fabric for this top, the only thing was...this pattern was designed for woven fabrics!  No problem, I just made it a size smaller than I would have it the fabric was woven.  Unfortunately, silly me didn't make a muslin and ran into a slight problem!  (you'd think I'd learned by now!!)  It was a correctable mistake but not without a valuable lesson that made my top less than perfect!!  Oh well.  At first glance, you might not notice the mistake, but for a casual fun top, I'm okay with it....
The problem was the "keyhole" between the breast was almost down to my navel!!!  (I like a little sexy, but that was ridiculous!!)  I didn't realize it until I did the first fitting and the way it is cut, I couldn't change it.  You would have to cut the pattern piece again and I didn't have enough fabric to do that!  So I ended up sewing it up the middle and I do like the way it looks on me but will definitely fix this for future, as I do prefer a little be large "keyhole" than I have now. (I really do like it and I'm making it again!) It has a side zipper and since this was a knit, I used a shorter invisible zipper...which worked beautifully!   I'll need to hem the bottom and I'm done!

I think this one would look really good as a "maxi dress"...what do you think??
This one just might pop up again soon!


  1. Very cute, Myra, and yes, definitely a maxi. Great Fabric - it will look so nice with the whit pants you just made. You've been busy!

  2. Its cute, and I think would make a great maxi dress if lengthened. Ruthie :-)

  3. Great use of your old pattern - lucky you didn't toss it because the top looks fabulous. I love the fabric. This pattern would make a wonderful looking maxi dress - what an excellent idea!

  4. Pretty top and agree with the others that it would make for a lovely maxi dress.

  5. Your top looks wonderful! I really love this fabric, print, and color combination too. It definitely would look great as a maxi dress! PS: Thanks so much for the mention.


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