Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still Working...

Sorry everyone...I know I'm slow at posting and I apologize!!  I am still working every chance I get to sew!  I've been working on a few items and really excited about how they turned out!  First up is a pair of shorts...I'm so embarrassed to tell you this, but I must share because I can't believe it myself.  I actually found this pattern along with the fabric in my scrap fabric drawer when I was looking for some remnants to use.  I had already cut it out and must have stashed it there last year and forgot it was there (who does else does that!!!)   Everything was together neatly in a bag.  Of course I decided to go ahead and sew it up for my vacation and WOW am I glad I did!  I'm going to make a couple more pairs in differently colors/fabrics!  They fit perfectly straight out of the envelope!! 

I'm talking about Simplicity 3880 (View D Shorts)...

They really, really do fit soooo nice! (sorry the pictures are so dark)  This is the first time I've ever had a pants pattern fit me without any type of alteration!  Sorry I don't have a picture of me in them, but I will post one when I return from vacation, promise!!  They went together fairly quickly...I worked on them over a couple of days so not sure about the total time, but it wasn't long.  Unfortunately, since this fabric was purchased some time last year, I can't really remember where I purchased it or what it is.  I know it's cotton and is a medium weight, but that's about it.  The length is 4" including the cuff. (you could easily make them longer if you prefer).  I would love to have a khaki colored pair too and plan on making that happen!  The only problem I had with them, was my DH insisted on me watching a movie with him while I sew (of course I know better!!!) and I forgot to topstitch my back pocket flaps before attaching them to the shorts!!!  Oh one will know it wasn't supposed to be that way except me and of course you all (shhhh!)

This is definitely a great pattern and I plan on making shorts and capris from it (a TNT for sure!)...I definitely recommend it!

Next, up is the promised maxi dress!  I'm just about done with it and all I can say all ROCK!!!  Thank you so much for your "gentle" suggestions on my last post to think about making one!!  I did choose a different pattern but I'm totally in love with it so far.  I'll have it completed tonight and can't wait to show you!!

Until then...thanks again for stopping by and Happy Sewing!


  1. You're not the only one that tucks "projects" aside and then forgets about them! These turned out great and it seems to me it was meant to be!

  2. Fit right out of the envelope? No alterations? In my dreams! ;)

    You will be the best dressed on your vacation for sure!

  3. Your shorts look very professional! I like the subtle stripe down the back pockets and the way the belt carriers are arranged. Amazing they fit straight out of the envelope. Boy that's such a nice thing to have happen. I can't wait to see your maxi dress too!


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