Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy As a Beaver

I've been working like a "Beaver" trying to get all my sewing done.  I know I have about 8 weeks left before I leave, but that goes by fast and I have so much to get completed by then.  Some items I've not posted (sorry, I wouldn't have time for sewing if I posted everything!)  I've made a couple of very nice tee shirts I've designed for my hubby too!  I'll definitely get vacation pictures up so you can see all of the things I've made once I return.  This has definitely been a challenge for me and don't think I'll do it to this extreme again!  Maybe a few pieces but never a full wardrobe!  I must have been crazy when I decided that!

My lastest project is a dress for dinner during the cruise, not my formal, just a dress to were for dinner.  I chose Butterick 5559 (View B) the sleeveless version.

I used a Camel colored (Dark Beige) Ponte Roma Knit from Fabricmart.  The fabric has a very soft hand and firm stretch with a very nice recovery, which makes it perfect for this style dress.  When I first put it on, it almost acted as it's own body shaper!  The pattern size runs from 6 to 20, I made a size 12 and although I normally make a 10 in knits, I'm very happy I made a 12 because this pattern was snug.  The instructions were very easy to follow, but it is essential to your results that you transfer all the line markings from your pattern to your fabric!  The other tip I'll give is that you pin each tuck before sewing it to keep them straight while sewing.  It could be much, much harder if you don't!  As it is, it took me a couple of days to complete this dress. (and there's only 4 freakin pattern pieces!!!)  That's just how long it took me to work on this ensuring each tuck was in the perfect place.

I think my results turned out pretty good...

The only adjustment I made to the pattern was lengthening the dress by 3 inches.  Doing that, made this dress just 1" above the knee for me, so it would have been to short for my comfort level!!   I do really like this dress but will probably not make it again because I have so many patterns to get to.  I do recommend it to others if you like the style. 

On to my next project and thanks again for stopping by!!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Myra, all of your work has been impressive! I'm still amazed at your goals and how you've been just cranking it all out. I know it isn't easy but you sure make it look that way (wink)! I love this dress and the color you picked. I agree a Ponte Roma is a good choice for this! Now I can't wait til your trip gets here so we can see all of the things you've made:)
    BTW, thanks so much for your emails. I tried to reply but was having problems with yahoo. I think your suggestion will definitely help me out! Thanks and happy sewing to you!!!!

  2. Girl, you are getting it! I am loving this color. Cant' wait to see you in it. I just finished this dress too. Waiting for a photographer.

  3. That dress looks great in ponte. Very nice!

  4. Gorgeous! I really want to make this dress now.

  5. ohhhh, I love this, I was just saying I need a dress in this color, absolutely stunning

  6. The dress is very pretty! But don't say that about sewing your wardrobe because you've inspired me to sew my wardrobe for the cruise my family is taking next August!

  7. Oooooh la la! Your version is delectably gorgeous!

  8. Love it, you're going to be styling on your vacation.

  9. I agree about the beauty of the color of the garment! It is GORGEOUS! I think it makes the dress even prettier!

  10. I think the color selection was perfect. It looks amazing! Great job!!!

  11. I like the style and the color just that I'm not very skilled when it comes to sewing...but you did a great job! It look great :)
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