Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vacation - Wooo I'm Drained! - PICTURE HEAVY

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!

I'm so sorry for not posting in over two months!  My husband and I went on a 10  day Southern Caribbean Cruise back in November just prior to Thanksgiving with our youngest son and his fiancee...what a trip!  But I totally "BURNED" myself out prior to taking vacation by attempting to make my entire wardrobe for the trip!  So I've not wanted to do anything sewing related, including blogs, (other than reading you all blogs of course!) since I returned. :(. 

I've seen a lot of beautiful work out there on your blogs and so glad you're all there because it's given me my "mojo" back!  I'm ready to get back in to the swing of things and get my "sewing groove" on!  So here goes and I hope you all accept my apology!

First for the sewing review...I saw this really, really cute skirt made by Maggie over at V.V.Mode.  Maggie's D.I.Y designs are very unigue and I really wanted this skirt.  So with her permission, I drafted my own...this is my muslin and I've already made a few changes to make it perfect for the next one.  But I'm so in love with this muslin, I wanted to show it!  I even drafted a top (a pretty basic one) to go with it!  Here's the inspiration skirt by Maggie...
Of course I can't sew up that perfect little body she has, but I think my version looks good on me too!  Maggie's is made of an interlock knit, mine is made of black Rayon Spandex knit from Mood Fabrics ...

The top fabric is a rayon lycra knit from Fabricmart.  I drafted a simple cowl neck and included some cap sleeves, since this will be worn at work.  I really like this outfit and am already planning another of these skirts in a nice Ponta Roma knit!

Now for my vacation...for those of you who might ask, no I didn't complete my entire wardrobe.  I was short by 4 pieces, so I ended up going to my favorite place to look for inexpensive clothes, Marshalls!  Also, vacation sewing pre-empted everything in my life including EXERCISE, so there was no swimsuit on this trip, not at all!  No's a picture of me and one of our sons in the water (beach in St. Maarten) he stayed and played, I got out right after the photo was taken! (His fiancee joined him later!)

and a picture of me leaving after the photo!  (I didn't want to get wet but a huge wave got me before I got out!!!)

...also a photo of me and the hubby on the same beach...
since this was a "clothing optional" beach, we were very careful in not photographing anyone so not to offend them or others who would see my photos!! (and yes, we kept our clothes on!!!)I also did the same thing in St. John Tortola (just picture taking in the water, no swimming, just lounging eating and drinking!)...

 I also had an opportunity to buy fabric in the Caribbean too!  We visited this apparel shop in St. Kitts where they actually make a fabric called "Carabelle Batik".   You can learn more about the shop, the fabric origin and see some of the clothing by clicking here.  I actually got to meet one of the ladies who was in the process of making fabric when I arrived!  The colors and patterns of their fabrics were really nice! and it has the feel of cotton.  I purchased some of this fabric, which was a bit pricey at $40 a yd! I even had an chance to take photos with her holding my purchase....

I also had an opportunity to hold one of the "green monkey's" of St. was a baby one in a diaper, he was so cute and he bit me at least three times!  Poor little thing was so frightened!  It's owner brought him on our tour bus so we could hold him and you could tell he really didn't want to be there!
By now, you can tell this is my favorite vacation hat!  Can you believe I've had this thing for approximately 17 years!!!  It's time to retire it now!  St. Kitts also had beautiful scenery almost similar to Hiawaii, like these rocks and there were black sand beaches...
Some of the other views were just breathtaking!

Lazy! Taken from "lounge chair"!
This is a photo we shot of our ship (Norwegian Dawn) while we were out and about...

That's it...had a wonderful time, but glad I'm back and ready to jump back into sewing again!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous photos.

    I also really like your skirts. :)

  2. Your skirt is beautiful and so is the top. Nice idea to add the cap sleeves to it. Can't see the bottom of the back of the skirt clearly, but does it have the same ruffled treatment as the front of the skirt. Glad you had a great time too!

  3. So glad that you had a wonderful vacation and thanks for sharing your pics with us! I'm glad that you're sewing mojo is back and that you are already whipping up amazing pieces.

  4. Wow, you really had a blast.. Those are lovely pictures. Glad you are back on track..

  5. Welcome back, Myra! Beautiful photos, and your outfit looks great on you. The skirt is so cute!

  6. It's about time you showed back up!! ;•)

    Looks like a great time was had by all and I like your style! Especially the brown outfit on the beach with the shades—you look like a movie star!!!!

  7. Such a nicely drafted and cutting edge skirt! The skirt complements your cute figure and cool looking legs. Thank you for sharing such breathtaking pictures of your Caribbean vacation. Besides the sun, sea, and sky, what a treat to purchase some cool fabric, also a lovely souvenir from the Caribbean. What a fun way to back into sewing!

  8. Hooray, you're back and sewing that wonderful skirt. Looks like you all had a fabulous vacation.

  9. Welcome back! The vacation photos were so fun to look at and the area looks so beautiful. Glad you had a great time and are ready to jump back into sewing! I love the unique design of the skirt you sewed up.


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