Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gray Dress...Redo

This project was an easy one, however I made one big mistake...I didn't get off my LAZY duff to go purchase an invisible zipper in the correct color!!!

I used pattern Vogue 8685.  There were quite a few reviews out there on Pattern and I found them very helpful!  I made version A (the off-white one). I used a dark grey Ponte Roma from Fabricmart.  I must say, this was the best fabric for this pattern!  It worked like a charm and was so very easy to handle.

Some of the reviews I saw, talked about not inserting because the pattern requires a knit and they felt a zipper was unecessary...I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED!!!  I decided to insert an invisible zipper for ease of getting into and out of the dress. Well due to the "snug" (but extremely comfortable) fit and the stupid mistake of installing a "light grey" zipper, this is what I ended up with....

Needless to say, that zipper is definitely coming out because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress! It is so comfortable to wear and so pretty on too!   I plan on making it again in another color without the zipper or a seam in the back!   Some of the reviewers also mentioned not using the neck & arm bands the pattern instructs you to use (especially if using a heavier knit as I did). I agree with (and listened to) them this time because it would have caused these areas to stretch out.  So I serged, turned down and stitched. This worked out much better!  I truly love the pleating placement under the breast & the midrif band, it really adds style to this dress.  I've not been a fan of dresses on my body style before however, I made a pledge to myself to give dresses a try this year (and get my pudgey tummy down too!).  All in all, I think it's a very nice dress and can't wait to make the next one adding my "little touch" to it too! ("wink, wink")

 If you like this style, I would highly recommend it with the recommended modifications! 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Special Project - Designer Skirt

I'm going to review two pieces here to complete this total outfit. For the first piece, I got this idea to make a designer skirt of my own and set out to find the perfect designer fabric. So I purchased this "alleged" designer fabric online at Fabric 4 Home.  I'm pretty sure it's a knockoff and I don't know if they have any type of copyright sharing license or not...but I sure hope so because this fabric is beautiful!!!! 

Yes, it's "Faux" Louis Vuitton!!!
The likeness of the design is perfect, the fabric has the weight of a silk duponi (just a little heavier), it was truly nice to work with too. I definitely wanted to do this fabric justice and make something very tasteful!  Now I must say, I would never sell anything using this fabric or make anything for a client using this fabric, because I believe that would be unethical.  (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)  As far as I know, what I've done may be too...but I'm keeping this one!  There just won't be another created by me in these types of fabric, unless I know I've purchased the fabric from a licensed vendor.

Now the design...I sketched this idea I had of a skirt that would resemble a Louis Vuitton bag.  It would include leather trim and buckles.  Here's my sketch:

For the contrast trim on the skirt, I wanted to be leather just like the Louis Vuitton bag, so I purchased a very nice leather skin from Gorgeous Fabrics, it was on sale for only $20 per skin (I only needed 1).   It's a very, very soft leather too (lamb skin)!  They had the perfect Tan color I wanted which was awesome! Gorgeous Fabrics has quite a few other colors too!  The buckles were purchased online from Mood Fabrics.   Also, I fully lined this skirt using a brown rayon bemberg I purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.

So without further ado, here's my version of the way a "tasteful faux" Louis Vuitton Purse Skirt would look...

I absolutely love this skirt, it turned out just as I envisioned it! it was so easy to create too!

Now with something this cute (in my opinion), I needed to pair it with something equally as cute!  So I chose this beautiful top from Burda Style 7369 view B (the pink one).  When I first saw this pattern, I new I wanted to own one just like the cover photo. (I'll be making another one in a different pastel color for spring). This one I made in a white silk duponi with white silk chiffon for the ruffle. I lined it with white cotton (not sure why I didn't use bemberg!!) I specificaly chose white to pair with my "faux" Louis Vuitton skirt because my husband said he thought it would it compliment it better.  He was so right!  I do like the way the white top compliments the skirt! 

This is an easy pattern to work with, however, the instructions were super confusing to me when trying to attach the last (left) front band. (I think the instructions in this section could have been written better). This section took the longest, because it took me a while to figure out what they were trying to say!  I got so frustrated, I kept putting it down and it ultimately took me two days to complete just that little section! (Maybe it was just me!). There was a lot of hand work with it too because snap closures were recommended for the front and the front facings need to be slip stitched as well.  But it turned out great....

So, now that you've seen my outfit, what do you think?   Would you have purchased the "faux" Louis Vuitton fabric too??

Thanks for stopping by...Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fake Designer Fabric, Yay or Nay??

Sorry I've been away so long!  Life has kept me SUPER busy as I'm sure a lot of you can definitely relate to! I have been sewing quite a bit...some really nice pieces & some not so nice! :(

Before I submit my next post, I need your thoughts...have you ever purchased or would you ever purchase a designer fabric like Coach or Gucci??  I've never seen any apparel made from these designers with their "signature logo" on fabric.  But recently, I've seen several online vendors who sell such fabric. What are your thoughts on creating something out of these fabrics?  Would you purchase any?

I did, but now I'm second guessing my decision because of the ethics issue!!  I don't know if the vendor has a copyright sharing license.

Please sound off, I'd love to know your thoughts!  Thanks everyone!

Faux Coach Fabric
Faux Gucci Fabric