Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fake Designer Fabric, Yay or Nay??

Sorry I've been away so long!  Life has kept me SUPER busy as I'm sure a lot of you can definitely relate to! I have been sewing quite a bit...some really nice pieces & some not so nice! :(

Before I submit my next post, I need your thoughts...have you ever purchased or would you ever purchase a designer fabric like Coach or Gucci??  I've never seen any apparel made from these designers with their "signature logo" on fabric.  But recently, I've seen several online vendors who sell such fabric. What are your thoughts on creating something out of these fabrics?  Would you purchase any?

I did, but now I'm second guessing my decision because of the ethics issue!!  I don't know if the vendor has a copyright sharing license.

Please sound off, I'd love to know your thoughts!  Thanks everyone!

Faux Coach Fabric
Faux Gucci Fabric


  1. There are very few circumstances in which I would purchase designer fabric with logos all over it. I might use it as a lining, but little else. I prefer something a little more subtle.

  2. I have purchased faux designer fabrics with logos all over it and used it for lining. I am not fond of wearing logos all over my clothing, nor on my handbags. Again would definitely buy it for use as a lining.

  3. Hi Myra, good to see you posting! I agree it would be fun to use as a lining, but I've never seen nor purchased any.

  4. I have purchased some faux designer fabric. The fabric was dense and could be used for a handbag.

  5. Hi Myra, great discussion point... The more I been studying and reading about Ethics ( part of my MBA) I feel that companies integrity very important and I personally feel you should ask for a refund. I doesn't make you a bad person if you don't but Its all about how you want to be perceived. Im so glad that you put this post up.. because its such a important issue. I have considered buying some too. who doesn't want to have a designer look fabric. You can by the original designer fabric instead. xx


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