Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick Work Outfit and Fabric Windfall

I wanted something new to wear to work Thursday and needed something that was quick and easy to do...TNT's to the rescue!  I decided to use two patterns I am very familiar with and love. Vogue 1051 (pants)  and McCalls 6035 (blue version top with sleeve ties). (please excuse the bad lighting, was rushing for work)  For the top I used a black polyester chiffon with taupe colored polka dots from Hancock Fabrics.  The pants fabric, also from Hancock, is a Taupe colored Gabardine ...

This ensemble only took me a couple of days to create (just working a few hours each day).  I've made both patterns many times before so they were really easy to do.  No alterations to either and the only changes I made were to the pants and these changes were purely design elements.  I added two large buttons to the front closure and also added thin belt loops. I also tapered the leg from flared to straight.  Love the look and it was just what I needed!  Wa La...a new work outfit with almost no effort and for a total cost of $23.00!! 

Fabric Windfall...

A young woman I work with approach me about donating her fabric stash to me! (at first I thought I was being "Punked" and was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out!)  Then I realized she was very serious...dead serious and I almost fainted!  She told me the story of how she'd sewn most of her clothes while in college but years later, lost her energy and patience for sewing.  She wanted to give her fabric to someone she knew would make good use of it...of course I "Graciously Accepted"!!!  After babbling a whole bunch of words of thanks (I was so excited, I couldn't remember what I said!), I gave her a huge hug!  I've never really had a "fabric stash" and now thanks to Stacy, I have a wondeful start to one!  Thank you Stacy!!!

She was right, there was a lot too, beautiful wools, linens, cottons, knits, colors and prints!  Here's some pictures of what I received...

This is just the front row, there's more in the back!

This is a beautiful silk like print!

Isn't this Fuscia solid and Print wool just GORGEOUS?

Deep Olive Green Wool (enough for a great suit!)

Deep Olive/Forest Green Lining

Thank you, thank you, thank you Stacy, I'll definitely put all of these great  fabrics to use!

Happy Sewing and thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. With friends like this who needs fabric shopping? What a lovely surprise. And speaking of lovely you look fabulous in that outfit, very vavoom.

  2. That is an awesome gift. Enjoy all that fabric. Your outfit is really pretty and your pants are really great. My goal is to get better at making pants.

  3. I too am finding so much satisfaction in sewing patterns I've tested and love. Your outfit is fabulous! Great fit and a beautiful classic design. Woo Hoo on the fabric gift. Stacy sure gave you some beautiful pieces!

  4. Wow! That was a really nice gift. But I wonder why she gave up sewing...she obviously loved fabric and collected some beautiful pieces. This is all good for you what piece will you use first?

  5. Great outfit and what a wonderful fabric windfall.

  6. Now you are officially a member of the Fabric Stash Society, though you have a ways to go to catch Carolyn. ;-)


  7. Wow Myra! You sewed a beautiful work outfit in almost no time flat! Those patterns MUST be tried and true! I think the end result is fabulous, and the color combination is pretty. Those pants look RTW!

  8. You lucky lady I wish I had friends like that. I love your outfit. The fit on your pants is awesome.

  9. Those pants fit like they were made for you...oops...I guess they are. LOL. TFS.

  10. Beautiful fabric gift...looking forward to what becomes of them. Your quick workout fit is lovely and agree the pants fit you perfectly.

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  12. Don't you just love your fabric donating friends :)


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