Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Knit Top

Simplicity 1916

This is an easy top that can be made in a few hours, however there were a couple of things that I would definitely do differently. First, the top is like most these days, extremely low cut for my taste! Second, why oh why would they need to add a seam in the back of a knit top? I removed that right away.

Next, was my fabric choice, it is an extremely light weight polyester/rayon knit purchased from Mood fabrics. It is obviously a bad choice for this top because it is much too sheer! That is a pet peeve for me when you can see the fabric overlays underneath! I would have to wear a tank with this top if I choose to keep it for at least two of these reasons! (low cut and too sheer!)

I love the style and the color of the fabric only, so I may keep it!

Another good example of why you should create a muslin! Oh well, back to the drawing board for this top!

The pants...
I love these!!  They are a pair I drafted which are made using a dark brown Ponte knit I purchased from Mood fabrics.  They are similar to leggings except I added a zipper in the front along with a two button closure at the waist.  What makes me like these pants so much are the comfort of the knit and my really cute zippers I added at the bottom of each side!  It was so easy to do too!!

I may take them back to the sewing machine to shorten the length just a tad bit to prevent them from "buckling" above my shoes.  Too bad the top didn't turn out so nice...I really like the color combination together!  Guess I'll have to find other fabric in this color to remake a top for these pants. 
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Happy Sewing!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vogue 8790 Print Top, Self Draft Skirt & Another Fabric Gift!

Vogue 8790...I really like this pattern a lot! It's easy to make, only three pattern pieces and I didn't have to do any alterations to have it turn out this fabulous! Now that's my kind of pattern!  I'm actually thinking of making this one into a dress version too!

What I really like most about this pattern, is the gathering on the side front and the high standing adds a lot of style to this pattern.  There was one little thing that bothered me a tiny bit...the front overlay gaped a little at the waist (but nothing shows inside because it's a great fit!) it's just more annoying than anything.  However, it's an easy fix for the next one!

I purchased the fabric from Joann fabrics while shopping for zippers, thread and some other notions I needed. It's a very soft ITY knit from the April Johnston (Project Runway) collection and I really liked the print and coloring. It's an cream color with a dark burgundy and plum print.  I definitely want to make this one again and soon!

Love, love, love this outfit!
The skirt...

This is a pattern I drafted a while back and when I made this top, this skirt pattern was the first thing that came to mind as a perfect pair! I did modify the pattern just a bit..the first one had buttons in the back, you can view it here.  For this one, I added an exposed zipper to the back and for a subtle detail, created a front seam, then added a row of top stitching to either side of the seam....

The fabric is a Plum colored Ponte knit from Mood Fabrics. The zipper was purchased from Hancock fabrics. Oh my I love this one so much, I'd really like to have it in Black too! However, like most women,  I already own a few Black skirts...could I possibly have another one??? What the the's like Black shoes, you can't have too many pairs right!!! LOL!!

On another note, can you believe I received another gift of fabric!!!!  I tell you, I must have been hit by the Fabric Fairies this year!   Remember the young woman I blogged about a couple of posts back who had given me all her fabric?  Well her mother who originally thought she was crazy for doing such a thing decided to do the same and gave me hers as well! 

Mom's stash giveaway wasn't as large as daughters' but who cares!  I would have been happy with just one piece!  I never look a "gift horse" in the mouth!!  Also, I have so much fabric now, I had to purchase shelving units to hold it all!  I've never had a stash like this and oh my am I happy everytime I go into my sewing room and see it...

Thank you, thank you ladies for being so generous!  Your fabrics have definintely found a good home and I promise to put it all to great use!!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Look 6140

Everyone this is my second top for the "Starting at the Top 2012" challenge and the pattern is unfortunately OOP (New Look 6140) and so old, I can't find a photo anywhere online for you. However, thanks to Faye from Faye's Sewing Adventure, I was able to get my hands on the pattern pieces and instructions! Thank you Faye for sending them to me! This is my second time making this pattern and it won't be my last either! I love this top for many takes less than 1 hour to make, only one pattern piece and can be made in both woven & knits!

The reason you did not see my first post, is because I needed to size the pattern a few sizes smaller and because of the uniqueness of the pattern piece, it took me a while to figure it out...I sure am happy I took the time too!!! (The first one is worn at home only)

This one was done just in time for a Funk Fest this past weekend in Vinoy Park (St. Petersburg, FL)....Fun! I paired it with my white jeans and they looked very nice together and sooo comfortable too! It is definitely one of those "eat" tops! (you can eat as much as you like without worry!) Sorry I didn't get any pictures of me in it, I was too busy having a good time! Maybe next time!

My next one for the challenge is almost done and I can't wait to post it because I really lke it!  Thanks for stopping by and...
Happy Sewing! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another TNT Top

I joined the Faye's "Starting At The Top-2012" 15 day challenge and it was a great way to get my sewing juices flowing again!  This challenge was perfect in timing because I really needed to get more tops done for summer! So I started off with this wonderful TNT. It's a self draft pattern for a cowl neckline top I did last year as matching tank (sleeveless) to go with a cardigan I made and donated to a raffle for a charity.

It's a quick pattern that can be made up in a couple hours if not less than that.  The fabric is from my stash, an ITY knit I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics some time ago. This is a great top I'm sure I'll wear quite a bit.

Thanks again Faye for a wonderful challenge.

Happy Sewing!