Tuesday, May 29, 2012

McCalls 6512...Safari Look

When I first laid eyes on this top, view A (the pink onefrom McCalls 6512, I knew I wanted to make it! I love anything that has that safari style look to it! Plus I really fell in love with the way they used a chiffon type fabric to create this soft feminine look.

Well right after I saw this pattern, I saw this beautiful deep purple (although it looks blue) polyester chiffon at Mood Fabrics online. Since I really need to continue moving away from a totally black wardrobe and adding color, this would definitely fit into my new goals! So I purchased it!
The fabric is really, really soft and has a beautiful drape too! As everyone knows Chiffon is very sheer, so I knew I would need to wear a camisole that wasn't a problem.

The pattern was very easy to sew...I didn't have any problems with the instructions. There were a lot of details on on this top which means it's not a very quick sew! It took me a couple days to complete. I didn't have to make any alterations, it fit pretty good right out of the envelope. Selecting an interfacing gave me quite a challenge though. I ended up using an organza in a color close to that of the fabric. That seemed to work very well, but left me questioning whether I had selected the best option! So I ask each of you...what would you use as interfacing for chiffon? I do like it enough to make another, but I have so many things I want to make, I probably won't make it again soon. However, I would highly recommend it if you like this style.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Top Remake, Simplicity 1916 (edited post)...

Hello everyone! (revised post to include alteration instructions per request)

Sorry about the almost back to back posts on the same pattern. (I'll keep this post really short)  I really liked this top so much, I wanted to make the alterations right away so it would be ready to go the next time I wanted to make it! (and I will be making it again but won't bore you with yet another post, LOL!)

I first made it here  and there were a few things I personally didn't like...front neckline too low; extension in front much too long.

I used a Black Rayon Lycra knit from Joann Fabrics and below are the couple of changes I made:

I widened the front neckline by 1-1/2" on both right and left front
Shortened the front extension by half the size so it's not so long
Also made this one sleeveless

(per a request, I included photos of my alterations to the pattern pieces)

Not photo'd...added 1-1/2" to back neckline as well!

And here are the results...

I paired this top a white skirt I made from a Ponte Knit I purchased from Fabric Mart a while back. This is a simple pencil skirt with an elastic waist (so comfortable!). Love this outfit!

If you like this style of top, I highly recommend it with modifications. 

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vogue 1257 Blue Print Dress

There are quite a few reviews on this dress pattern and most like it very much. I decided to add it to my sewing que since I promised myself I'd make more dresses this year. This was my muslin, made from fabric in my stash (I still can't believe I have a stash now!) I purchased this ITY knit from Fabric Mart some time ago when it was on sale.

While this dress very easy to make, there's just something about the material and this pattern together that don't seem to go together for me! (I am just not feeling it if you know what I mean!) I may wear it with a cardigan so it doesn't go to the wadder pile!

After that, there's not much left to say! What are you thoughts???

I'm back in the sewing room finally and lots of things going on!

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