Saturday, June 23, 2012

Redesigned Burda 7746 RUINED!

I needed a pair of khaki color cotton pants for work.  Nothing special going on, just thought it would be nice to have a pair for casual Fridays.  Khaki is one of those colors that everything seems to go with.  Since I had already used Burda pattern 7746 once with success here, I decided to use it again and restyle it just a bit. 

I basically made the pants per the instructions, because I really liked the pockets.  However, I changed the waistband to be a little more stylish by making it wider.  To do this, I had to reduce the waist of the pants by the extra amount of the waistband.  It worked out perfectly and this was my result...
 I love these pants!  They were exactly what I was looking for! The color, fit just everything.  This was already my TNT for pants and now I have another version of them too!

I wore these right away and unfortunately you won't get to see me in them because I "ruined" them!  Yes, I spilled something on them and when I tried to get the stain out, it took out the color too!  Can you say A N G R Y!!!!!  Now I'll have to make another pair!  Sorry I didn't let you see them before that happened, I will the next pair. 

Thanks again for stopping by and,

Happy Sewing!