Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Simplicity 1804 Wadder Adverted!

This top almost ended up in the trash! I have seen a couple of reviews on this in particular, Toy from  Life Happens Be Positive.  Hers was a dress and turned out so nice, I just wanted to have one in a top version!  Well mine didn't go so easy!  First, the front was way to low and if I had paid attention to her review, I could have fixed it before hand!  That wasn't so bad though, something I can fix later.  

However, the twist in the front was a challenge for me.  Because my fabric was one-sided, I made my twist double layers so the wrong side would not show.  Actually that was the wrong thing to do because it was to thick and pulled at the side seams!

I also did not like the gathers in the front and back of the top...they made me look like I was pregnant!  I was so upset because I knew the only way to fix this mess was to take the entire top part and start over! (which is something I hate doing!)   So I've been sitting on this project until now...fuming you might say!  Here's the top before my changes...


I bit the bullet and took it all apart and fixed everything wrong I mentioned above.  I also extended the front and back bodice by 1 inch to make it fall further under my breast.  This worked better for me.  Of course because this is a top, I shortened the pattern to a comfortable top length...


Sorry about the bad lighting!

I'm very happy I decided to save this top, I really like the fabric!  But I will not make it again because one is enough. The lesson in this project is really 
pay attention to the reviews, that's why they're out there!  Also making a muslin would have helped too!