Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Bridesmaid Dress

Hi sorry I've been MIA!  One day a few weeks ago while at a dinner outing with my husband, our son's fiancée called me for a favor...little did I know she was about to ask my most dreaded question...."could you make a dress for me"!  Now please, please don't get me wrong, I love helping others...actually, that's what I do for a living.  However, I've learned something about myself in my old age...I am somewhat of a SOD "Selfish Old Diva" when it comes to my sewing! (for now that is).  I'm going through a phase in my life where it's all about me!  Some of you know what I'm talking all grown up & out of the house (actually for me, they're out of the State) :(  

But every now & then I feel like giving in & making some one else feel good too!  This was one of those times.  But long distance, REALLY...Myra how do you always manage to get yourself into these situations!!!  So I reluctantly said yes with the usual lectures about how I don't normally sew for others...blah, blah, blah! (I'm sure she didn't hear any of that...all she heard was YES!).  

So while Skyping later that same night, she tells me that she is standing up in a wedding and the bride asked that everyone purchase a light grey simple sheath.  But Elle didn't just want a bridesmaid dress, she wanted something she would enjoy wearing again.  She had been searching and searching and not finding anything!  Then she came across this cute little number online...


WOW, perfect for her, cute and classy, was my first thought!  This dress was on a website for bridesmaid dresses where they make them.  But when Elle sent them an email she didn't like the response she received and she was running out of time, the wedding being only a few weeks away.  That's how I came into the picture.

I knew just what pattern I could use to help me design a replica of this dress, Vogue 1288!  


I suggested Elle look at the "bones" of this dress...I also recommended against 
adding the little pleating in the front on lower tummy of the original gray dress above, didn't want anything poofing out in this area! 

Elle agreed and liked my suggestions, so off I went ordering fabric swatches.  I had the swatches sent directly to her and she found one in the first group! I was so happy when I received something from her saying I "nailed it" on the first try.  It was a pretty light gray stretch woven from Mood Fabrics.  Elle ordered the fabric and had it shipped directly to me.

I created a muslin based on her measurements (and made it bigger of course!) and shipped that to her.  We Skyped when she received the dress.  Now with a glass of wine and enlisting the help of her trusty assistant (our son!) for fitting, we were on our way!  They shipped the pinned and marked up dress back to me so I could start my work.

Once I completed the dress, I shipped it back to her for a final fitting.  This is what I shipped to her (with only 6 days reaming to the wedding!)...


Now for those of you who may be wondering...yes this is "Ms. Thing" my dressform. And no, Elle and I are not the same size..not even remotely close!  Thank goodness Ms. Thing was able to adjust down that many sizes!!  Now why in the heck can't that happen in real life??  Click a button and go down three dress sizes, can you say HEAVEN!!!  

Changes I made to the original pattern...

Did not use the flounce
Added a sash gathered in back
Changed the back to a low V-neck
Added a kick pleat in the back
Fully lined the dress in contrasting dark gray rayon bemberg lining

The Lord was definitely watching over this project...can you believe it fit her almost perfectly!!  The only thing I saw (you know us perfectionists) were the wrinkles in the front under her breasts. (you could also see them on Ms. Thing above too)  Adding two tiny front darts took care of that quickly and we had a perfect fit!

This dress fit her like a glove...she loved it and said it was just the dress she was looking
for which of course made me a very happy woman too!  Unfortunately, I only received one photo of her from the wedding in the DRESS...

But she wore it again for another wedding and they sent me a few shots to post.  Doesn't she look great in this dress...I can't believe I got such a great fit "long distance" sewing!


Elle, you look absolutely lovely!  I am going to be one very happy mother-in-law in a few days!  Yes we're preparing for their wedding!!!  More on that later!  Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY SEWING!


  1. Wow, Myra! This dress is beautiful, and I can't believe you got such wonderful results long distance, either! This is just proof positive what a creative and talented person you are...great job, as usual!!

  2. Thank you, it was definitely a challenge!

  3. Lovely dress n lovely daughter-in-law.. :)

  4. AWE-SOME!!
    P.S. I soooo Understand the selfish thing!

  5. She looks fantastic and love the color and style of the sheath. You did an awesome job. Like you with kids grown and out of state.... Its all about

  6. wow Myra, the girl is gorgeous, so stunning, and that dress is a knock out on her, I am a SOD too, I won't even lie, lol, but this was worth it IMO

  7. This dress is FABULOUS. She looks great and you did a wonderful job! Having done the long distance/Skype sewing for my college daughter, I know the challenge. And it feels great when it works out well. You should be incredibly proud. This is beautiful.

  8. You are such a wonderful future MIL to do long distance sewingfor others. The dress fits like a glove and she looks beautiful in it.

  9. Fabulous, she looks great. I think recreating RTW is one of my favorite sewing categories, so satisfying. Lovely.

  10. What a beautiful dress! Your future daughter in law is lucky. She looks fantastic in that dress.

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  12. WoW, Myra! You knocked this dress out of the park. It is aboslutely beautiful and so is your future DIL.

  13. Oh my! That dress is amazing -the way you nailed the style and the fit .... your son-to-be DIL looks gorgeous in it!

  14. How you did this long distance is a mystery! Beautiful dress, Myra!

  15. So simple and simply beautiful at the same time! Amazing look!

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