Thursday, November 28, 2013

McCalls 6752 & Vacation (photo heavy)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

The hubby and I have been on a little hiatus in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We're just getting back and I must admit it's very nice to be home! Don't get me wrong, we love our vacations, but there is no place like home!  I won't bore you with a ton photos, but at the end of this post, I'd like to show you a few shots of the beautiful resort where we stayed. It was called the Hacienda Encantada and let me tell you, it truly lived up to the name's meaning..."Enchanted Estate"!

Before I left for vacation, I made a quick dress to take along for the trip. Let me tell you, "quick" is an understatement! McCalls 6752 is super quick and easy! I made a top from this pattern earlier this year, View C (the purple top). This time I made View D! The dress.

I used fabric from my stash, I believe I got it from Michael Levine's a while back. A multi-colored Rayon Lycra knit?...yellow, powder blue, brown and white. It was a perfect match for this pattern. I made a size 10 without any alterations. However, next time I will alter the bodice and make it a smaller size. I ended up "fussing" with the bodice the entire time I was wearing it during my vacation because of the "drape-osis"! It looked good, I just didn't want my girls hanging out if you know what I mean. That's ok, I'll fix it next time and I will be making this again soon!

Sorry about the bad lighting everyone, I was in a hurry to get the shots before leaving.

I really, really enjoyed wearing this dress! It was extremely comfortable even with the front draping periodically! We took a dinner cruise to see what's called "The Arches" (I'll include a photo below), where there was LOT'S of dancing and it was still very comfortable! I love this dress!
All of you sewers will notice that I turned the fabric horizontally for the skirt...that was definitely intentional. As you know, Rayon Lycra knit has a two-way stretch, so it was not a problem. I really like how it turned out too! Thanks for stopping by and again, Happy Thanksgiving! 

(If you're interested, below I have some photos of the resort and the rock formation we saw referred to as "The Arches")

This was a shot my hubby took of a pool at the resort at night. Pretty good for a iPhone photo from a balcony!

Dinner cruise to see "The Arches".

These are the friends we met in Mexico. (Thank you for a wonderful time!)

We saw this beautiful sunset from our balcony for 8 days straight! You can say it was HARD to go back to work!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Little Self Drafting...

The hubby and I are going away on vacation soon and of course I needed something special to wear for a dinner outing! I also wanted something that wouldn't take a lot of time since I've been working a lot lately and don't have much "personal time" anymore! This time of the year is very, very busy at work! So I opted to draft something really quick that I've made before, just using different textiles. I wanted a "two-piece" dress so I could use each piece with other garments for multiple ensemble options.  I decided to make a peplum top and skirt which are both very easy pieces to make without a pattern.

I chose two fabrics I already had in my stash that were just waiting on a project like this. One is a black stretch fabric with beautiful little shiny black threads that almost look like little shiny feathers all over the fabric...

I also used a black faux leather I had in my stash as well.  Both fabrics I believe were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics a while back.  This two piece dress took me approximately 3 hours to make.  All I did was lay another peplum top I own on the fabric and cut around it!   For the skirt, I pinned the fabric on "Ms. Thing" (my dressform) until I got he fit I wanted (a pencil skirt), sewed up the side seams and added elastic, hemmed it and that's it!  Easy peasy!


I really like the "festive" look of this cute little number!  The fabric has a nice amount of stretch and almost feels like a very light weight Ponte.  This made for a very comfortable dress!  Now my hubby looked at this and said..."Wow that's pretty babe, but I think a leather shirt would be cute too"!  That's how the faux leather came into play...I had some in my stash that was perfect for this use!  So I drafted another skirt, this one only took a couple of hours too.  I added a side lapped zipper and guess what...the hubby was absolutely correct!  This option is just as nice with a different twist!


Please excuse the "wacky" arrangement of my photos, I'm using Google Docs software on my IPad and it changed considerable after the most recent Apple software update!  I think I'll be looking for another blog editing App soon!  If you know a good one, I would really appreciate your comments.

I love these three pieces and they will work very well with other pieces too!  This is my first "faux leather" skirt and I really like it!  I see a few more in my future!

By the way, I don't know if you noticed, but I joined "The Wrap Dress Project".  I'm definitely going to try and get at least one wrap dress done before it ends!  


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vogue 8906 & Pattern Winner

I had a few ladies who were interested in the pattern I offered on my last post and to be fair, I wrote everyone's name on a piece of paper and had the Hubby draw a name. The winner of McCalls 6243 free pattern is...

Congratulations Candice of Sew My Time! Email me where you want your pattern sent and I will get it out to you right away. Thanks everyone for participating and the great comments!

On another note, I fell in love with this cute little top when I saw it made up by SandraMary on Pattern Review. It's Vogue 8906 and let me tell you the photo on the envelope kills the sale of this really cute pattern!

Thank goodness I saw Sandra's version on pattern review, otherwise I would have never given this pattern a second look or made it and I love this very comfortable and cute little top!

It sews up very quickly and it's so comfortable! I love the pleating in the front and back that cinch the waist giving the top a "peplum" type look. The only alteration I had to make was taking up an additional 1" seam allowance in the shoulder seam to shorten the V-Neck front so it would be work appropriate and I didn't want to wear a cami with it.

The fit is perfect! Don't you think?

I'm sure I will be making this one again! I used a rayon challis in a really cute snake skin print. The colors are a white background with black, brown with a touch of gold. I purchased the fabric from Hancock Fabrics a little while ago, so they may still have it.

If you like this style, it is so worth your while!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

McCalls 6243...A Quick Review and FREE PATTERN!

McCalls 6243, what a great pattern! I've had this pattern in my stash for quite some time and it wasn't until I decided to make another "color-blocked dress that I realized my mistake! I had purchased the wrong size pattern! I searched several different fabric stores before I finally found one pattern remaining in my size! I didn't want to be unnecessarily resizing a pattern if I didn't have to. Thank God for that last pattern!  My mistake is your gain...if you want my extra pattern (size 14-16-18) please tell me so in the comments section.  If there are multiple requests, I will have a drawing for it.  I have to tell you, this pattern is very easy, quick and so much fun to put together! Deciding on my color schemes, moving them around etc., was exciting my creative muse, whom now I've deemed as "Sally" (which also happens to be my nickname!).  Needless to say, this dress is definitely being made again...

I inserted an invisible zipper in the back and the only alteration I did was to make the front Black section a little longer than the actual pattern piece.  This was done because I wanted the bottom front to end with the Teal color and only had a small piece of Teal remaining.  I extended the Black section because I had more of that fabric and it worked out ok I think.

My fabrics were all Ponte Knit purchased from Michael Levine's in colors...Teal, Dark Grey and Black.  Here's a "no makeup on face" picture of me!...

I LOVE IT!  Again, I must say I truly loved working on this project and can't wait to start the next dress!  If you haven't tried this pattern yet I HIGHLY recommend it!  Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Shirts, One Weekend

Two tops done last weekend!  One for me and the hubby.  I actually started working on one for him first, McCalls 6044. 


I really like this pattern and have made him a couple of shirts from it. (Sorry I haven't posted them)  It's easy to sew, but I did have to make a few alterations to the pattern before he had a great fit.  The standard size just didn't work for him.  I had to extend the sleeves by an inch and a half to accommodate my husband's longer arms.  I also had to add darts in the back because he likes his shirts more fitted, rather than a "boxy" look.  

I chose a brown and white Gingham check fabric I purchased from Michael Levine's online.  It's cotton with a little spandex which also helps greatly with the fit and comfort too.  With this shirt, I decided to make a contrasting collar band in a dark brown.  I also made a double button cuff just to make it a little different than the pattern.  All in all, he really likes this shirt a lot and so do I!

Hubby does not have boobies!
Hubby really does not have boobies! LOL!


To keep with the shirt theme for the weekend, I decided to make a shirt for myself too.  I selected Vogue 8772...

I made the sleeveless tunic (cream colored photo).  For fabric, I selected a chocolate brown 100% rayon woven from my stash.  I believe it was purchased from Joann Fabrics a little while back.  Now I have to say even I was shocked that this top fit me without any alterations!!!!  Especially using a woven fabric...that almost never happens!  But I am sure happy it did and I plan on making this a few more times too!

This is a really comfortable top!  I really do want to have a couple more in different colors.  

Thanks for stopping by, I have a few more things I need to post about coming up, so I have to get going!  


Saturday, September 14, 2013

V8805 Love!

Hello everyone, sorry I've been away so very long!  Work has been CRAZY busy and kept me from blogging as often as usual.   However, I have been sewing whenever I could get a moment in!  That is the way I get to "de-stress", without sewing, I don't think I could keep going at the pace work wants me to! You could say, sewing is my "Saving Grace".  

I have a few things to show you that I've been working on, some patterns have already been reviewed many times before and some not.  However, these are my versions and opinions, so I hope they help someone who may or may not have been teetering on a decision to make their own versions.  That's why we're all here reviewing patterns, right?

Vogue 8805 has been reviewed quite a few times.  I can honestly tell there will be another version of this dress on my blog too!  This is going to be a favorite of mine!  Easy, quick and great fitting! I really do love this dress and don't know what took me so long to make this pattern!  I decided to make my version almost in the same color scheme as the photo on vogue's website.


I purchased three Ponte DeRoma knits from Fabric Mart online to complete this project.   Beige for the top section, Black for the mid-section and a lovely shade of Chartreuse for the bottom.  I was able to complete this dress just a few hours, it was really a quick pattern to make.  However, the pattern does run a little large.  I usually make a size smaller than my normal dress size when using knits and I made a size 10.  I ended up taking about 1 & a half inches   off each side seam before getting a good fit, but happy to say that this was the only alteration I made to this cute dress!  

So if you're sill on the fence about the pattern or just haven't made it yet, I would highly recommend it!  I plan on making another for fall! 

Shortly, I will be posting another pattern I made during my work induced hiatus from blogging, LOL!  Stay tuned and...


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can I Make That?

I saw this top in a catalog and thought, I wonder if I could create something like that for myself....

It seems everything I like is very creative in nature and this little top was no exception.  I love some of these twist type tops, they are so feminine looking.  This one sparked my creative juices and started them flowing again.  So I pulled out two patterns to create mine and my guess is there's probably a pattern already created for this top out there somewhere too!  Oh well, I need  the "self-drafting" experience anyway!  Here are the two patterns are used....Burda 7082 and Jalie 3245.

  Raglan Tee, Racerback Tank and Tunics

I used the pattern piece for the twist from the Burda pattern and the entire tee shirt pattern from the Jalie (the green & white one).   I had to widen the tie piece some at the side seams to accommodate the width above and below the waist line.  It was a little tricky with the pattern piece I used!  But it worked out in the end. (At least I think so!)

Sorry I don't have any photos of me in it, but it definitely "fits like a glove"!  I love it and now I have a pattern too!  However, I have to tell you all a funny story...right after I completed this top, the inspiration top went on sale for $24!  Now I really couldn't make this top for that cheap, but oh well, the best part is I can make it in any color, print or fabric of my choosing and not be stuck with their options!  Yea Me!

I have another post coming right behind this one I am excited to post about too, so stay tuned!  

Hope you all are having a great time sewing too and thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog!

Happy Sewing!