Tuesday, March 12, 2013

McCalls 6707 Fashion Star!

A very easy and quick (gratifying!) sew...this pattern, McCalls 6707 was inspired by the popular and returning TV program, Fashion Star!  Kara Laricks was the designer of the "tuxedo style" pants that inspired this pattern and she was the winner of Season One as well!  I was in love with a lot of her designs.  This one especially...


Line Art

I love the color blocking with these pants and decided to use two fabrics from my stash,  not sure where I purchased them because they've been there for a bit and I didn't label them!  One is a black and white houndstooth that feels like a lightweight wool with some stretch.  The other is a black lightweight rayon gabardine with some stretch too.  The fabrics went together very well with no problems.


I was so excited about making these very different looking pants that I didn't make a muslin...shame one me!  I would have realized that the fit should have been more of a relaxed fit!  As noted in the photo of the model above, the pants appear to be loosely fitted around the waist, almost slouchy.  Mine are more fitted, (and that was without any pattern alterations at all!) while I do like them, I wish I had made them more slouchy! Especially because I don't have a "flat tummy" like that young model in the photo either! They're not too bad but could be a lot better!  I really like the look and will be remaking these very soon!  I will post a photo of me wearing them in my next post for you.

If you like the style, it would be so worth you time! (And very little of your time too!)

Thanks for stopping by, I have more lined up to show you, so stay tuned and