Sunday, April 7, 2013

Burda Style 113 Downloadable

This is my second completed project for Faye's 2013 essential Top Challenge and also my second downloadable pattern.  I saw at least two additional reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review.  It's Burda Style 113 pattern and can be found here.

If you have a pretty good grasp of reading and following instructions without much illustration, then this pattern may work for you.  There are a few things left for you to figure out on your own in the instructions which could be very frustrating for some.  As always, the instructions are written from someone else's view point and assumes that others know exactly what you mean...however, that is not always true!  Despite this, I forged forward in full hopes I would be successful in completing this top...and so I did!  



I can tell you it is a very easy sew once you figure out what the instructions actually mean and are trying to say!  It is a "Tunic", so it's longer than most tops.  However, I cut this one shorter because I thought it would look better on me as a's ok, but I would have preferred it as a Tunic and should have kept it longer.  Oh well you live and learn! 

All in all, I love this top and will definitely be making it again (in the longer tunic version!).  So if you like this style and are pretty experienced following instructions without illustrations, then I would say it's worth your time!
I'm off to try and complete one more top before the end of this challenge!  Wish me luck and Happy Sewing to you all!


  1. What a beaute Myra. Love it!!!

  2. I love the style and color/fabric choice of this top...I know it will look great on you. Great job - as usual!

  3. I have recommented you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You may pick it up at my blog. If you are not interested, please leave a message in the comments.


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