Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can I Make That?

I saw this top in a catalog and thought, I wonder if I could create something like that for myself....

It seems everything I like is very creative in nature and this little top was no exception.  I love some of these twist type tops, they are so feminine looking.  This one sparked my creative juices and started them flowing again.  So I pulled out two patterns to create mine and my guess is there's probably a pattern already created for this top out there somewhere too!  Oh well, I need  the "self-drafting" experience anyway!  Here are the two patterns are used....Burda 7082 and Jalie 3245.

  Raglan Tee, Racerback Tank and Tunics

I used the pattern piece for the twist from the Burda pattern and the entire tee shirt pattern from the Jalie (the green & white one).   I had to widen the tie piece some at the side seams to accommodate the width above and below the waist line.  It was a little tricky with the pattern piece I used!  But it worked out in the end. (At least I think so!)

Sorry I don't have any photos of me in it, but it definitely "fits like a glove"!  I love it and now I have a pattern too!  However, I have to tell you all a funny story...right after I completed this top, the inspiration top went on sale for $24!  Now I really couldn't make this top for that cheap, but oh well, the best part is I can make it in any color, print or fabric of my choosing and not be stuck with their options!  Yea Me!

I have another post coming right behind this one I am excited to post about too, so stay tuned!  

Hope you all are having a great time sewing too and thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog!

Happy Sewing!