Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Shirts, One Weekend

Two tops done last weekend!  One for me and the hubby.  I actually started working on one for him first, McCalls 6044. 


I really like this pattern and have made him a couple of shirts from it. (Sorry I haven't posted them)  It's easy to sew, but I did have to make a few alterations to the pattern before he had a great fit.  The standard size just didn't work for him.  I had to extend the sleeves by an inch and a half to accommodate my husband's longer arms.  I also had to add darts in the back because he likes his shirts more fitted, rather than a "boxy" look.  

I chose a brown and white Gingham check fabric I purchased from Michael Levine's online.  It's cotton with a little spandex which also helps greatly with the fit and comfort too.  With this shirt, I decided to make a contrasting collar band in a dark brown.  I also made a double button cuff just to make it a little different than the pattern.  All in all, he really likes this shirt a lot and so do I!

Hubby does not have boobies!
Hubby really does not have boobies! LOL!


To keep with the shirt theme for the weekend, I decided to make a shirt for myself too.  I selected Vogue 8772...

I made the sleeveless tunic (cream colored photo).  For fabric, I selected a chocolate brown 100% rayon woven from my stash.  I believe it was purchased from Joann Fabrics a little while back.  Now I have to say even I was shocked that this top fit me without any alterations!!!!  Especially using a woven fabric...that almost never happens!  But I am sure happy it did and I plan on making this a few more times too!

This is a really comfortable top!  I really do want to have a couple more in different colors.  

Thanks for stopping by, I have a few more things I need to post about coming up, so I have to get going!  


Saturday, September 14, 2013

V8805 Love!

Hello everyone, sorry I've been away so very long!  Work has been CRAZY busy and kept me from blogging as often as usual.   However, I have been sewing whenever I could get a moment in!  That is the way I get to "de-stress", without sewing, I don't think I could keep going at the pace work wants me to! You could say, sewing is my "Saving Grace".  

I have a few things to show you that I've been working on, some patterns have already been reviewed many times before and some not.  However, these are my versions and opinions, so I hope they help someone who may or may not have been teetering on a decision to make their own versions.  That's why we're all here reviewing patterns, right?

Vogue 8805 has been reviewed quite a few times.  I can honestly tell there will be another version of this dress on my blog too!  This is going to be a favorite of mine!  Easy, quick and great fitting! I really do love this dress and don't know what took me so long to make this pattern!  I decided to make my version almost in the same color scheme as the photo on vogue's website.


I purchased three Ponte DeRoma knits from Fabric Mart online to complete this project.   Beige for the top section, Black for the mid-section and a lovely shade of Chartreuse for the bottom.  I was able to complete this dress just a few hours, it was really a quick pattern to make.  However, the pattern does run a little large.  I usually make a size smaller than my normal dress size when using knits and I made a size 10.  I ended up taking about 1 & a half inches   off each side seam before getting a good fit, but happy to say that this was the only alteration I made to this cute dress!  

So if you're sill on the fence about the pattern or just haven't made it yet, I would highly recommend it!  I plan on making another for fall! 

Shortly, I will be posting another pattern I made during my work induced hiatus from blogging, LOL!  Stay tuned and...