Thursday, November 28, 2013

McCalls 6752 & Vacation (photo heavy)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

The hubby and I have been on a little hiatus in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We're just getting back and I must admit it's very nice to be home! Don't get me wrong, we love our vacations, but there is no place like home!  I won't bore you with a ton photos, but at the end of this post, I'd like to show you a few shots of the beautiful resort where we stayed. It was called the Hacienda Encantada and let me tell you, it truly lived up to the name's meaning..."Enchanted Estate"!

Before I left for vacation, I made a quick dress to take along for the trip. Let me tell you, "quick" is an understatement! McCalls 6752 is super quick and easy! I made a top from this pattern earlier this year, View C (the purple top). This time I made View D! The dress.

I used fabric from my stash, I believe I got it from Michael Levine's a while back. A multi-colored Rayon Lycra knit?...yellow, powder blue, brown and white. It was a perfect match for this pattern. I made a size 10 without any alterations. However, next time I will alter the bodice and make it a smaller size. I ended up "fussing" with the bodice the entire time I was wearing it during my vacation because of the "drape-osis"! It looked good, I just didn't want my girls hanging out if you know what I mean. That's ok, I'll fix it next time and I will be making this again soon!

Sorry about the bad lighting everyone, I was in a hurry to get the shots before leaving.

I really, really enjoyed wearing this dress! It was extremely comfortable even with the front draping periodically! We took a dinner cruise to see what's called "The Arches" (I'll include a photo below), where there was LOT'S of dancing and it was still very comfortable! I love this dress!
All of you sewers will notice that I turned the fabric horizontally for the skirt...that was definitely intentional. As you know, Rayon Lycra knit has a two-way stretch, so it was not a problem. I really like how it turned out too! Thanks for stopping by and again, Happy Thanksgiving! 

(If you're interested, below I have some photos of the resort and the rock formation we saw referred to as "The Arches")

This was a shot my hubby took of a pool at the resort at night. Pretty good for a iPhone photo from a balcony!

Dinner cruise to see "The Arches".

These are the friends we met in Mexico. (Thank you for a wonderful time!)

We saw this beautiful sunset from our balcony for 8 days straight! You can say it was HARD to go back to work!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Little Self Drafting...

The hubby and I are going away on vacation soon and of course I needed something special to wear for a dinner outing! I also wanted something that wouldn't take a lot of time since I've been working a lot lately and don't have much "personal time" anymore! This time of the year is very, very busy at work! So I opted to draft something really quick that I've made before, just using different textiles. I wanted a "two-piece" dress so I could use each piece with other garments for multiple ensemble options.  I decided to make a peplum top and skirt which are both very easy pieces to make without a pattern.

I chose two fabrics I already had in my stash that were just waiting on a project like this. One is a black stretch fabric with beautiful little shiny black threads that almost look like little shiny feathers all over the fabric...

I also used a black faux leather I had in my stash as well.  Both fabrics I believe were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics a while back.  This two piece dress took me approximately 3 hours to make.  All I did was lay another peplum top I own on the fabric and cut around it!   For the skirt, I pinned the fabric on "Ms. Thing" (my dressform) until I got he fit I wanted (a pencil skirt), sewed up the side seams and added elastic, hemmed it and that's it!  Easy peasy!


I really like the "festive" look of this cute little number!  The fabric has a nice amount of stretch and almost feels like a very light weight Ponte.  This made for a very comfortable dress!  Now my hubby looked at this and said..."Wow that's pretty babe, but I think a leather shirt would be cute too"!  That's how the faux leather came into play...I had some in my stash that was perfect for this use!  So I drafted another skirt, this one only took a couple of hours too.  I added a side lapped zipper and guess what...the hubby was absolutely correct!  This option is just as nice with a different twist!


Please excuse the "wacky" arrangement of my photos, I'm using Google Docs software on my IPad and it changed considerable after the most recent Apple software update!  I think I'll be looking for another blog editing App soon!  If you know a good one, I would really appreciate your comments.

I love these three pieces and they will work very well with other pieces too!  This is my first "faux leather" skirt and I really like it!  I see a few more in my future!

By the way, I don't know if you noticed, but I joined "The Wrap Dress Project".  I'm definitely going to try and get at least one wrap dress done before it ends!