Sunday, February 16, 2014

Butterick 5954 a Remake

Since this is "Fearless February sewing, I could not let the fact I don't like alterations keep me from having a nice top! So i put my "Big Girl Panties" on and I took it all apart and re sized the front of this top until it fit enough where I liked it. It turned out pretty good I might add! I kept the back, collar and sleeves which were all cut a size 10. However, I needed to cut the front pieces a size 12 to accommodate "the girls". This worked like a charm as a cheating FBA! I also had to remove about a 2" wedge from each side seam to reduce some of the fullness of the top....


All of the changes worked like a charm for creating a great top! One I could now wear and be proud of making the perfect alterations! Thank you "Fearless February" sewing challenge for giving the courage to fix this rather than toss it in the "Wadder" pile!!



This may change my thoughts about the "wadder" pile in the future! Also, a well fitting garment always makes you look better and in my case here, slimmer too! There may be some hope for those unwanted items!!

Thanks again for stopping by, I truly appreciate all of your wonderful comments!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Wadder of the Year!

Just in case some of you thought those of us with many years of sewing experience didn't make mistakes...along comes Myra with her first big one of the year!

Butterick 5954 will be my first one of mistake of the year...


I just thought this was the cutest top...however, my mistake was not thinking about it would look on me! I had the perfect fabric too, found it at Joann Fabric. It's a pretty heather gray polyester/rayon slinky jersey knit. The pattern went together very well and quick with no sewing issues at all. It even looked perfect on "Miss Thing" (my dress form), it's just the perfect pattern...


But this beautiful top is not for me! It just doesn't cut it for my body type! One thing I noticed AFTER I made the darn thing, is that the model on the envelope is much smaller in the bust line...that makes a huge difference to the look! Really Myra, how could you miss that! My girls stood out like light bulbs saying "what the heck"! It took away from that great cowl neckline that first drew me in! Believe me, I am not "on the fence" with this top, I've fallen off the fence and on the wrong side! It's done!


I am going to take this one apart and refashion because I love this fabric and I don't want it to be a total loss! Stay tuned....