Wednesday, April 16, 2014

RTW Inspiration...

Hello all! Hope you're all having a fabulous week (full of sewing too)! A couple of weeks ago, I wanted a new top to wear for casual Friday. Normally, this is where I would run to someplace like Marshall's or TJ Max to see if they had anything. However, I was quickly reminded that I am in a RTW fast challenge and there would be none of that! So when I got home Thursday night I rummaged through my fabric stash and found this really cute knit I'd purchased a while back from Hancock or Joann Fabrics, I can't remember (I need to start labeling where I purchased my fabrics, maybe there's an App for that!). It's a Rayon/Poly blend knit with a very soft touch and great recovery, perfect for what I had in mind!  It's a printed knit with colors of Black, White and Turquoise.

Now for the RTW inspiration...I purchased this T Shirt last year from Marshall's that I fell in love with. It was the saying on the T Shirt that drew my attention because I truly felt the saying was knocking on my head trying to get in for good! (DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE!) Don't get me wrong, once I tried it on...the fit sealed the deal! Unfortunately, like all good things, they come to and end and my T Shirt is now faded and showing signs of wear...



Ok, I know it doesn't look like much now...this was my first thought for the cute fabric...remake this T Shirt! That's exactly what I did...I traced myself a flat pattern of the T Shirt and used that pattern to cut out the fabric. However, I didn't just stop there, I thought this little Tee would be so cute with a little contrast collar too. I used Ms. Thing (my dress form) and created a two piece collar out of a comparable weight, Black knit fabric I also had in my stash. By the time I completed all the patterns and cut out the fabrics, I was tired because it was late and decided I would finish the next morning. 

Did she complete the top you ask? Absolutely! I got up with the hubby at 4:00 am (yep that's what time he gets up every morning!) I fixed his protein shake, packed his lunch and sent him on his merry little way. Now it was my time to get this put together before I left for in 1-1/2hrs, I had this cute little "Casual Friday" top complete...


Oh my, I just can't stress here how much I love this top and so glad I now have a pattern to create multiple versions of it! Moral of this story...if you Dream it and Believe it, then you definitely can Achieve it!

Thanks so much all for stopping by and leaving your supporting comments, it truly is appreciated more than you'll ever know!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another Try At A Wrap Dress

This is the third wrap dress style I've made that I actually like! It appears to me that I prefer them to be more fitted than the normal A-Line style wrap dresses. (Of course that will probably change at some point because you know how we women are!) This pattern was a free download on the Craftsy's the So Sew Easy Wrap Dress
I figured, what the heck it's free, give it a try and I am so happy I did. That's because it's a super quick dress to make and very easy to make changes to it if needed! Of course, that's exactly what I did! I raised the front neckline because I now know from experience, these style dresses are designed for women with smaller bust lines. That turned out to be a great move! Once the top portion of the dress was completed and fitted to my liking, I worked on straightening the bottom portion of the dress by turning the A-Line into more of a pencil skirt. Now put the two together and I have a great dress that I'm sure I'll wear over and over again!



All in all, this wrap dress is a "win win" in my book. I don't know if I'll make it again, but glad I have it in my arsenal of patterns just in case the urge strikes me for a nicely fitted wrap dress! If you haven't tried this pattern, it's so worth your time and don't forget, it's free!

Next up in my sewing cue is creating a pattern from a favorite RTW tee shirt...just in time for spring! I know I have to get moving on creating a wardrobe for Spring/Summer, especially since I'm not purchasing any RTW this year!

Thanks for stopping by and...


Thursday, April 3, 2014

A New Sweater

Oh my goodness it's been a while and do I really miss posting and seeing all your wonderful comments! I have been sewing though, just not had the time to post anything! I've been reading what everyone else is doing out there in the sewing community and WOW you all are working those sewing machines!! Keep those inspirations coming they've really helped me to keep my mojo going!  

With that said, this first post is going to be about a top so many of you have made and had great success with it! So I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern...
I made this a few weeks ago when we were experiencing a little chilly weather here in Florida and this was the perfect top! The pattern comes in a size range of 0 to 16, I made a size 10. I really didn't have to make any alterations to the pattern to make it fit. However, I did make a few style changes. I didn't add the band to the bottom or the sleeve band. I lengthened the sleeves to accommodate the removal of the sleeve band. I used a pretty Charcoal Grey & Black Acrylic knit I found at Joann Fabrics. The fabric has large grey dots on black and the black portion is a little see-thru so I have to wear a tank underneath. I really liked the final look...



I love the styling of the over-sized cowl neck of this pattern and the overall fit. I would say it's a successful pattern to sew and understand why so many of you have made it too! If you haven't made it yet and you like the style, it's definitely worth your time!

Happy Sewing!