Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vogue 1329 "Take Two"!

       VOGUE 1329 
There have been a lot of reviews on this particular pattern and many different versions. The first time I followed the pattern to a T and didn't do any type of alterations, just a couple of design changes. The first change was not to include a zipper. Because I was making this dress in a knit, I didn't think I needed it. I also chose not to line the dress. My fabric selection was a black Ponte and a Rayon knit in an animal print. The black Ponte was purchased from Hancock fabrics and the animal print was purchased from Michael Levine's. They both were great selections to create this dress! The first time I made it I chose to put the animal print both in the front and the back of the dress. This turned out to be a mistake on my part! I really didn't like the look on me, not that it was wrong or a bad choice, I just did not like the look for myself. I really didn't think this one through based on my style. Don't get me wrong I love the style of the dress, I just didn't like the way I put it together for me.
Also, I made this dress size 10-12 which is my usual in a knit...however this dress pattern runs a little short, (actually a lot short!) I would've preferred it to be a little bit longer and should have checked the ending length before cutting the fabric! So I set out to remake this dress immediately with a couple of changes. The first change was to make the back of the dress all black. The second change was to make the dress longer. I'm not sure these changes actually made me feel any better!


I guess this dress just wasn't meant to work out for me and now I have two of them! YIKES! I'll give myself some time and decide if I'll keep either of them...I'll just put them in the closet for now and revisit them again sometime in the future. But I have to ask...which one do you all think is a better look on me??




Please excuse the "headless horseman" photos! I wanted to get some posts up quickly and didn't have time to fix up for my photos! Anxious to hear your thoughts!

By the way, I did get to go to Pennie Textiles (Fabrics) in Sarasota last Sunday and boy, oh boy did I really want to spend my life savings on fabric! I really and literally did not know what to choose! It was like being at a Mood Fabric store physically! I got to meet with the owner Nasir Mahmud...what a very nice man! He does have a nice place, small, but very nice! They're moving mid July of this year to a bigger place (still in Sarasota) so it will still be in our area. There new address will be 8864 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL. Here's shots of a few of my purchases...


Three of them are fabrics for the fall I just couldn't resist for fear if I waited, I would never see them again. On the right, the bottom (shiny) fabric is a stretch knit if you can believe that! It shocked me as well. I see many options for that one this winter! On top of that which looks like leather is actually faux fur! Isn't that crazy! I thought it was leather too until I touched it! Had to have that one!

I can't wait to go back, first I have to start getting some of the fabric I already have sewn up!  

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my dresses above, until next time...


Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Summer Top, Old Pattern

I wanted a new knit white summer top and decided that Burda pattern 7866, could be pulled out of the archives, dusted off and used for this creation. I've made it twice already which you can see here and here.

Because I need to get started working on some summer clothes fast, I'm choosing quick and easy patterns. The only difference with this one is I used to different types of fabric. The upper portion of the bodice is a relatively sheer knit and the lower portion is a Rayon Lycra knit. Both are in white.

Again this pattern is so easy you can put it together in an afternoon and if you like this style, it's truly a comfortable top that can be worn with just about anything. Jeans, for a casual look or a pencil skirt for more of an office look, just about anything. I have an idea for another one for the summer that I'm tossing around. If I can find the right fabric I'll make it very soon and review it, so bare with me because you may see one more from this pattern.

The fabrics were both purchased at Joann fabrics, and I got them on sale as well which is really sweet! No alterations were needed since I've already made this twice before. TNT patterns are a sewer's best friend!



...and of course the cami underneath is the incredible Iconic Sami Cami! I love that cami pattern, this is my third one already! I just receive fabric Friday for three more! I don't know if I'll ever purchase another cami again, LOL!!
I actually got to give this combo top a test run last night (Friday, May 2) when I met up with a fellow sewer and two other sewing bloggers. What I great time! Renee, of Miss Celie's Pants, was visiting our area and thought it would be great if some of us could meet. So Andrea, of Satinbird Designs, Tracey who is a fellow sewist in our local area (no blog yet) and I met for dinner Friday night. at one of my favorite restaurants, Season's 52 Grill. OMG that was so much fun! I just wish I could have gotten off work to join them in Sarasota earlier in the day to visit a new fabric store in our area! If interested, you can read more about the fabric store, Pennie Textiles on Renee recent post. I definitely plan on making a visit to this great looking fabric store next weekend!! 

We had such a wonderful time and talked a lot of "shop" and got to know one another a little better.
I love our sewing community and it appears be growing in size and very supportive as well! You never know who will may be in your area next! Thanks Renee, for initiating this meet up and Andrea and Tracey for joining in as well.

On to the next project...