Monday, June 23, 2014

New Summer Tops

What can, I say I'm a little slow with catching on to patterns so this makes Simplicity 2181 no exception. I know this pattern has been made several times by many of you and I'm just getting around to it! I don't know why it took me so long because I actually really like this pattern! Great fit right out of the envelope, no alterations whatsoever! The fabric is a graphic print ITY knit I purchased at Joann fabrics a little while ago. This pattern is a quick sew and I think even beginners could handle this one. It's a great little T-shirt with a twist, literally!  



I took a few snapshots while I was sick at work in the ladies room, hope you guys don't mind the bathroom cell phone pictures! I just wanted you all to see the great fit I got this time. It was so nice I made a second one right away using the leftover animal print fabric from my dress I made a few weeks ago.


I wore this one already too and sorry I don't have any photos of me yet.

I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, I just need to catch up with the blogging. I've actually included my husband in some of my recent sewing too (he thinks he's part of the RTW fast too, LOL!). I have a few shirts that I'd like to show you all I've made for him...may be the next blog. Thanks again for stopping by and...
Happy sewing!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Iconic Sami Cami Times Five

Since I started making the Iconic Sami Cami, I just fell in love with it and I probably will not buy another Cami in the stores! I will however, teach myself how to make one with a shelf bra in the near future. Hopefully one that has some type of structure to it. There are several tutorials out there on how to this, so I'm going to try one very soon.

In the meantime I'm very satisfied with making my little Cami's and they work so well for me under garments both wearing to work and just casual. Also, as my friend Andrea (of Satinbird Designs) told me, they make great sleeping garments too!

With the addition of these five Cami's, that gives me a total of nine I've already made this year! I am absolutely 100% positive there will be more! You ask why am I so sure...I'm sure because there is absolutely no way I have one in every color yet!

Here are four:

Each of these tops were made with different types of high-performance spandex fabrics. Some of them are actually what they call "wicking", and for those of you who are like me and didn't understand what that word "wicking" meant, it actually means that it helps absorb the moisture from your body and also helps to keep your body cool. The reason I made each of them from different types of fabrics, is because I'm trying a new fabric store I found online. This fabric store sells these high-performance spandex fabrics and I wasn't sure which one would work best for me, so I bought 1 yard of four different types to see which one I would favor. Here's another reason the Iconic Sami Cami is actually takes less than a yard to make it! If you're interested the fabric store, the name is Spandex By The Yard.

All of the fabrics are Nylon/Spandex and honestly, you really couldn't go wrong with any of them, especially with so many colors to choose from in all. However, my favorites were, the Navy and Brown...they were a lighter weight, very cool to wear and they also were a little easier to sew.
      FR 30 Navy     F 56 Brown
My last Cami is this yellow one underneath the top I made using McCalls pattern 6752, one of my favorites! Both fabrics were purchased from JoAnn Fabrics sale table, not sure of either content. However, the yellow Cami has some stretch and great recovery and appears to be a rayon jersey. The overtop is a very sheer knit and has a nice stretch and slight recovery. These two together made a great casual top to wear over jeans, shorts, even at skirt or pants at work.


I love all my new Cami's! and I'm so happy that I'm finding time to do my favorite thing...SEW! I hope you all are too! Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a little time with me!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Sewing community has lost a beautiful soul...


Tamisha Ridge-Glashen

A couple of years ago I introduced you all to Tamisha Ridge-Glashen when she taught me via YouTube, how to self draft my very first peplum dress in my post here. She was a beautiful young woman with three lovely children and I just found out she was a victim of domestic violence a few weeks ago. You can view the tragic story here on this News Article.

A young woman by the name of Nalani was kind enough to send me an email alerting me to the horrible news.

I'm going to join everyone with the #MeeshaTaughtMe on Facebook and (Twitter if you have an account) to show my love for this young lady. May her beautiful soul now rest in peace. You will truly be missed.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Self-Drafted Peplum

Most of you know I love to drape and self draft. I do have a few items that I drafted myself and I love the imaginative creativity of options that it offers. So I'm going to continue on this path to design a lot of my own things but I will still be predominantly using patterns because I'm not that good at it yet.  So this post is going to be about another self drafted outfit I created.

It started with a picture I saw in the catalog for Boston Proper.  I love the clothing in this magazine! However, some of their pieces tend to be a little bit pricey!  But they do have beautiful clothing and I like the way they style their clothing, especially for mature women.  So I keep a lot of the magazines for inspiration. That's what that me to this post.  I saw this picture in one of their magazines and cut it out and placed it on my inspiration board. 


Well the other day I looked at it and thought, "I'm going to make this one today". So I went to my fabric stash and found this beautiful gray sweater knit purchased from Michael Levine. It has great recovery and a four way stretch.  Since I already have a quick peplum pattern I drafted (which is a favorite!) I created on this post here, I started with this one.   I also have a very nice pants pattern I drafted for Ponte knits, I posted here.  With these two patterns already drafted, it made this outfit a very quick and inexpensive one to make. I actually created this entire outfit in just a few hours!

Please forgive me for not glamorizing myself for you all today, I was being lazy!

You would not believe how comfortable this outfit is! It can be worn to work, out to dinner, out to a party, it's just a very versatile ensemble!  And just think about the separate options too!  I believe this one should be made again in a different color and I plan on it!  Thanks Boston Proper for the inspiration!