Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Self-Drafted Peplum

Most of you know I love to drape and self draft. I do have a few items that I drafted myself and I love the imaginative creativity of options that it offers. So I'm going to continue on this path to design a lot of my own things but I will still be predominantly using patterns because I'm not that good at it yet.  So this post is going to be about another self drafted outfit I created.

It started with a picture I saw in the catalog for Boston Proper.  I love the clothing in this magazine! However, some of their pieces tend to be a little bit pricey!  But they do have beautiful clothing and I like the way they style their clothing, especially for mature women.  So I keep a lot of the magazines for inspiration. That's what that me to this post.  I saw this picture in one of their magazines and cut it out and placed it on my inspiration board. 


Well the other day I looked at it and thought, "I'm going to make this one today". So I went to my fabric stash and found this beautiful gray sweater knit purchased from Michael Levine. It has great recovery and a four way stretch.  Since I already have a quick peplum pattern I drafted (which is a favorite!) I created on this post here, I started with this one.   I also have a very nice pants pattern I drafted for Ponte knits, I posted here.  With these two patterns already drafted, it made this outfit a very quick and inexpensive one to make. I actually created this entire outfit in just a few hours!

Please forgive me for not glamorizing myself for you all today, I was being lazy!

You would not believe how comfortable this outfit is! It can be worn to work, out to dinner, out to a party, it's just a very versatile ensemble!  And just think about the separate options too!  I believe this one should be made again in a different color and I plan on it!  Thanks Boston Proper for the inspiration!



  1. Love it! It looks amazing on you and you're right, it'll go even further as separates!

  2. Fantastic outfit, looks so comfortable and stylish at the same time. Looks great on you.

  3. Yes Mam. You did that. And it is so lovely on you.

  4. Love it. I might have to "borrow" this idea.

  5. Myra, this is so very pretty! Beautifully done.

  6. Sweet.., Only a few hours to sew at a fraction of the cost and great style to boot. You can beat that!

  7. Thanks, lovely look for you! I just sent an email to you.

    1. Thanks Nalani! And thank you for sending me the email about the lovely Tamisha, I didn't know and was wondering why she had not posted a video in a while. She will truly, truly be missed!


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