Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Wadder Doesn't Stop The Show! (UPDATE)....

Sometimes you just never learn your lesson… I joined so that I can read reviews before making a project.  However, did I do that with McCall's 7127...absolutely not and that turned out to be a HUGE mistake!   UPDATE-I FIXED IT, YEAH!!!  SEE PHOTOS BELOW...


This pattern goes together very quickly, and the instructions are very easy to understand.  However, it doesn't turn out with the best fit.   I made this one my normal size 10 for knits and after a few hours I had the top completed.  I used a blue cotton knit fabric from my stash.   Thank goodness the fabric wasn't something that I cherished, because this project ended up a huge wadder!  The front hemline was a little too "A-lined" for my taste in a tee shirt and there was a LOT of gaping in the back...


Could I possibly correct these issues...yes, but I seriously don't want to!!!!  The bad part about this wadder is it could have been prevented had I just read the 2 (and only 2) other reviews about this pattern on!!!  Neither of those reviewers would recommend the pattern either!  Lesson reviews of the pattern first!  Then if you want to try it anyway...make a muslin!

Oh next few projects turned out well enough to keep me sewing! (and I really needed to keep my sewing mojo dancing around in my head!)  While I may fix the issue with this top (I don't want to, but it's still on the table) just so I don't waste fabric...The pattern did sew up very quickly, so I will only recommend if you truly like the style and are prepared to make adjustments.  

UPDATE:  I really liked the back detail in this top so much, I decided to fix.  I opened the side seams and extended the back sides out about 1-1/2" each side past the normal seamline.  That worked perfectly in removing the "gaping" back!  I also removed about a 1" pie slice from the underarm to the shoulders to correct the "drooping" shoulders (I could have removed about an 1" more, they still droop a little).  All in all, I was able to fix it and now have a great tee with interesting back details.  I may make another!!


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my posts...I have a few more to share soon...


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Style Arc Issy Top

I hope you all didn't think I had given up on blogging!!  Life as usual gets in my excuse, it's just the way it is these days and my guess is some of you can relate!  I have been doing some sewing though and over the next few days, I'll try to get you all caught up on the things I've created (mostly tops).  First we start off with the Style Arc Issy Top.

I've had this pattern in my stash for a little while now. I've been searching for a turquoise colored rayon knit for some time, and when I found it, I knew that this was a pattern I wanted to try with this fabric. The fabric was found at Joanne fabrics.   And wasn't very expensive, actually I think it was on sale for $4 dollars a yard or something like that.  So I wasn't too concerned about cutting right into the fabric and use in this pattern for the first time.  I must say I'm glad I took the plunge, because I absolutely adore this pattern!  I love it so much I immediately made it a second time in a different color.

This first version was made in turquoise to match a skirt that I've had in my collection for many years.  I used to have a turquoise colored RTW a top that I wore with the skirt, but it became very worn out now many years ago.  This new top is a perfect match for my skirt.  Here's a photo of the actual top completed….


The next version of the Issy Top, I  made sleeveless in a dark brown Rayon jersey knit also purchase at Joanne fabrics.  

Don't you just love when something works out the first time?!  While this pattern went together fairly well with no issues and really quickly, I would not recommend it for beginners.  Style Arc patterns tend to be directed to experienced sewers. Their instructions are very limited as well as the illustrations.  However, this pattern went together so quickly that I was able to make two of these tops in one day!! This version I made sleeveless and I am very please with the way the second one turned out as well…


The only thing that I would change if I made this pattern again, is to make it a little shorter. It tends to run a little long for my taste.  I'm not sure if I would make it again only because it's a very distinctive style and I already have two now.  I would highly recommend the pattern if you like the style!

As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me!