Friday, November 6, 2015

Random blog post...

Hey there everyone, I've been sewing a little here and there (Busy with classes, meetings and appointments!) but I do have a few projects lined up that will be coming your way very soon!

One of the classes I took a few weeks ago, was a "pattern making" class in Sarasota Florida at Pennie Fabrics! It was a great class, I learned so much and was able to create and bring home my very own sloper! The class was very intimate (approximately 10 to 15) individuals, so we were each able to have one on ones easily with the instructor! Overall the class was extremely informative and I'm looking forward to additional upcoming classes! Below are a couple of photos from the class (and of course, you bet there was plenty of fabric shopping afterwards!)...

During that class, I learned some great information I wasn't aware of and wanted to share it with all of you...just in case you weren't aware either.

I've been wanting a professional dress form for sometime now. The dress form I currently have (Miss Thing) has been with me since the early 80s! She's served me very well, but now it's time for an update don't you think? Unfortunately the prices of professional dress forms kept me hanging onto "Miss thing" all this time. Well during the pattern making class, to my surprise, I heard that you can purchase them for under $200...WAIT WHAT DID YOU SAY!!! (That's what went on in my little head when I heard it!). Of course, right then and there while in the class, I quickly went to my trusty IPhone and searched Amazon and to my surprise, there she was! (see here) I found one for under $200 and needless to say this baby was coming home to mama! My New dress form arrived yesterday and I am totally in love!

I purchased the dress form in my normal size 10 (for knits) and to make sure I could get a good custom fit, I also purchased the "Fabulous fit" kit. A whole heck of a lot cheaper than a custom dress form! (one that I may gain weight and grow out of anyway-especially now that I'm getting older maturing!)

I can't wait to start using it! I especially like the fact that now I can use my draping tape! The tape would not stick to my current dress form and my found myself having to pin it, didn't work the same!

Were you all aware you could purchase professional dress forms for under $200? Do you feel you even need one?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little of your day with me? Now...