Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Party Top


Hi everyone! The holidays are upon us and I know everyone must be CRAZY busy with the final preparations for your holiday celebrations! So I will make this really quick!

I was invited to my old company's Christmas party (last Friday) and wanted something new to wear. Since it was Casual Friday, I opted for jeans and just made a top. I had something in mind, so I used Simplicity 1063 as a start and added my changes to bring my thoughts to creation.

The only portion of the pattern I used was the front twist. All other pieces, sleeves, upper chest/neckline and back were all self drafted by me. This was such a quick sew...that I actually created it Friday morning prior to the 1:00pm Christmas party! Very very easy!

It was the perfect top for a casual office party and so very comfortable too. The black lace has a large amount of stretch and was gifted to me quite some time ago. The black fabric for the body of the top is a luxurious wool knit I purchased from Pennie Fabrics during the summer. I may make another and if so, I'll post how I did it if anyone is interested!

Thanks for stopping by and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable Happy New Year!

Let's Go Sew!


Friday, December 4, 2015

First Drape on Ms. Thing (my dress form)

Hi everyone! Thank you to everyone who selected patterns during the giveaway on my last blog post. I'm very happy all of my patterns found good homes and hopefully I can see some of those patterns made up on your blogs (that is, if you have a blog!)

I'm going on vacation very soon and have been selecting items I want to make to go along with me. Today's post is about one of those outfits. I've never owned an entire linen outfit and since I will be going to the Caribbean, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to create an entire outfit in linen! I recently had taken a few classes in draping and patternmaking, so I decided to put my newly gained skills to the test and create a top. The inspiration for this top started with a RTW vest I purchased and never wore because I didn't really like the shape of it; but loved the fabric! I designed this top based around the fabric of that vest.

Below is a copy of the paper pattern pieces I created after draping muslin fabric on Ms. Thing (My dress form)...

Next, because I wasn't sure of my fit, I decided to make a muslin first. (Ya'll know I hate making muslins, but it had to be done!!).

My muslin (sorry no makeup!!)

But I nailed the fit the first time!! (even I can't believe that and I did it!) This is definitely going to be a wearable muslin! So now, onto the real thing!! BTW...the leggings I'm wearing I made using neoprene fabric I purchased from Mood Fabrics but never blogged about them. Extremely comfortable and quick to make!

The ombre salmon colored lace is from the original RTW vest I mentioned earlier. I decided to incorporate it with the linen since it was the original inspiration for the top. It's a combination of mesh and lace. The linen I purchased from Pennie Fabrics (now my favorite fabric store!) and is a cream colored Italian stretch linen...and believe me when I say, it's sews beautifully! I absolutely love how it turned out and can't wait to wear it!

I have to give credit to the lovely Andrea from Satin Bird Designs! She and I were shopping together and both purchased the same fabric and we both planned on making linen drawstring pants from our purchases. I washed and dried my fabric in preparation for making the pants. However, it took me a few weeks before I got back to it and unfortunately realized I didn't have enough to make my pants! I don't know if it was because it shrank that much or if I just didn't get enough (I know it was me!). I called Pennie Fabric to order more and NOOOOO, they were sold out!!

I mentioned to Andrea she should definitely pre-washed her fabric before starting the pants just to make sure she had enough. Then a few days later what do you know…I receive a gift in the mail and it's Andrea's purchase of her stretch linen! This woman is so selfless beyond belief! Her portion was not only enough to make my linen drawstring pants, but enough for my vision of the top above! Thank you so much Ms. Andrea, I love you!

Now for the pants to go with this top. I used Simplicity Pattern 3796 to create these drawstring pants! I believe the pattern is now out of print but can be purchased on Etsy (I provided a link above). I first made a Muslim which turned out pretty good after my adjustments. Unfortunately, in my haste to make these drawstring pants I neglected to transfer my short waist adjustments from the muslin to the paper pattern pieces! So of course now my crotch line is a little too long! Oh well it's going to be underneath the top so it won't matter, the fit is still good! (and if needed, I can do the "old school" waistband roll down, right Andrea, LOL!)

I am so very pleased with the turnout of this outfit, especially since this beautiful top was created in my mind and brought to fruition by little old me! I can't wait to go on vacation so I can wear it...

Again, thank you all so very much for stopping by and sharing a little of your time with me! I can't tell you how much it's appreciated!



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pattern Giveaway!

I am giving away some of my patterns everyone and I'll tell you why...I recently started cleaning out and reorganizing my pattern stash. This is a task I've been wanting to do for years! I know I am so behind in the game on this because everyone else has been blogging about their great organizational processes for some time now. However, going through my pattern stash now, I realize I don't just need to reorganize, I also need to purge!!! I have patterns I know I will NEVER make. Why did I purchase them you ask? Because I got caught up in the "glitz & glam" of what others made and looked good in too! Not paying attention to my own personal style!! I truly can't say this will not happen again because you know how we sewers's our passion and we can't help ourselves! (it might just be an addiction!!) What I truly can't believe is that I still have some patterns from the 1980's, LOL!!! (you all know how old I am, so I'm not dating myself!)

Here are some of the 1980's patterns...

I promise you, none of these "ancient" patterns will be included in the giveaway, LOL!! (Unless you really want them!)...and any of you born in the 80's, STOP LAUGHING!! Some of them I actually made, so they would be "used" patterns.

So without further ado, below are the pattern groups I'm giving away (all are unused)...

Group A - McCalls:

Group B - Simplicity:

Group C - New Look:

Group D - Vogue:

Group E - Burda/Butterick:

The giveaway will be on a first come basis and the only thing I ask is that you take the entire group where your selection resides. Please let me know in the comments below if you are interested, then you can email me privately with your shipping information.

On the sewing front, I do have some items completed I want to share with you and plan on posting them shortly! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a little of your day with me!