Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter Sweaters for Florida

Lately we've been plagued with experiencing colder temperatures in Florida. (Can you tell I am not a fan of the cold??!!). Either way, I need to add longer sleeved sweaters and tops to my wardrobe.

For those of you who follow me on Periscope (it's quickly becoming a new love for me!), I recently scoped from JoAnn Fabrics while purchasing McCalls pattern 7194. I used the McCalls pattern and a pattern from my stash, the Style Arc Ann T-Top to create the following two sweaters.

Style Arc Ann T-Top...this is a simple tee shirt pattern. I selected this because it's really a basic tee shirt pattern (it just has gathers at waist in the front for shaping). I wanted to make a simple sweater with a "hi/lo" hem and felt this pattern would suffice. Needless to say there were a few changes I needed to make.

The neckline...I wanted more of a "crew neckline" and this one is a little lower and wider than I wanted for this sweater. I raised the neckline approximately 2" and decreased the width of the neckline by 1" (I also decreased the back neckline by 1" as well to ensure the shoulder seams would match.

I learned these techniques and more, from watching Mrs. Andrea Davis of "Sewtofit" on YouTube. She recently posted a segment on necklines you can view here. As an enthusiastic, exceptional resource, Andrea is a true "Pillar" in our sewing community. Please subscribe to her YouTube channel for this and so many more fitting truly won't be disappointed. You also won't believe...these valuable lessons are FREE!

Continuing with my review, I did not gather the side seams in the front as instructed by the guide sheet and I extended the back hem by 4" to get the "hi/lo" effect I wanted. These were the only changes I made to the pattern and they were both very simple. The fabric for this sweater was purchased at Hancock fabrics and is a dark violet/burgundy'ish color (LOL, I think I just made up a new color!). It is also a high pile acrylic sweater knit. I really love this fabric and the color!

I did wear this sweater already but unfortunately, did not get any photos of me in it yet. It was so comfy and warm!! Let's just say there will be others made from this new altered it! I know there's probably patterns out there already in this style (I might even have some in my stash!) but there's something so rewarding about creating it yourself using new techniques you've learned! (Thank you Ms. Andrea!)

Now on to McCalls 7194...View C is the version I selected. (version with contrast hemline). I mentioned during a recent Periscope, that I'd first seen this pattern created by the lovely Tasha of the TheTellTaleTasha blog. Her version was a huge inspiration for me and can be seen here.

The pattern was very easy and quick to sew, I made it in a couple of hours! The fabric for this top was purchased from Hancock fabric and is a high pile acrylic knit in gold, white and black. For the contrast hem, I decided to use fabric from my stash I purchased from Pennie fabrics a while back. It's an extremely soft faux leather, lightweight with a soft hand and slight stretch. The faux leather also has a faint print. Perfect match for this sweater....

I've not worn this sweater yet, so I don't have photos of me in it, but the fit is great! However, because of it's distinctive design, I probably won't be making another.

I have so much more I'm working on and really want to share with you! Thanks again for stopping by! Now...



Monday, February 1, 2016

My First Moto Jacket

Hello everyone and happy February 1! Can you believe one month of the new year has already gone by? Where has that time gone!

Before I went on vacation couple of weeks ago, I had started a project that I never completed. It was a Moto jacket using the Butterick pattern, Lisette B6169.

The Moto jacket has been on trend for sometime now. Actually, I like the style very much and decided to try my luck and make my own instead of purchasing one. There are so many different types of styles in Moto jackets that it would be so easy to find one you absolutely love!

Fabric on top

I used two different fabrics to create this jacket. The contrast front fabric was purchased from Pennie fabrics in 2014. It looks like an alligator style leather but is actually a black faux fur with a flat nap. It's truly a unique fabric (and one of the reasons why I absolutely love Pennie fabrics!).

The remainder of the jacket (back and sleeves), is a black faux suede and was purchased at Hancock Fabrics a couple of months ago. The lining was also purchased at Hancock Fabrics and is a bright red nylon/polyester (lining color at the suggestion of my husband!) for a pop of color!

The Lisette pattern was very easy to sew, very well illustrated and the instructions were good.

However, I did notice a slight mishap on page 2, step 5 of the instructions. It instructs you to place the separated zipper "Face down" on the left front. If you do this, the zipper will be facing in the wrong direction. I didn't see any of the other pattern reviewers mention this and I believe it's because experienced sewers really do their own thing and a lot of times don't follow the instructions. But for all those beginners who are following the instructions word by word, I felt this would be important for you to know.

Also, the pattern does run a slight bit large. I realized that after doing a pattern tissue fitting and good I did! I also did my own thing when it came to the jacket details...first by changing the pattern slightly and adding zippered pockets rather than the included welt pockets. I also included zippers on the back of the sleeves as well as decorative snaps on the lapels.

I really love this jacket and my only issues while creating it were...1. Trying to figure out how to install the zippered pockets. I wanted to make sure these were actually working pockets! And 2. The pattern calls for 1/4" shoulder pads, but all I had on hand were 1/2" at the time. I really didn't think it would make that much of a difference to me...however, yes it did! (Just a comfort issue, you don't really notice it). Next time I will add the 1/4" shoulder pads for sure! And there will definitely be a next time for this lovely jacket!

Hanging out with the hubby!

I would HIGHLY recommend this pattern if you like the style! It's been reviewed favorably many times on! For a lined jacket, it didn't take very long to make and is so stylish in my opinion.

How about you like the Moto jacket style? Do you own one? If so, did you create it yourself?

Thanks again for stopping by and spending a little of your day with me! It's truly appreciated more than you'll ever know! Now...