Monday, August 29, 2016

New Look 6735 - A Wardrobe Builder Challenge

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and looking forward to more beautiful weekend! This week was a very hectic one for me, filled with a lot of sewing, periscoping and fun! Periscope is quickly becoming a new addiction for's a way for me to blog quickly and connect with those who follow my sewing journey!

The group I participate in (Pericrafters Facebook Group) has monthly challenges and this month's challenge was a "Wardrobe Builders Challenge". There were four ladies facilitating this challenge by periscoping each piece of New Look pattern 6735. (1 piece per facilitator). Yours truly was facilitating the Cardigan!

This is a great pattern to start building your wardrobe with basic pieces...who doesn't need a great tee shirt in all colors and prints? The purposes of the challenges were 1-to have lots of fun; 2-assist new/novice sewers with tips & inspiration; and 3-to expand our own knowledge & experience. It's a win-win for everyone!

Because of an issue I had with the fabric of the first cardigan, I elected to make a second one too. This New Look pattern recommends using knit fabrics with a specific amount of stretch. The first fabric I selected from my stash, is a cream colored sweater knit purchased from the now closed Hancock fabrics. It has a 2-way stretch with minimal recovery. While the pattern guide does not instruction you to stablize the neck & front band, I HIGHLY recommend you do! Following the instruction guide and the type of fabric I was using caused my neck band to stretch considerably! However, I loved the way it turned out, because it looks intentional to me and I'm going to rock it as is, LOL!!

Tee shirt fabric, Beige & white rayon lycra knit from Pennie fabrics Sarasota, Fl. Pants fabric, chocolate brown Rayon Ponte from Michael Levine fabrics online.

The lesson here...know and test the fabric you're working with and use your own jugdement when following the Pattern guide sheets!

With that said, I decided to create a second wardrobe builder set with a corrected cardigan. This fabric is from my stash and also from Hancock fabric purchased many years ago. It's an acrylic knit with a one-way stretch. The fabric color is stripes of black, cranberry and a mixture of gold & black stripe. There is also gold metallic threads throughout the fabric. (Love this fabric!). This time, I stabilized the neck and front band with a lightweight knit interfacing and it worked beautifully! (Neckband is contrast and matches the tee shirt and pants). I also shortened the cardigan length approximately 1-1/2". I love this set too!!

Tee shirt & pants fabric, black rayon lycra knit from Pennie fabrics Sarasota, FL.

I truly enjoyed this challenge and learned a lot from my fellow facilitators, Ila Allen, Carol Crocker-Ware and Andrea Davis. Now I have a new TNT for a quick cardigan and tee shirt! (I elected not to make the skirt from the pattern).

What have you challenged yourself with lately?

I hope you enjoyed this post and appreciate you stopping by to give me a little of your time!

Happy Sewing!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Butterick 6129-UPDATED Interview Announcement

Butterick 6129 is one of those patterns you can take or leave it. However, with a second glance, I noticed those beautiful pleated "off the shoulder" sleeves and fell in love! I am preparing to go on vacation and needed an outfit for an event...this Butterick pattern tickled that little inspiration bug in my body!

This pattern is designed for woven fabrics. However I wanted to use a knit, so a few adjustments were necessary. I started off by selecting a smaller size (since knits are so forgiving). Then I elected not to install lining (not necessary and would be to hot in Las Vegas!). Next, I only used the bodice and sleeves from this pattern, I drafted a peplum and a lovely top was formed! There were quite a few alterations so I did create a muslin of the top using a white ponte knit. It went together so well and looked so good, I will be able to wear the muslin with just about anything (skirt, leggings, slack or jeans!)...

I purchased a beautiful large floral print scuba knit from the online store Gorgeous fabrics. When I first laid eyes on this fabric, I knew it was the one I had to have! (Recently sold out-after I got mine of course!)

Top is even...I pulled on one shoulder
I have to remake pants...these were ruined!
So happy I had enough fabric left over to create a skirt and make this a two piece dress...yea me!!!
I could not be happier about the results of these beautiful pieces!! I can't wait to accessorize and wear it! If I've said it before, sorry for being redundant...I love I sew my own clothes!! What have you made lately that you just absolutely love?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little of your day with me!

Happy Sewing!

Announcement: For those interested, please stop by and see my live interview if you are available (tap photo to read)...