Monday, October 31, 2016

Thrift Store Refashioning

Hello everyone, I've been working on another challenge (I bet that doesn't surprise some of you all, LOL!). Lately I've been obsessed with them because there are monthly challenges going on this year and they've all been very interesting. This month's challenge was a "thrift store refashion". Since I had never been in a thrift store before, I thought this could be a lot of fun! I had my reservations only because I don't like doing alterations and taking apart some of the clothing to refashion them made me a little apprehensive.
But I put on my big girl undies and dove into the challenge! Boy am I glad I did!
First, here are the items I purchased at the thrift store. We had a budget of $25 and lucky me purchased five pieces (below) under budget...I only spent $18.77!!

I selected these pieces specifically for the fabric…each of them had enough fabric for me to be able to create something and I liked the "festive" look of each. Without further ado, here's what I created with my "thrift store" stash...
First up the beaded/sequined poncho refashioned to a tank:
It's party time!

Second, the purple "prom style" dress refashioned to a two-piece cocktail dress. I also used some of the black knit dress:

Lastly, is the one I posted for the challenge. We were only to submit one completed Thrift Store project. The two sweaters (silver and charcoal/silver) and the black knit dress were refashioned to a pull over cocktail dress:

I self drafted each with the exception of the purple top. I used Simplicity 9697 (the lilac colored version). I changed my mind at the last minute and decided not to make this top a turtleneck version. Instead, I opted for a bias banded neckline you see above.
My sketch & Simplicity 9697
I hope you all enjoyed reading about this challenge as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thanks again for stopping by and spending a little of your time with me, it's so much appreciated!  

What have you challenged yourself with lately?
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

September Denim Challenge

Hello everyone! How was your September? It was a very fast paced and eventful month for me. A lot went gone on, we traveled to Las Vegas, attended a beautiful wedding (I picked up a virus on the flight home and spent two days in bed sick!) Now I am wrapping up the month with a denim challenge I wanted to participate in for September.

I don't know about you all, but I start these challenges off with high hopes and lots of project goals. Unfortunately, reality sets in and I end up way below my initial plans! That's definitely what happened to me with this denim challenge. I had plans for two pair of new jeans, at least one or two denim dresses and a special denim project. By now, you've probably guessed...none or most of it did not happen and you would be absolutely correct! LOL!

I did manage to crank out one special project. I called this a special project because of the fabric. I've had this piece of fabric in my stash for years, I can't say when I got it and I don't even remember where I purchased it! Shame on me because it is beautiful! It's a "beige colored sueded stretch denim"...

My first thought was that this fabric was "reversible" but upon inspecting it closely, I realize that the blue is actually the inside (Wrong side) of the denim. This piece of fabric has been in my stash for so long because I could never figure out what to do with it. Then one day while showing the fabric during a periscope for the denim challenge, an idea came to me...I could make this a bomber jacket! I have a pattern for a bomber jacket, but it just wasn't working for me and the majority of ones that I found online, didn't have the exact look I was going for either. Of course I had to have what was in my brain, so I self drafted a pattern using a fleece jacket from my closet (RTW) as a template.

Plaid fabric was muslin
After cutting out the pattern pieces I need it, I thought I had better be smart and make a muslin. As it turns out, that was a great decision, LOL! I didn't have to put together the entire muslin, because one side was enough to tell me what I needed to do to make this jacket come together and fit. Because of the weight of the denim, I decided to use a "heavy weight rayon ponte" knit for the collar, lower and sleeve bands. I was correct on this thought too because it worked liked a dream

I decided not to line the jacket because I like the denim look on the underside. I guess I underestimated working with the weight of this fabric… It's pretty heavy weight and using a size 18 needle in my sewing machine help tremendously! This jacket challenged my thinking process, especially when it came to all of the zipper details. I wanted each of the zippers to be active working pockets and they are. Each sleeve zippered pocket can hold a large Smart phone (I don't have the largest but trust me it will fit!)...

I love the way this project turned out and it made me feel so much better about not completing everything I wanted to for this denim challenge! This one piece made up for everything! (And just in time for the fall season!)

So, tell me what have you challenged yourself with lately?

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog post!

Happy Sewing!