Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sewing During the Holidays

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and getting some sewing done too!

My sewing the last couple of months, really has no "rhyme or reason"...just what I want at the time.  That's the case with the projects for this post.  I found myself working on casual tops and believe me, they are truly needed in my wardrobe!  I need a lot more of the simple Tees and Sweaters too, so you may see more of them in my posts.

For this project I'm working with an Indie pattern.  It's not my first time, but I've not used them as much as I would like to.  I am going to change that though!  This pattern is from Hot Patterns and it's called the "Joyful" top and my first impression is a "Thumbs Up"!  

I used two different pieces of fabric from my stash, the first is a navy and grey, tie-dyed rayon/linen blend.  I believe I purchased this from Hancock fabric quite a while back.  The pattern calls for contrasting fabrics, but I made this top all in one fabric. It was a pretty good weight for the pattern, but I believe light weight, drapey fabrics like rayon chalis work best for the front and ruffle/flounce.  Here's my first one top...

Based on the pattern design, the shoulders and back yoke could be made from faux leather or suede.  The remaining back portion, could be made from a soft drapey knit like a rayon lycra.  I made a size 12 but ended up having to take the side seams in about an inch each side.  I love the length, so I didn't change that.   I really like this pattern and I love how the back hangs lower than the front!  However, I decided, I really, really did not like the ruffle on me, so for my next version I eliminated the front ruffle/flounce (I may redesign the ruffle/flounce to make it smaller)...

Some of you may recognize the black faux leather used for the shoulders and back's left over from the hubby's shirt I made recently.  The remaining fabric is a polyester chiffon purchased from Joann Fabric not too long ago.  I wish I had some rayon lycra in black I could have used for the back, that would have been really nice!

I will make another with a combination of three fabrics as suggested by the pattern designer.  I just have to decide on fabric, color and or print.  So I'm headed to my sewing machine to create more tops!

What are you sewing for the holidays?  Please share and thanks for stopping by and reading my post!  I truly appreciate it!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

My First Sleeveless Duster

I started seeing these sleeveless dusters being worn around my area. They peaked my interest, especially since it doesn't get extremely cold here in Florida.  I thought these were a nice look for fall/winter paired with long sleeve sweaters and tees.  I think this is something that can be dressed up or down!

So I set out to make one for myself… I got the idea when I made my Burgundy colored, two piece dress on a previous blog post you can see here.  I'll show you that burgundy set with my new duster shortly. First let's talk about the duster...

I started with a commercial pattern for the base. Although, my resulting duster doesn't look anything like the commercial pattern, LOL!   I used McCall's 3796 and I selected view D (the rust colored one).  Now this one is out of print, but can be found on Etsy, Ebay and other websites.  However, ANY jacket pattern will do just fine depending on how you want your end results.

The fabric is from my stash and was purchased from Joanne (I cannot remember when).  It's a very lightweight wool blend with a slight stretch.  I would call the color "taupe".  This is one of those great times when I paired the right pattern with the right fabric…thank you Lord!  

Because this is a muslin, I decided not to line it. (And I live in Florida, doesn't have to be line either...too hot at times!) I will be making another in black and it will be lined.  Sewing this one was such a so much!  I only ran into a couple of very minor issues that I decided not to correct because this is my muslin and I love the way it looks as is! (Yes, I plan on wearing it!)

The two minor issues were…

The Duster has an "over the shoulder and back panel" which was totally self drafted by me.  On the next one I will make this panel about 2 inches longer to come just over the bust.

Secondly, the commercial pattern I used had an extended shoulder, I assume for shoulder pads on this particular jacket.  I didn't realize how much they extend out until after I had sewn the facing in! (That's too much for me to take out and adjust... and I just don't want to because I'm being lazy!). I have adjusted my pattern for the future and there definitely will be another!

I love the back of this vest!! 
Here's a much more casual look (I think I need a new pair of old ballerina's have seen better days!!)

Actually on phone w/ son...called during photo shoot! 
I can't say how much I love this Duster!  It's a nice trendy piece to add to my wardrobe and it was so fun to sew as well!  What's the last trendy piece you created for your wardrobe?

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a little of your time with me!  It's truly appreciated!!

Happy Sewing!