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Neckband Tutorial & That Sewing Blab, Featuring Me!

Hello everyone! I received a couple of requests on the neckband process I used in my last blog post.  It was one I learned from Andrea of Sewtofit.  I am currently working with Ms. Andrea to setup a link to the video of her neckband process for my subscribers and will update this post with that link as soon as I receive it.   However, for now, I do have the notes I took from her original Periscope recording.  I created a picture tutorial this morning using my notes and I'm sharing it with those of you who may be interested. 


To measure neckband length (for knits only)

Fold neckline, shoulder seams together and lay neckline flat so you can see front and back. 

 Use tape measure 'standing up" to measure curve of neckline. Make sure you are measuring on the "seam allowance line" and not neck edge. (Photo below)

 Once you get that measurement (mine was 12.5"), fold the tape measure in half to get the total neckline measurement (mine is 25", photo below)

 Using a calculator, take that total measurement and multiply it by 12.25%, then press the equal (=) sign.  Use that measurement (you may have to round it) to subtract from your total neckline measurement and this is your new neckband length.  Example:

    25         Total Neckline Length
x12.25%   Then equal sign (using a calculator)
    3.0        Rounded from 3.0625

    25       Total Neckline Length 
-   3.0       Minus adjustment
     22      Neckband length (neckband width is 1-1/2")

Cut your new neckband using the new measurement...mine is 22" long by 1-1/2" wide:

 Tip:  When sewing the neckband seam, sew in a "wide V" so the neckband will lay flat.

Press your neckband in half as you normally would and mark your "4 corners" on both neckband and neckline of top as you normally would.  However, I found that just marking the center front and back of both the neckband and top neckline work best for this process!  I ease everything else in from here...

Sew your neckband on to your top in a 1/4" seam, then press the seam down towards top...

 *Disclaimer Notice, I am not perfect nor am I an expert! LOL!* my haste to create this picture tutorial for you all, I stitched the center back seam of the neckband to the front of the tee shirt!  Newbies, see even we experienced sewers make mistakes too!  However, as you can see, I ended up with a perfectly "Flat" neckband! (And it works this way every time!).  You can edge stitch the neckband seam down towards the top if you like, it's optional.

  I hope this process helps you get that nice flat neckline on your tee shirts too!  It's worked for me so many times...thank you Andrea!

On another note, I will be hosting a Workout Gear challenge with the Sew Much Talent (GR) group on facebook for the month of February.  This Tuesday, January 31, I will be featured in "That Sewing Blab" on Crowdcast, discussing the Workout Gear Challenge.  If you're available, please join in the conversation!  Information and link are below:


Once again, you're support on my blog is appreciated far more than I can ever say, Thank you!  Until next time...

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thank you so much Myra for posting the tutorial!! Do you use sewing machine to attach the band to neckline? What type of stitch and stitch length/width do you use?

    1. You're welcome Kay! I use my serger to attach the band to the neckline. However, you could use your sewing machine using a "stretch" stitch. If your machine does not have a "stretch" stitch, I would recommend using a "zigzag" stitch at a length of 3.0 and width of 2.0. (This will give your seam some give so the stitches don't break). Always remember to use your "ballpoint" needle in your machine when sewing knits! Hope that helps.

    2. Thanks for the tips, Myra!

  2. I like the v-shape on the seam allowance of the neckband Myra. I will be incorporating that tip. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Ms. Faye! Just make sure you put the scene of the ban on the back of the top, LOL! Don't make the same mistake I did!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm planning to sew a knit top in February and will use this technique. I laughed at your disclaimer. As a somewhat beginner sewer, it's good to know experienced sewers sometimes make mistakes. When I look at the creations on blogs (such as your vacation wardrobe), I wonder if I'll ever sew clothes that look that nice and polished. Nice to know it's possible and there's hope.

    1. Thank you so much Cynthia! Yes we do make mistakes, all the time (we're human too!). You will make beautiful clothes too, I'm sure of it! Just remember practice, practice, practice!

  4. Great tutorial but the math bothers me a bit. Why not just multiply the total length of the neckline by 87.75% and skip the subtraction step?

    1. Thank you! If doing so gets you the same results, I don't see why you could not. This was a process I learned from someone else and it works for me as is. Modification is always an option!

  5. This is such a great tutorial. Thanks a lot for sharing. I'm definitely bookmarking for future reference.

    1. Thanks so much Olivia! I'm so happy you found it informative!


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